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 Cheshire Sakebi

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PostSubject: Cheshire Sakebi   Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:36 am

[ yeah, move like that, yeah-yea-yeah-yeah-yeah move like that ]
Name: Cheshire Sakebi
Age: 17
Birthdate: Oct 11th
Gender: What's a gender sit in my lap
Sexuality: too much
Rank: Genin

Village: Iwagakure
Clan: Sakebi
Element(s): Katon, Raiton
Specialties: Genjutsu, Puppetry
Special Characteristics: I really just don't like bothering with these.

[ i remember swimming as our clothes drifted off to sea ]
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: no
Hair Color: Black, dyed hot pink roots.
Eye Color: Gold-amber.
General Description: Cheshire, typically, is rather odd in appearance compared to the rest of the people in the village. His hair is black with an underlying tone of pink, in a constant state of endearing bedhead that causes it to be chaotically untidy and out of place. Thanks to his nocturnal habits he's rather pale from lack of sunlight; and due to his insomnia his eyes are circled by black. Five feet and eight inches in height, he stands awkwardly between tall and average, and that very awkwardness shows in his mannerisms. An aqua collar is fastened to his neck, the buckle and thread colored gold. Clothes worn are usually black and other dark colors, very rarely wearing anything bright. Skimpy tank tops are common though covered always by a long-sleeved jacket or sweater of some kind. Pants are never any shorter than touching his ankles, though every so often he'll be wearing a skirt instead; which he's not shy about going skimpy with. His entire facial structure gives off the feel of a cat's, most notably his eyes and his mouth.

About You!
[ i crashed my car into a bridge, i watched and let it burn ]
Cheshire's personality isn't exactly easy to put into words. He's... a lot of things; smart, manipulative, caring, distrusting, playful, vengeful, murderous, shy, depressive, excited, outgoing, dependent, provocative, sociopathic and psychotic all in one. Honestly, you could blame all of this on his bipolarity and insomnia. Thanks to the personality disorder and his insane lack of sleep his emotional reactions as well as decision making skills are a bit screwed up. Generally, while sleepy and a bit unfocused, he's a fun person to be around. Teasing, loving, and possessing a good sense of humor. Might come off as a little shy, but doesn't run away from conversations and happily makes friends. It's unlikely he'd even consider hurting anyone in this state. (Unless you roll that way; he's a scratcher and biter.) When he's rested after a good day of purging on sleep, he's in an even better mood. Hyper, even. Now that he actually has some form of energy he loves showing it. Singing, dancing, playing, yelling, laughing; it's all a good time.

Than his bipolar disorder comes into play, and it's particularly bad if he hasn't gotten to rest up. One second, everything's fine and sunny. Next, without a cloud in sight a second before, there's a storm raining down on everyone who comes into the vicinity of this one pissed off ninja. Mad, sad, uninterested- from happy to even of these in a blink of an eye. He can get so worked up, so depressive or furious, that he'll even go so far as to kill someone... Perhaps even multiple someones. It's out of hand, and he barely even realizes it. Not one to be abusive, one wrong word and you're laid out on the ground with a handprint on your cheek. He takes a lot of patience and care to deal with, and if you're not up to it you're metaphorically as good as dead. (Literally, if you've done something screechingly wrong.)

And then comes into play his clan, giving him rather charming genes. He has a natural silver tongue, and if not using it to get him out of trouble he can use it to, ah, get him in trouble. Not that hard to get what he wants, regardless of whether he puts you under a genjutsu or not.

As said, it's not easy to write down. Maybe you should just find out for yourself. <3

  • Cats. Somehow and for some reason he feels drawn to them. If you happen to stop by his house you can see a saucer of milk laid out on his doorstep, refilled daily. (Sometimes hourly if there seems to be enough of the adorable little rascals around.) Anything cat related he'll instantly fall in love with, and they're obviously his favorite animals. Doesn't seem to own one himself, oddly enough.
  • Candy. Specifically suckers. While not ALWAYS for suggestive reasons, he can usually be caught with one rolling around in his mouth. All flavors hold appeal to him, and he goes through them so fast he carries around a large pack along with his ninja supplies.
  • Entertainment. In his darkest moods, he's tell you that's what you're there for. His entertainment, pure and simple. He loves being amused, humored, put on for. Anything like that.
  • Unrated... Things. Though his character hardly centers around this, he can be a bit of a flirt, and combined with his abilities... He's dangerous when it's that time of the year.
  • Being treated as a cat. Not necessarily in a kinky sense. He'll purr, mewl, nuzzle and even cuddle with you if you treat him like the prideful feline he resembles. (You'd rather not see him when he doesn't get his way.)
  • Friendship and romances. Though they don't seem to ever reach long-term status, he loves them all the same. He'll readily except you as a friend if you're appealing as such, and as for romance... You might have to work a miniscule harder for that.


  • Extremely loud noises. They startle him and just plain freak him out. Though not being a fear, he's used to a quieter life than most people. It's a shock every time. Unless you're ready to stand there at the receiving end of a shriek high enough to shatter glass, you'll keep him away from these.
  • Being talked down to. Unless it's some strange romantic thing, degrading this kitty isn't going to go well. You want claw marks down that pretty face of yours? Go right ahead.
  • Vegetables. Peh. While he can stand a few, mainly lettuce (ordering a salad without anything but dressing) and corn (it's strangely fun to eat), he's a little spoiled kid when it comes to eating anything green. (Or red for that matter. Don't even get him started on peppers.)
  • Being pushed, metaphorically. If he says no, he means no. It doesn't make a difference what you're trying to edge him in to, NO. Try his patience, I dare you.
  • Annoying him. Don't. He exists to have fun, and if all you're doing is pestering and taking that away from him, maybe you shouldn't exist. He wants to enjoy himself; and while he likes it when the people around him are enjoying themselves too, that means nothing if he's seething.


Why should he possibly be motivated by anything other than "why the hell not"? Cheshire, mainly, takes care of himself and perhaps his current love interest/good friends. If he does anything, it's for him or them. He doesn't care for money, or fame or power. He cares about having a good life that he can enjoy. Some of that might equate to something like money/love/etc., but it's never the reason he does it in the first place. Me, myself and I. An old and cliche motto, it's still true nonetheless for this particular ninja.


Fear is nothing but an objection used to control the minds of mortal men. If anything, Cheshire IS fear. He has nothing to fear; not even his own death or the death of those closest to him, because he refuses to accept that fear exists if you don't let it. A story told to children so they'll listen to their parents. "What is there to fear but fear itself?" <--- This, at least in Chesh's mind, is completely true. And if fear is nothing more than a tool used for brainwashing... What does that make Cheshire and those of his clan? Exactly. Maybe the only thing he could ever really fear is himself,in the end.

[ hit me with your sweet love, steal me with a kiss ]

Born and raised in the village of deserts, Cheshire was a rather happy camper as a child. Both of his parents adored him- and why shouldn't they? He got his charm from them, after all. Amegakure nin that moved purely for the experience of a new lifestyle, you could call them the hippies of the ninja world. Fun loving and a bit eccentric they made a rather dangerous combination when they got riled up with excitement. Simply put, Chesh had a great childhood. He loved them and everything about the village he lived in, from the earth to the people to the stars. It was strange, perhaps, but there was something about outskirts that made them beautiful at night time. The sky wasn't filled with smog like more industrial villages such as Ame, and it was much clearer than the cloudy Kumo. The older Sakebi's were keen on picnics as well, and they'd lay out later in the day when the sun was setting and the moon was riding on a hill of soft sands. Sometimes Cheshire reminisces and misses those days.

His life took a sharp turn for the worst when his mother caught his father drunk and sleeping around. The appeal of their powers were a bit much at times; when you could have nearly anything you wanted just by asking, how could you possibly restrain yourself? Combined with the disorienting effects of alcohol, his weak-willed Dad stood little chance. The divorce was quick, and Cheshire took up residence with his mother at her demands. Obviously she wasn't a mean woman, but the break up and resulting shock twisted her a bit. She developed rather severe trust issues even with her own son, and became exactly what she had scorned her ex-husband for- a whore sleeping with every other men she met, showing up each night with a different male wrapped around her waist and sneaking up to her bedroom when she thought Chesh was asleep. Now, during the daytime hours, she tried her hardest to remain presentable and a good mother... but as light turned to dusk, she would slowly crack and slip away from the confused child she was caretaking.

None of this was good for Cheshire's instability issues and his bipolarity only grew more and more severe, until he was to the point that he couldn't be around his mother without losing control. Random violent actions he displayed in the academy towards other students had him on probation all the time, and he had even neared suspension from the school once. Any friendships he made and any actual relationships he was able to make faltered after a few weeks, occasionally a few months if he was lucky. The influence he was under caused problems in his psyche just as well, taking after the woman he was growing to scorn against his better intentions and using his particular charm to frequently bed with other males. This was around the time his insomnia developed, distress and depression keeping him awake through the night. (Sounds coming from his mom's room until the early morning hours didn't help much either.)

Finally he graduated from the academy and jumped at the chance to be out of the house that he now loathed, throwing himself into his own entertainment in the outside world so he didn't have to deal with his family or self problems. His entire life began to revolve around his happiness, sick of paying for his father's and mother's mistakes. Both day and night he spent amusing himself with the presence of other people and even his own thoughts. It wasn't hard to make new friends, just keep them once he flipped. Even when he was too tired to stay out all the time he specifically avoided the times when his parent would be home, sleeping during the day as she worked and travolting around during the night when she was there.

RP Sample:


Another twirl of the cherry flavored sucker in his mouth, his lips stained red long ago. It was a nice day today, outside, and Chesh felt rested enough. He'd gotten good sleep about... ~Two days ago or so? He might not be at his best, but he wasn't dying. Besides, he wasn't going to pass up on this. It was sunny with a slight breeze, each gust giving him pleasured goosebumps and causing his eyelids to flicker. He had chosen the perfect spot to enjoy it from, too. A nice little cafe at the edge of the village; the only food establishment he ever really cared to casually hang out at. The dumplings were to die for.


A friend of his, a fellow genin, was meant to be joining him soon. It wasn't a date, the friend in question being female, but rather he just wanted to relax and chat a little. Today wasn't the day for anything adventurous or disappointing. Today was the day to laze around and feel the heat on your skin. Another breeze and a soft purr escaped past his lips, leaning back in his chair and tilting his head up, pointed towards the sky.


He couldn't help but feel a little agitated though. It had been four minutes, nearing five, since they were supposed to meet up. It's not like there was anything going on today; the entire village had the same feeling in mind about the atmosphere and it was a surprise that the cafe was even open. It wasn't exactly a time that you felt like being productive and working. What could be keeping her...

Snap. Crunch.

Why does he even bother.

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Hey look I made me.

I know I said to not
what the fuck do I know?
I had a chance to construct something beautiful and I choked.

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And I Approved~ you!


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Cheshire Sakebi
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