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 Seraphina, Dovhakiin-Malkavia

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Seraphina, Dovhakiin-Malkavia   Seraphina, Dovhakiin-Malkavia Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2014 5:31 pm

Seraphina, Dovhakiin-Malkavia 15yyb7m

Name: Seraphina King
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Jounin [S]

Village: Kusagakure | Wanderer
Clan: Dovahkiin | Malkavia
Element(s): Suiton [SS] | Fuuton [SS] | Hyouton [S] | Blizzard [S]
Specialties: Ninjutsu [SS] | Taijutsu [SS] | Genjutsu [S] | Medical Ninjutsu [S]
Special Characteristics:
Sibling Bond:
Sibling Rivalry:
Import SC:


5 Foot, 3 Inches
Weight: 115 Pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: Seraphina stands at five foot four inches tall. While her actual age is unknown she looks like a young teenager; perhaps roughly fourteen or so. Her form is slender and yet well built: athletic with a C cup bust. Her skin is lightly tanned and there is a black tattoo of a tiny dragon on the back of her right shoulder. Here yes are a brownish color, though they're rumored to change to lavender when she is angry. Seraphina's hair is black in color and goes down roughly halfway down her back with shorter pieces framing her face and bangs that cover thin, slender eyebrows.

Seraphina is known for wearing a pair of headphones on her ears or around her neck at most times; though that is the only notable thing about her entire appearance as her actual clothing choices themselves seem to vary depending on the situation or her current mood.

However, her favorite outfit would have to be the white shirt with under-tones of lavander in it with a black trip going around the 'collar' area but which hangs off of her shoulders minus two black straps that keep it up and decent. The shirt has baggy sleeves that go down slightly past her elbows otherwise known as 'bell' sleeves. The top itself goes down past her butt and ends there; also baggy like her sleeves to allow for fluid and comfortable movement.

With this top Seraphina normally wears a pair of black shorts that go down just past her fingertips which are often painted black. The shorts are nothing special, and stick out just far enough from the hem line of her shirt to actually show. Black shinobi sandals completes this outfit.

Like mentioned previously Seraphina often keeps her fingernails painted black or some kind of metallic color when the appropriate mood suits her. She wears little jewelry outside of two purple silk bands that cover markings on her wrists. As far as make-up goes she wears black mascara to help plump up her full dark lashes, and black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids.

About You!
Personality: Quiet. That has to be the most noticeable trait for the young woman. Even as a baby she hardly made a peep, choosing to try and communicate in other ways then through crying or other vocalized behaviors.

Lovable. Though the majority of the world could see her as sneaky or shy, those who know Seraphina well know her to be as lovable as could be, and a very sweet, sweet girl.

Smart. Seraphina catches on quickly to things, and despite her age she isn't confused by 'adult' conversations; though she plays well like she has no idea what's going on. It's a trait that's proved useful from time to time, when she's happened to over hear the right thing, and been able to tell someone she can trust what's going on, or what is going to happen.

Fluid. Seraphina loves to dance, and it's as much of her personality as anything. Dancing, acrobatics, grace. She's a fluid young woman who likes to be constantly in motion. Even when she's sitting still it is as if she's continuing to move; a slight sway, a ripple in her clothing, or her hair blowing in the wind. That isn't to say that she cannot be still, as she can quite easily especially when studying or reading, but she prefers movement far more, even if it's only a little bit.

Likes: Candy! Gummy bears, lollipops, pocky, you name it and she will eat it. Though she's not completely a candy junky it does take up the majority of her favorites; though she also has shown that she loves fruit and berries of all kinds, along with jerky.

Bright colors always fall beneath one of her likes: yellows, blues top the charts, but pinks, and greens don't fall far behind.

Learning. Seraphina yearns to learn anything and everything that she can. Like her mother, Seraphina is a very fast learner, and enjoys the fact that there is an abundance of knowledge welcome to her at all times.

Family. Seraphina, from the day that she was born, has been surrounded by the love and safety of her family; it's all she's known. Therefore it causes her to be very protective of her family, while making her shy around almost anyone else. Her family is the center of her life, after all.

Water. Out of all of the elements water would have to be Seraphina's favorite - though most would say this had something to do with the fact she was always looking at the water. She takes to swimming like a fish, and is often, lovingly, referred to as a fish out of water by her mother.

Music! It goes hand in hand with her dancing. Music is calming and peaceful for Seraphina, even if it has an upbeat or faster beat. She can listen to music for hours and never become bored of it.

Animals. Seraphina absolutely adores animals and could often be found attempting to sneak a pet, or two, or... five... home when she was a young child.

Dislikes: Dark colors. Yup, even the usual black that most shinobi wear is something Seraphina avoids. She has even gone so far as to say that she would be the first ninja in the world to go around wearing white!

Bullies. There is just something about those who pick on the weak and defenseless that rubs Seraphina wrong. She knows that she is strong compared to most children due to her upbringing, but never dreamed of using it to bully someone. She sees those who use their abilities to bully or tease the weak as unworthy of the power they possess. It has caused her to go so far as to stand up for and protect those she has found being bullied, even if she didn't know the person: it is also partly the reason why she became interested in medical ninjutsu compared to a more physical specialty.

Motivations: Her family. It's really as simple as that. She wants to grow up to be as strong as the other members of her family, if not stronger. She knows that while they protect her now because of how young she is, that one day the roles will be reversed and the day will come that she will need to protect them. Therefore, even though she's only a young girl, she still studies and tries her hardest to remember everything that is taught to her.

Doing her best also is a motivation in itself. She knows what she will one day be capable of, and knowing that she strives to push herself as hard and fast as she possibly can, knowing that defeat is never the answer. Because of this she will never deny or turn down a task; always willing to try something at least once, no matter how hard it might look.

Finally, her big brother. She wants to be strong, powerful, and unafraid like him. She has looked up to him for as long as she can remember and hopes to one day become just like him.

Fears: Loss. Seraphina loves her family completely; they're what she has known since the day she was born. Therefore, even at her young age, she is smart enough to realize that no one lives forever, and so the idea of no longer being able to see or speak with one of her family members is a frightening one.

Seraphina also fears disappointing her friends and family. She wants them to be proud of her, to be proud of her success and choices in life, and the idea of disappointing them, or causing them to be upset over a choice she has made is also a major fear for the young girl, so much so that it causes her to be far less impulsive then most children and to think about the things she says and does before she says and does them.

History: Seraphina was the fourth born and only female of the King family. Her exact date and time of birth are unknown facts and she wishes to keep them as such. All that is known through stories is that Seraphina was born during a terrible storm: a storm which had been raging for many days and whose destruction would be talked about for years. Yet, upon Seraphina entering into the world the very storm itself suddenly stopped: it ceased to exist as if her very presence forced it back from the horrific depths from which it came from. It was for that reason that she was named Seraphina: an angelic child.

It was quickly realized how much of a quiet child Seraphina actually was: where most children would cry, make noise, or generally show upset and chaos to get what they wanted Seraphina was quiet and patient, and would often attempt to use other means to show that they needed something. At a very young age it was thought that something might be wrong with Seraphina, that she might in fact be mute, however this did not stop her from developing in other ways. Where Seraphina once had to use hand gestures or rudimentary sign language as a toddler to show that she wanted something she began to develop a telepathic ability: allowing her to communicate with members of her family with nothing more than her mind. These words she now spoke in a telepathic way were not the young ramblings of a child but full words and complete sentences with grammar to match that of a school aged child. As Seraphina got older her mentally spoken words continued to be those that ranged far beyond her actual years quickly showing that the child had an heightened intellect.

Due to her lack of speaking, her being considered a mute, it was thought that she would never be able to learn the Dovahkiin Clan jutsu as they all focused on using ones voice. However, her parents always taught her regardless, and always allowed her to watch others train so that she could at least still understand the glory of the clan's Thu'um. When Seraphina was five years old an incident occurred where she came across two of her age mates being bullied. They were a pair of twins and already one was lying on the ground and crying due to a bloody nose while the other was standing in front of his fallen twin sister like some sort of shield. Angry, and driven by a sudden burst of madness that the calm child had never experienced before, she let loose a shout that was far beyond those children her own age were capable of using. The bully was thrown backwards where he hit a tree and was knocked unconscious. Seraphina and her two friends fled, but the bully spread the tale regardless of Seraphina hoping that he wouldn't.

When her family heard of what had happened Seraphina expected them to be angry, and yet they were all enthusiastic that Seraphina wasn't exactly mute by defect, but simply by choice, and was indeed capable of learning the Dovahkiin jutsu through the very power that ran through her veins. Foreseeing good things to come for her in the future they enrolled her in the Academy along side the rest of her family so that she too could become a great shinobi.

The Academy's teachings were similar to the things if not exactly the same things that she had looked up to her older brothers and had learned from them, and because of this she excelled. She became one of the top students among her peers and yet this didn't bring anything good along with it: in fact Seraphina found herself being picked on worst than ever by the other children because of the fact that she refused to speak. On one particularly nasty incident that occurred on the playground Seraphina found herself once more relying on her Dovahkiin clan abilities and shouting one of her peers across the playground who had been attempting to punch her. The kid went flying and as he did so everyone watched; they watched and grew afraid. From that point on Seraphina was left alone, allowed to study and train in peace, without constantly being the victim of bullies. Seraphina quickly rose to the very tip top of her class and graduated a full year ahead of her peers, allowing her to become a Genin and prove herself far sooner than the rest of them - though, they still told tales of the female who had once shouted one of her classmates across the playground.

Thanks to some careful planning Seraphina was placed on a squad with other people around her age, allowing her to fit in better than before. Due to what she had done in the Academy and the stories that had been told, her other two team-mates already knew what she was capable of, as did her sensei. Therefore, instead of having to worry about being bullied the three were able to train and work together, becoming like a very well oiled machine. They were able to predict each others actions and work with them, allowing for full syncing when working, and flawless victories. Due to their great deal of skill and the way they presented themselves the three were quickly promoted to Chuunin, and allowed to move on to bigger and better things, though Seraphina stayed in contact with them up until the incident occurred.

Seraphina had just been promoted to Special Jounin when she found herself being sent out on an assignment by the Kusakage. She was to infiltrate a small group, a family of sorts, an find out what sort of mischief they were up to. There had been whispers about plans to over throw the current ruling body, and as any Kage would, the current Kusakage at the time wished to stop such a thing from happening before it did. Seraphina spent a solid two weeks infiltrating and attempting to get close to this group when she let her guard slip. She had bought some tea at a nearby shop and had taken the first sip of it when darkness clouded her vision. She was unconscious before she even could hit the ground. When she woke up she found herself in a stone like coffin which was being slid shut. As she went to move she found that the coffin wasn't the only thing that held her, and instead she was also held by thick chains that had chakra pouring through them. These chains wouldn't budge, and she quickly realized that the more she struggled against them the more she woke the seals placed on them that began to siphon her very strength from her body while somehow keeping her alive at the same time.

The coffin was sealed in the dungeon of the castle-like home; and unbeknownst to her she was feeding some strange jutsu that kept the place protected - her very strength and energy being used as some sort of sadistic battery. The family continued on throughout the years with Seraphina still trapped and slipping deeper and deeper into insanity, having grown tired of the silent screams she let out and always unable to cast even a single jutsu. Seraphina truly thought she had been forgotten about when suddenly a disturbance upstairs, one loud enough for even her to hear in her stone prison, reached her eyes. There was shouting, terrified screams, and the screams that belonged to the damned. It sounded like a blood bath was taking place upstairs.

Seraphina listened to this for hours upon hours until the last of the screams were silenced. She began to count the very seconds as she waited to see if she would hear another sound. After eight-three seconds she heard the echoing sound of footsteps on the stone stairs that led to her tomb. Knowing that death was a fate more wanted than eternal imprisonment in the medical fuuinjutsu hell she was in, she began to scream - the mute breaking her silence after so many years. She could hear the footsteps suddenly increase, as if the person who was outside of her tomb was walking faster; even running as they finally reached the coffin. As the chains were shattered, the seals broken by some means unknown to her eyes, she knew freedom and perhaps death were approaching. The chains that held her broke free as the coffin's lid was slid backwards revealing a face she had not seen in years, and yet one she recognized just the same.

"Illian..." a name she had not called her brother since the age of three, had been the words that she had uttered as she was grabbed out of the coffin and taken to safety. During her month of recovering she came to learn that her brother, Maximillian King, had been made Kusakage and now ruled over Kusagakure. Months into her full recovery, and having gotten the hang of being able to use her jutsu like she used to, her brother informed her of a promotion; and a skipping of ranks. She was to be considered amongst the highest of the Jounin: Jounin [S]. It was an honor she couldn't and yet could understand at the same time: while she had gotten herself trapped in a situation so easily she had also survived, showing mental prowess where others would have become babbling idiots by that point in time: she was stronger than she knew.

She took the promotion and remained close to her brother unless he sent her out on a mission, remaining at his side and acting like a silent protector of the one who had saved her very own life. When her brother retired and took to traveling she too followed with him, figuring it was high time to take a 'vacation' of sorts, and who better with than her own brother?

RP Sample: Pain flooded through her mind but she forced it back and attempted her hardest to keep her focus. Horror crossed her facial features as she heard the response from the man she was determined was Maximillian: especially with the way he answered. If this really was her brother than she had been gone, trapped, long enough for likely everyone she knew to be dead. Did she even have a home left anymore?

The more frustrated she got the more she attempted to pull on the chains: her frustration driving back her pain and giving her something else to focus on. "It's Seraphina... I'm not dead... they grabbed me on my sixteenth birthday, when I was going to make an offering... Shinkai Shigai was dying out.. they made this coffin... to feed off of my power and stuck me in that horrible room...." What could she tell him to convince him? To make him realize what she was saying was true? Then it hit her... with tears brimming in her eyes she spoke, "I called you Illian for the first three years of my life because I couldn't pronounce your name..."

She fell silent then: feeling her magic randomly surge as she pulled against the very chains: of course that very magic was then absorbed into the coffin itself, moving through it rampantly. She kept herself quiet; if she was wrong about who was on the other side of that coffin then it was likely she was hearing what she wanted because her mind needed some sense of peace, some way to make this horrible situation better; and failing that... she was likely going to lose her mind.

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Seraphina, Dovhakiin-Malkavia
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