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 Too many cats in one mission. { Mission | Closed | Completed

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PostSubject: Too many cats in one mission. { Mission | Closed | Completed   Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:45 am

[ But I can't make them stay, at least that's what people say ]

mission taken!;:

A missing cat? Unforgivable. The catlike ninja wouldn't stand for this, mouth turning down into a subtle frown. The nekonote clan WERE called Konoha's Guard Cats, after all, and thanks to their kekkai genkai and prideful nature they identified strongly with the feline creatures. That one would ditch their post almost struck a cord in the agender genin's rather cold heart; but not just yet. They did know they had to find it, though, and would do it to the best of their ability. A mission was a mission after all.

Personal bias had no play here. Of course not.

Minutes later they were dashing through the village at a speed they probably shouldn't have, whistling past the villagers and market stalls in pursuit of the uncanny kitty running around. Mrs. Ping, was it? Shameful, but understandable. Some names weren't chosen by the people who had them. It wasn't long before Ai lost the cat; shameful, but their base sensory skills weren't that great yet and that creature was agile as all hell. A quick blink later and the Buyougan was active, the cat eyes being used to find a cat. Person, person, person... varying chakra signatures... but where- ah!

The cat gave off the distinct signature of NOT being a ninja, despite the species' stature. Ai wasn't allowed to use any flashy jutsu, which was fine considering they were mostly sword skills and sealing the cat would likely be traumatizing. Not that Ai would know...

They were flying again, feet barely touching the ground as they sped to the location and kept chase. This wasn't as hard as it seemed, was just expending a lot of energy and mental strength; having to constantly stretch the Buyougan out to keep track of the other feline. Thing could fit through places Ai couldn't, and it was a flash of envy that spurred the ninja on.

It wasn't long before they were in a good enough position to have the cat cornered, Buyougan dying out as they watched it turn its head from left to right, searching for another escape. Not happening, Ai thought, vanishing forward to pick it up and hold it at arms length away; it wasn't very happy. Bleeding claw marks were blossoming along their normally un scarred hands, soundless grunts of discomfort twisting Ai's lips.

They got it back to the lady, and got it back fast, bowing to her and giving the usual "call on me if you need me again" spiel. ... They truly hoped they weren't needed for this particular mission ever again, though, nursing their wounds.

{ Wordcount; 432/150

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Too many cats in one mission. { Mission | Closed | Completed
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