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 Learning to Beat the Heat (Training/Delcan only)

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Learning to Beat the Heat (Training/Delcan only)   Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:37 am

A gentle breeze blew across the lands of wind as the young Takezo made his way towards one of the clearings where he preferred to train. There was a point in the desert where there was absolutely nothing around that would deter him and that would distract from the sun’s intense and blazing heat, nor were there any rock structures or vegetation that could possibly block off the shade. This was Takezo’s favorite place because there was nothing truly as intense as training in the harshest of environments, places that missions could take you to at any time. It was always important to be ready for anything and heat like this could also only intensify training of the elements of Katon and Bakuton.

As his medium length white hair flowed gently in the wind, he looked towards where he knew the village was, smiling softly as his brown eyes scanned the dunes for his student of the day. His ANBU Armour had been hidden beneath a tan suit made of linen and a linen shirt with a paisley tie to match the suit, and his bow, Obiron, was strapped to his back as always. As he waited he hummed himself a small tune, preparing to show someone what his training regime was truly like…

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Delcan McCrous
Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Re: Learning to Beat the Heat (Training/Delcan only)   Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:41 am

Delcan woke up early in the morning, and then groaned very loud.
"Ugh. I really am tired of the same old things. I just can't figure out any jutsu for lightning or wind. It is hopeless."
Delcan sighed, then looked at the wall unamused.
"Maybe I could find someone to teach me a new element, but which one?"
Delcan got on his slippers while still puzzled. He put a big, dark red robe then put it on. He let out a big yawn that he felt would wake everyone in the village. He walked over to the coffee machine, and started brewing coffee in his big fuzy robe. Delcan watched the coffee machine interested in how exactly it would work. Such a weird machine, Delcan thought. He turned on the t.v. to see a rather weird show. It was about a world of pirates, and the main pirate wore a top hat with a red ribbon going around the base.

"We need to go steal thar treasure!" The main character said.
"You will never get me booty!" The other pirate captain on the other ship remarked.
"Thar shall see about that." The main character grumbled to himself. The main character started yelling orders at his crew to go ready the cannons. The crew nodded in agreement, then ran around frantically to get some cannon balls.

"This show seems so stupid, that it is amusing." Delcan said chuckling. In the backround, he heard a long ding.
"Coffee is done!!" Delcan ran up, then poured out the contents of the jar into a mug. Delcan, then went to his fridge, and started getting some stuff to improve the taste of the coffee.
"Hmm. Maybe some orange juice would taste good with my coffee."
Delcan got out a big jug of an yellow drink, then poured it into a cup. After that, he poured various things into his coffee, then put everything away leaving a cup of orange juice, and come coffee that was sweetened to perfection. He let out a yawn, then set the two drinks onto a coffee table in front of the television.

"ArggHHH! I be a better pirate, then you any day!"
Delcan sighed, then pressed a button on a remote to change the channel. He kept switching the channels until he got to a re run of the chuunin exams he had never watched. Delcan looks at the screen to see two ninja looking at each other with the referee in between them.

"The chuunin exams are about to begin, and our first competitors are Zuko the powerful swordsman, and John the powerful taijutsu master! In a few seconds they shall fight to become powerful chuunin!"
"3,2,1, Go!" The audience cheered.

"Zuko is going to easily win. No way a punch can become better then a slice."
Delcan started taking a long sip of his coffee as the two ninja started fighting each other. Zuko went for a neck slice, then John did a powerful punch in Zuko's neck. Zuko went flying into a wall, and the referee held up John's hand to show he was victorious. Delcan spit out of his coffee all over the t.v., and watched the t.v. die.

"How the heck did a sword user get defeated so easily? Zuko is a power house, and everyone knows it!" Delcan sighed, then grabbed some food. After he grabbed his food he took off his morning robe, then put on his ninja outfit. He tossed the robe he used only for comfort in the mornings aside, and put on his organization thirteen robe.

"Oh wait I should get going now." Delcan said while running out of his house towards the desert.

Delcan made it to the desert, saw a man in the distance.
"That man is at my training spot!" He said flattered. "It is the best after all." Delcan smirked to himself, then walked towards the man while sweating.
"Boy it is a hot one today!" He remarked as he got close to the man in the desert. Delcan sweat in his black robe, then decided it was best if he doesn't wear it today. He takes off the robe, and reveals shorts, and a t-shirt that he was wearing under his black robe. He held the robe in his hands, and walked to the man in the desert.

After traveling awhile, he made it to the man.
"Hey, guy in the suit. Aren't you hot? You are in a freaking desert!" Delcan said this with a smile.
"Do you train here often, because this is my favorite place to train. It is perfect here! Hey, can you train me to learn like a justsu or something. I love training with other people!" Delcan kept smiling, and was very satisfied to have a potential training partner. He remembered his problems with lightning,  and wind jutsu, then got an idea.
"Hey can you help me with lightning and wind jutsu? I am having difficulty with them!"




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Learning to Beat the Heat (Training/Delcan only)
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