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 In Search of Answers.. (Travel Suna -> Kumo)

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PostSubject: In Search of Answers.. (Travel Suna -> Kumo)   Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:00 am

As he made his way from the shifting sands into the mountainous areas of the Land of Lightning, Takezo couldn’t help but be a little nervous for what was to come. He would be scouting a group of people who had destroyed the village of Kumogakure no Sato, which was an impressive feat in itself. All that he knew about them was there were three of them, and from what Mitsukai had told him they were all cause for concern. The holeman girl would be able to see an entire country with her chakra radar ability, something that Takezo couldn’t even imagine being able to do. She would surely, ironically enough, be the group’s eyes and he imagined she would be able to detect him before he got anywhere near them. The second was apparently a psychopath named Ranmaru, who Takezo had heard horror stories of from people who had spoken with those who had come from over the seas. He was a force of nature that you did not to cross. The third member of the party was an Uchiha who he knew surprisingly little about. All he had been told was that he had an eye unlike any that anyone had seen. Takezo had only found out that he himself was an Uchiha a few years prior when he had activated his Sharingan and was told what that had meant. He knew more about the eye than most, and therefore this would be the person he would be most interested in meeting.

As he crossed into the volcanic bedrock that had once been Kumogakure no Sato, he began his quest, hoping that he would be able to return to his Kazekage in the end above all else…

Travel Complete~
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In Search of Answers.. (Travel Suna -> Kumo)
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