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 Maximillian's Coffin [Locker]

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Maximillian's Coffin [Locker]   Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:25 pm

Name: Dawn and Dusk
Type: Dual Scythes
Rank: S
Upgrade Slots: /3
Affinities: Kageton | Koton
Description: The handle of the scythe’s [the red one being Dawn, the black being called Dusk] themselves a foot and a half [18 inches] long. The blades themselves are razor sharp and two feet long. Towards the shaft of the scythe the blade has a width of six inches which gradually decreases towards the tip until it creates a fine point. The back of the scythes blades has six points of various degrees of length; all of which are slightly curved, making them excellent for latching onto an opponent and when removed dealing maximum tear damage. Beneath the scythe blade is another four inches of an area where this same design that is found on the back of the scythe blades is then repeated only for the front. Further down, covering about half of the scythes shafts is material with various symbols on it. The base of the shape is also wrapped in a sturdy material making it non-slip for the wielder as well as protecting their hands.
Enhancements: Kageton Infusion: When Kageton jutsu are channeled through Dusk, the jutsu's power is increased by one rank.
Koton Infusion: When Koton jutsu is channeled through Dawn, the jutsu's power is increased by one rank.
Essense Reaver: When either Dusk or Dawn strikes an opponent, the in addition to the physical damage, the persona's chakra network is damaged as well. [10 chakra per basic strike, 25 if both Dusk and Dawn strike the opponent within the same post.]
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Maximillian's Coffin [Locker]
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