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 Maximillian King

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Maximillian King   Maximillian King Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2014 6:47 pm

Maximillian King 35d16k1

Name: Maxi
Birthdate: Unknown
Gender: Male
Rank: Jounin [S]

Village: None
Clan: Malkavia | Tsukino
Element(s): Raiton | Katon [Doubled] | Shinseiton
Specialties: Fuinjutsu | Ninjutsu | Kenjutsu | Genjutsu
Special Characteristics: 

Fear Inducement:


Pain Addiction:

Height: 6'7
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Color: Black and white
Eye Color: White
General Description: The alabaster pale flesh of the male is covered in tribal looking markings that closely resemble Fuuinjutsu seals. He stands at six feet and seven inches tall; weighing an even two-hundred pounds. Brown eyes are hidden by black and red shoulder length shaggy hair with bangs hiding the majority of the males face and casting it into shadows the majority of the time.
The male’s choice of outfit is a black loose necked sleeveless top with a black hood on it and with decorative slits that go eight inches up the sides, revealing a portion of the males hips. Legs are covered in a black pair of Tripp styled pants with zippers up the sizes that go to the males knees and with skull covered straps that hang down several inches below where the zippers end which have loops at the end that can be attached to the pants. The waist band of the pants is hidden behind a large belt with a skull buckle on the front of it. Feet are covered by boots which strap up the front, black in color.
The male wears an assortment of silver colored jewelry; the most noticable piece being the skull chain worn around his neck.

About You!
Personality: The Malkavian Dark Chylde. The MentalRrapist. General. Death Santa. Seraph. Chaos. Despite all these names, he was still the same person. Maximillian Aoyagi King, co-founder, as well as general of Murder INC., a group of killers drawn together to draw out Clan killers, and kill them. Few alive knew what he was. Most simply called him Maxi. Others, after fighting him, called him 'that fucking Malkavian.'. It was either that, or they were so brain damaged they had to remain on life support.

Maxi is a twisted reaper whose hungry chains ensnare the souls of the living. A moment's hesitation at the sight of his ghostly visage and there is no escape. He leaves in his wake hollow corpses, their souls ripped loose and devoured. The Dark Chylde takes sadistic joy in tormenting his victims, both before and after their deaths. His grim task is never complete, and he stalks the land for ever more resolute spirits to unravel.

Maxi carves careful, deliberate paths through the world. He handpicks his targets individually, devoting his full attention to each soul in turn. He isolates and toys with them, gradually eroding their sanity with his twisted, maddening humor. Once Maxi takes an interest in a soul, he does not relent until he possesses it. Maxi's likes and dislikes seem to vary on a day to day basis. What might not have pushed his button or pissed him off only the day before could be the very death of you today. It just tends to be centered around what honestly pisses him off at the current time, and how his mood is. If it's a good day, he might very well dislike nothing; where as if its a bad day... well, anything and everything could and probably will end up setting into a full blown blind rage the likes of wish you'll wish you never saw... and from which you will probably never recover from.

One thing that will certainly never earn you points with Maxi is attempting to flee from him. While he will give you credit for actually evading him for some time, he'll eventually grow tired of the game...

This male... Reports indicate that he is not like most of those from his clan. At least, at first glance. He seems warm, approachable. Friendly, to those he trusts. Surveilance shows that he keeps calm, often being found reading in the village library when not in his office. Those who have been near say that he has a commanding presense, but he rarely speaks. When he does speak, the words are quiet and his voice is deep, often causing people to lean in to hear him. He rarely raises his voice, and when he does, it is a frightful sight. Even those around him who have nothing to do with the situation cower in fear.

When questioned, the villagers do not seem to fear him. They say he is very benevolent, often giving money to the people of his village. His first act as Kage was to open up an orphanage for the childer of the village, and staffing it with teachers. Instead of adding them to the village payroll, he pays them out his own pocket, and let me tell you, the salary is insane. Those teachers make more in a month than half of the jounin corp.

I have documented several times of him being angry. Not the run of the mill annoyances. Full blown anger. After interviewing several of the upper jounin staff, they have all given me the same answer; according to them, the Kusakage is the embodiment of Wrath. Those who fought along side him say that he is merciless. A few of them swear he's spoken that "Mercy is for those who keep thier distance." as he moves amongst the fallen shinobi. There is no appaent end to what he will do to those whom anger him. But the strange thing is.. what angers him seems to differ from day to day. I have wittnessed several instances of... this behaviou where he was informed of a petty theft within in the village, and he seemed to shrug it off. However, several days later, when someone else commited the exact same crime; he flew off the handle, screaming and shouting obscenities. This male is very strange... some of the upper jounin call him a madman because of his mood swings. Others have called him a genius because of his intellect. Truthfully, I cannot determine which, if either, he is.
Will continue when I have more information.

Likes: As stated in my previous report this male is a strange one. But, you are correct in asking if there is anything that he likes. He is very attached to his family.. rather, what is left of it; he lost his wife to a raid upon the village several years ago, just before he became kage. His only blood kin in the village is his daughter, Demi King. It seems that he treasures her above all else, people say that he is willing to sacrifice himself for her sake.

It also appears that he is fond of certain people, particulary those whom he has trained from genin up. It has been recorded in the official mission debriefings that he has gone on rescue missions alone to save people he has trained personally.

Dislikes: There is no real way to discern what this man truely dislikes. There seems to be nothing that pushes his buttons; or at the very least... it seems to depend on his mood. I have noted several times where he was in a foul mood, and took bad news with a smile. There are also instances where he has taken what should be considered good news that has sent him into a rage.
One of the few thing he seems to despise is a liar. Not the normal shinobi way of life.. but those who lie to their own people, who attempt to harm the people they have lived and breathed with. He despises them, to no end. For as long as he was a shinobi of the village, he has been known for signing up for every mission tha revolved around tracking missing nin of Kusa. Even after his promotion to kageship, he continues to take these missions, often going alone to complete them.

Motivations: I have yet to find a true motivation for this man. He.. I cannot begin to fathom what he wants out of his life. I recently had the chance place him under a genjutsu to question him.. and it was disturbing, to say the least. He spoke what I first assumed to be gibberish, until a certain word caught my attention. It was a word in the language of the sages; The word for 'freedom'. As I listened to him and began to transcribe what he was saying, I realized somehing; he himself was under a genjutsu besides mine. From what I gathered from the expirience, it was a counter genjutsu, one that caused him recite a mantra that was mean to forcibly stabalize the speaker's chakra and break them free of genjutsu.

Is someone else controlling him? Is he another puppet kage? There has to be answers.

Good news. After researching the mantra, I've found that it is a self placed genjutsu, meant to prevent others from controlling the user. Seems reasonably, given he himself is a genjutsu master. One can never be too cautious, I suppose.

I can finally determine what he truely is. The man is utterly mad! But.. this the most interesting concept. This is the solution to everything; This is the problem: he's a brilliant lunatic, and you can never tell which way he'll jump, like his game is impossible to analyze. You can't dissect him, predict him...which of course means he's not a lunatic at all.

Fears: Fear is such a usual state of mind for many creatures; both human and otherwise. But what is there truly to fear that sets it aside so much from other emotions. For Maxi his fear is triggered by the idea of losing anyone, or anything, he might have grown to care for-- which is more often than not a soul that was snatched from a body. The idea of someone being snatched away from him either easily or not so easily is enough to invoke the sort of rage that you only hear about from bedtime stories of monsters and demons. It's what helps to motivate Maxi in a sense, this almost borderline irrational fear - it's what makes him act so rashly towards those who threaten to steal his precious lantern from him.

History:  I haven't been able to write for a while, I had to lay low after what has recently happened. I was trying to get closer to the Emokage's daughter, Demi, when a strange man wearing a mask approached me, even the child herself seemed to have seen me though I was more then properly hidden, it startled me, the intensity of her gaze as she stared in my direction. About the man in the mask, well he seems to be some sort of guard for the child, and I just barely escaped his grasp. I asked some questions and found out that he is exactly what I thought he was. It would seem that when his daughter was very young she had wandered off, this being shortly before the raid that caused the death of his wife, and it sent the Emokage into a bloody rage.

No one felt safe to go near the man, and no one could find his daughter. This mysterious man did, however, and it seems that in his mission to return the girl to the Kage the pair were attacked. The girl was unharmed, but the man took damage to his face. He still managed to return the girl, and in doing so the Kusakage rewarded this man above any others he has before. He threw him a mask, and a title that he grew up.

It would seem that the Kage made a wise choice, as it was shortly after this that that terrible raid happened. The Kage was out fighting, defending his people, and he was terrifying while doing so, even though he had not yet been made Kage at the time. His wife was fighting as well, and their daughter was being taken to safety by the masked man. After his wife fell he only went into a deeper blood crazed rage; which seemed to have provided the needed strength to destroy the rest of those who had entered into his home lands to cause harm.

Those of the enemy who did survive were never seen from again, though many claim that from time to time their screams could be heard before quickly being quieted. The rumors that go around say that the Kage himself tortured those who had remained; both for information, and this is where things really get sadistic; it seems he also tortured them for the sheer pleasure of doing so, only proving my earlier statements that the man is indeed mad.

I have dug deeper into the Kage's past, as much as I could without drawing even more attention to myself. It would seem that the man was even a generous man before he became Kage, and an excellent person to have on squad. I have heard many a tale of how he saved one person or another, when he could have very well lost his own life in the process. Though, I have also heard many tales about how he has slaughtered someone mercilessly. This man is proving to be even more complex and unpredictable than previously thought.

I've also dug up more information about these missions he takes to recover those who have escaped from the village. It seems almost as if he has a personal vendetta against them. Like, they're not only disrespecting the village by bailing out, but personally disrespecting him as well. I was told a particularly brutal tale of a rather large and thuggish type man who had just walked out one night, under cover. The Kage, before the sun had even fully rose, had already captured the man. But what he returned was a sight to behold. I was told in as much detail as I could gather of the mans condition; and it was that of someone who had been tortured for months, not someone who had simply decided to walk out hours previous. He could barely speak, and what the deserted did say was nothing more than mumbled jibberish. There wasn't a mark on his entire body, but his eyes told of a horrible tale. No matter which way he looked his eyes were peeled back, almost entirely white, and filled with nothing but sheer utterly horror. It was as if the man had no idea where he even was. He didn't even try and resist as they led him to his cell to wait his obvious sentence.

This isn't the only time I have heard of these sorts of happenings. It seems this man is truly brutal in his methods, completely black and white with his personality from one minute to the next. A holy terror one minute who can utterly destroy ones mind with fear, to a saint who gives to orphans the next. There really is no way to map this mans behaviors or patterns, they seem to be completely at random.

I will try and get closer if possible, to gather any more information I can, but it'll be difficult, the man is crafty for a lack of better word, but for now I'll end this portion.


I'm sorry I've had nothing to add for some time, now! But I have accomplished a great thing! I have captured the Emokage's daughter, Demi! I couldn't believe it, it was almost too easy. I waited until there was no one around and snuck up on her, it was like she never saw me coming. She didn't put up a fight, either, went quietly as it were. I'm hoping that by using her I can not only gain some new insight in the man that is her father, but also that I may use her for negotiations as well. I still cannot believe my luck.


It has been three days and I'm no where near gaining new information on the girl. She just sits there, with her eyes shut, all day long, and mumbles words I cannot understand. She doesn't even seem frightened of her situation. If this is any indication to how her father is, I can only begin to imagine in greater detail the lack of fear the man must have. I sometimes stop myself to wander if he even notices she's gone, yet.

Hold on, there seems to be someone knocking on my door, though I'm not certain how they have found me.


Sorry folks. He will not be returning any time soon, and his next words will never be known. You see, I'm an agreeable sort of man. Easy going, polite... but there is a certain line that should never be crossed, and that's what he did. He screwed up not when he started putting me under surveillance, and yes I have known about it for quite some time now, but he screwed up when he decided to place hands on my daughter. No. One. Touches. My. Child. And. Lives. Learn that, gentleman, though I'll be seeing you in your dreams soon enough as a reminder... And if you're just now noticing that red ink? That would be his blood, if you haven't already guessed.

Maximillian King
Former Kage of Kusagakure

You will find your spy's body in the crate, what was left of it anyway. Apparently I went a little over board when I decided to mind fuck him into next year. If it's any consolation; he tried everything he could to escape from me, even started to try and snap his own bones to bring up enough pain.. he couldn't, so I did it for him, every one of them to be precise, and he was conscious during the whole thing.

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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Importation complete.

Guest, I think I might get used to ya
I'mma have to take your name when I’m through with ya

All I ask of you is try to earn my memory
Make me remember you like you're gonna remember me

Sometimes, the world doesnt need another hero. Sometimes, what it needs is a monster.
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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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Your Import is Approved

Missions Completed
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Maximillian King
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