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 Crashing The Bandicoot [Private] (Mission)

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Delcan McCrous
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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Crashing The Bandicoot [Private] (Mission)   Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:40 pm

Mission details:

Delcan woke up this morning, and then checked his stash of money.
"Hmm needs more. I am thinking of getting something special. I do count on it with my life after all." Delcan shrugged, then walked over to the bathroom mirror to see his long, red spiky hair. He started snickering.
"Naturally perfect once again." He tilted his head slightly down, and smiled.

Delcan turns on the television screen to see a kid's show about counting sheep.
"What could this be?" He murmured to himself. He had one eye brow raised in confusion. He decides to sit down, and watch some of it oddly. It was a kid's show, and Delcan never really watches these.

"Now we have how many sheep?" A cartoon character asks, then pauses for a second waiting for the audience to "inform her."
"That is right! We have 1 sheep. Were is the other sheep? Do you see the other sheep." Delcan looked down at the ground, and closed his eyes in sorrow.
"We have to find the other sheep. No one gets left behind! Where do you think he is?" Delcan's eyes started watering as the words echoed around in his. This was pure torture to him in the most gruesome way you could imagine.
"There the sheep is. We found all the sheep! And I couldn't have done it without you!" Delcan quickly changes the channel after that to see a talk show.
"So Amy? Where do you think your child is today?" Delcan started bursting out into tears.
"I think he is dead honestly." The audience made a aw sound all at once. Delcan went up to the television, and slammed his fist through it. He looked at his book shelf, and slammed it to the ground. Imagines of Clyde flooded him, and he was drowning. He wasn't able to handle this.
"I need to take my anger out on something." Delcan said out loud. He grabbed his things, then ran out towards the mission board.

Once he reached the mission board, he found a mission about crashing a funeral.
"Sounds good to me. I would like to take out a few thugs." Delcan said as he took off in the direction of the funeral home.

He finally arrives at the home, and finds the mob boss watching the funeral. He was hard to see, because he had others with him.
"Target spotted." Delcan said to himself.
"Everyone evacuate! We have a few bad apples here!" People all stared at him oddly, and he sighed then looked at the mob boss in the eyes. He saw two goons of the mob boss digging a hole next to the coffin, then saw them speed up with a signal from the mob boss.
"Guess they want to play this the hard way. Wonder if they like being stabbed multiple times with a thread." As he said this softly to himself  as eight goons ran at him.
"Ugh. I really am tired of fighting low lives so their boss can twiddle his thumbs." Delcan draws out two kunai, and readies himself for their barrage of attacks.



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Crashing The Bandicoot [Private] (Mission)
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