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 Calling the Summit (Tsuchikage Only)

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Calling the Summit (Tsuchikage Only) Empty
PostSubject: Calling the Summit (Tsuchikage Only)   Calling the Summit (Tsuchikage Only) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 10:19 pm

The situation had gotten out of hand and Hisaki could no longer ignore the actions of his mentor anymore. As he sat at his desk with a pen and an ink pot he held the pen in his teeth and rested his head between his hands, sighing heavily. As he looked down at the blank piece of paper he shook his head and then began to write words that he had hoped to never have to write before:

Greetings fellow Kage,

I am writing from the desk of the Hokage to inform each of you of a tragedy that has befallen one of our brothers. The Raikage Daiko has been slain and the village of Kumogakure no Sato completely destroyed. I apologize but at this moment I am not able to share any of the details of the attack, but I can tell you that the missing nin leading the attack on Kumo is extremely dangerous and not to ever be taken lightly. I am therefore calling a Kage Summit, to be held in the village of Kusagakure at the end of the week. I will see each of you there and hopefully we can find a solution to our now mutual problem.

Best Wishes,
Hisaki Uzumaki,

As he finished his brief letter he created two more copies and gave them each to summoned hawks, the three of them all going to the different kage across the world. With any luck they would be meeting within the week and would be able to deal with their missing-nin problem.

Calling the Summit (Tsuchikage Only) Hisaki%20sig
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Calling the Summit (Tsuchikage Only)
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