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 Anshou, Shigeki

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PostSubject: Anshou, Shigeki   Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:45 pm

Name: Anshou, Shigeki
Age: 17
Birthdate: Aug 25
Gender: Male (sometimes)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Genin

Village: Iwagakure
Clan: Anshou
Element(s): Doton, Katon
Specialties: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde/red
Eye Color: Gold with blue/purple on top
General Description: Shigeki is a slender man, he is toned but not overly muscular. Typically if people are asked to describe him they would say he is "Pretty". His shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair covers his gorgeous eyes and is generally extremely messy. His red eyes are stunningly beautiful and his lips bear the slightest hint of pout. He would look good as either gender, and he knows this. A lot of the time he he wears long black cloaks, fishnet gloves and half-shirt, and tight black jeans. He tends to favour not wearing a lot of clothing in combat though, stripping down to just his pants and gloves, not wanting to burn the rest with his Lava release moves. His hips are a little more curvy than normal for a man, something that really tops off his ambiguous appearance. If he wanted to he could easily disguise himself as a woman and most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, which comes in quite handy.

About You!
Personality: Shigeki is someone who loves to have fun. He enjoys getting guys riled up, making straight men think he's a woman, and is quite a flirt as well. He is really easy going and friendly, enjoying being playful with the people he deems worth his time. Though he tends to think of sex quite often, he isn't actually one to carry out the act, often getting quite nervous, though occasionally getting pushed into doing it. When it comes to combat however, he is quite savvy. He is still playful in combat but tends to be more of a tactition than anything, often toying with his opponents to push them into situations that he wants to find them in. He is surprisingly level headed and is a strong combatant and tactition.

Shigeki tends to be a little rough on his body, or at least others do and he allows it. In combat however he is extremely careful not to let himself get injured in any way, due to his rare blood condition. He will completely avoid a one on one confrontation when possible and is not a fan of fighting against people with swords or other bladed weapons. He uses his Doton to protect him while taking his enemies out from afar with his Katon and Yoton abilities whenever possible. Other than that he is a strong willed individual. When he sets his mind on something he does what he can to achieve his goal.

Likes:  Shigeki likes to have fun. As far as he is concerned nothing is worth doing if you don't enjoy yourself while doing it. He loves to play around with people, which has gotten him in trouble a few times. He also likes to be dominated (as far as sex goes). It has always been one aspect of his life where he prefers not to have as much control. He is a social butterfly as well, trying to meet as many new people as he can and make everyone like him. He takes it quite personal when people don't like him, due to his father's quite abusive attitude towards him as a child.

Dislikes: Shigeki hates his father more than anything. As a child his father would beat him vigorously due to the way he looked and acted, often telling him to man up and that he would never live up to anything acting the way that he did. He never understood why his father hated him so much but it gave him a deep rooted hatred for the old man. He also dislikes alcohol, due to the fact that his father tended to drink quite often before administering the beatings that he would give him. He doesn't like most kinds of food, besides rice, and he will often choose not to eat instead of putting up with eating something else.

Motivations: Shigeki wants more than anything to surpass his father in every way. He wants to prove that he is a better person than him. He wants to do this by becoming the tactical advisor to the Tsuchikage one day, hoping to help guide their nation in battle and find the holes in the enemy to lead them to victory. He would love nothing more than to escort the Tsuchikage as one of his/her personal guard. He also seeks to make his Yoton more powerful, learning the abilities of his clan to their full abilities and finding ways to use his abilities that nobody else had ever thought of.

Fears: Shigeki has always feared his father. He is the main source of torment and hatred in his life and as such Shigeki often couldn't stand to be in the same room as him. He is also afraid of deep cuts, knowing that they would be instantly fatal to someone with his blood condition. He has never been a fan of cold, knowing that cold could seriously inhibit his abilities. It was something that he would get completely uncomfortable in, besides slowing down his hot body, occasionally causing him to lose his focus and perhaps even have panic attacks. He tends to scream like a girl at the sight of large snakes.


Shigeki's mother was absolutely beautiful, he often thought of her when getting ready during the day, the image of the beautiful blonde woman who managed to often attract attention from men always a deciding factor in how he would prepare himself. He had always only wanted attention, noticing that some of the older boys would give him more attention when he looked more feminine. That made them more friendly towards him, though sometimes also a little rough. He didn't mind, he was making friends after all, and that's what was important.

When he would get home from work, Shigeki's father would look at him in disgust and he would try to get away before the first swing would come, his father always hitting him in places where he could cover the bruises easier with clothing. He would often have trouble breathing as a child due to having bruised ribs or a bruised abdomen. He always tried to endure the abuse to the best of his ability, his mother occasionally speaking up, only to be attacked herself, which would make Shigeki lash out and his beating to become worse. This cycle of violence lasted until he had turned thirteen.


Shigeki did well in the academy, mastering all of the skills put in front of him in a quick fashion. He was also popular due to his looks and behavior, often attracting attention from older students and also from some of the girls in class as well, who appreciated the way that he looked. He was found to be especially adept at planning out and executing complicated plans of action on small and large scales, being commended by the instructors at the academy. He graduated when he was fifteen.


His first love came in a form different from that of most boys around his age. When he was fourteen he fell in love with another boy, who was seventeen. The seventeen year old had been living on his own and decided to take Shigeki in with him, to take him away from his abusive father. He took care of Shigeki and encouraged him, complimenting him constantly on his looks and on the way he acted. He always treated him in a way that reminded him of his mother, and that made him more happy than anything ever had.

As most first loves, this one was not meant to last. He wouldn't move back in with his father though, still staying with his first lover, often still enjoying private time with one another. He never forgot what Kensai had done for him, taking him out of the horrible situation that was his old life and showing him a better way.

RP Sample: As he walked through the room he could see every eye in the building turn to look towards him. He knew that the men were undressing him with their eyes, having no idea that he was truly female beneath his beautiful looks, but he didn't mind one bit. As a matter of fact this was exactly how Shigeki got his kicks, making men drool over him, especially the ones who were "straight". He knew that given the circumstance a lot of them wouldn't even think twice of sleeping with him, and he always enjoyed the power he had over men because of that. It was generally not helping that they enjoyed their alcohol.

He would chuckle gently and wink at the occasional guy in order to watch their reactions, seeking for favorable ones so that he could go and mess with that person. Ultimately he was generally a tease and that had gotten him into a few bad situations in the past, but he certainly didn't mind and it just spurred him on to try again and again. As he looked towards a young man who couldn't stop looking his way he approached him, his hips swaying back and forth and a big smile on his pouty lips as he walked up. "Hey there handsome," he said in his feminine voice, almost purring as he spoke. "Is this seat taken?"

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PostSubject: Re: Anshou, Shigeki   Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:17 pm

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Anshou, Shigeki
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