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 To the land of Ancestors...[Travel, Kusa ---> Konoha]

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Alec Kane
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: To the land of Ancestors...[Travel, Kusa ---> Konoha]   Fri Aug 29, 2014 7:38 am

That was done. A friend would head the Kage Summit, and he'd be able to stay in the loop; in the happenings of the shinobi world. Alec had 2 very trustworthy Kage allies, and 2 villages in which he'd be able to hide away and rest. So now, it was time for a bit of fun...

He'd always heard about the legendary village hidden in the leaves, Konohakagure. He'd always wanted to visit there. At the moment the Land of Fire was where the blind criminal was headed. No, no... it wasn't to tear the place down, or attempt another assassination. "Ancestors" of his originated from the village, once praised as the most powerful of the hidden villages. Alec simply wanted to see where his people had come from.

So back through the countries he ran, moving so swiftly that his movements couldn't be traced by the naked eye, startling and surprising other travelers walking the paths. A black, fast thing ran past them, leaving behind just a gust of wind laced with the smell of cologne and herbs.

Before long, the Land of Fire was upon him...


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To the land of Ancestors...[Travel, Kusa ---> Konoha]
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