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 Another delivery? [Travel to Kusagakure || Private]

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Another delivery? [Travel to Kusagakure || Private] Empty
PostSubject: Another delivery? [Travel to Kusagakure || Private]   Another delivery? [Travel to Kusagakure || Private] Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2014 1:42 pm

"We have another delivery job for you, Wukong. We need to you to alert Kusakagure that we wish to hold the Kage summit there, as the passage to the Land of Iron is currently destroyed. Inform the Kusakage of the situation, and bring his response back to us."

Another message to be delivered? Like hell was he going to say no to this.

"Consider it done, sir!" The monkey snapped a salute with his tail, and took the message, slipping the scroll into his pocket, he darted out of the administration building, and headed home. Once there, he snatched up the pack that he always kept ready for trips. The pack contained everything he'd need; Shuriken, Kunai and Senbon, as well as a Fuuma Shuriken. There was even a wireless radio, something that he wasnt sure he would need, but it was there, nonetheless. The training weights were already on his ankles and wrists -- things hwere were growing accustomed to wearing all the time.

After slipping on his pack and tucking the Bo staff into the holster on his back, the male took off  to towards the gates of Konoha and the Land of Grass.

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Another delivery? [Travel to Kusagakure || Private]
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