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 A Land Left Behind [Private/Plot/Kurame]

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A Land Left Behind [Private/Plot/Kurame] Empty
PostSubject: A Land Left Behind [Private/Plot/Kurame]   A Land Left Behind [Private/Plot/Kurame] Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2014 7:48 pm

Hey, quick note. This is kind of a depressing thread that I wrote out mostly to flesh out my characters stories, and to have them react to an event that would most likely be traumatic. Don't read it if you're expecting sunshine and shitting rainbows.
With the quiet dripping of water, and the sound of fingers tapping on a table, and the even more prevalent sound of silence, Kyoko Kuron sat at the table silently, staring blankly at the wall. She had fled here from Kumogakure after she was ordered to by Daiko, when he was... Kyoko stopped herself, feeling the lingering touch of wetness in her eyes once again. She had to be strong. Gently running a hand idly across her stomach and sides, she looked to the side, and tried to forget, once again, but what happened was clear and blazing through her mind like a storm of fire in a dry field of grass. Turning her head, so that she could stare at another wall, she simply took a swig of the sake in her hand, that she wasn't technically aloud to drink, and let out a quiet gasping breath as the liquid traveled it's burning path down her throat. Forcing the cup to her lips once again, she let the alcohol drain into her body, shuddering as she set the glass back on the wooden table. "F-Fuck..." She whispered to herself. She touched a hand to her neck, and sent an electric shock through it, jolting her a bit in her chair. God, she wanted more. She dug her fingers into neck, and  let loose 3 small bullets of raiton into each side, letting out soft cries of pain as she got second degree burns along her throat. Gripping the bottle again, she simply drank from it, letting it fall down her throat. Pulling her mask of her waist, she dug her fingers into the cheeks of the yellow mouse-looking face wear, and simply let out a cry that was silent to all but herself. 

"Daiko... I miss you..."


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Wow, Daiko, you came a long way, for someone who can't master their Doujutsu.
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A Land Left Behind [Private/Plot/Kurame]
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