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 Visiting some Friends [Travel: Konoha -> Kusa][Closed]

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Visiting some Friends [Travel: Konoha -> Kusa][Closed] Empty
PostSubject: Visiting some Friends [Travel: Konoha -> Kusa][Closed]   Visiting some Friends [Travel: Konoha -> Kusa][Closed] Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2014 4:49 pm

Artemis had grabbed herself a bite to eat at the local ramen stall - something that had filled her up and was delicious enough for her to request a bowl to take with her on her trip - and had even quickly created a weapon she had heard of her father using on numerous occasions: two hidden blades. She had further gone on and changed from her normal schoolgirl looking appearance into a white hooded tunic over top of a brown short sleeved top, matching shorts, and boots - though her hair was still in a ponytail.

With her assortment of weapons with her, and her hidden blades on her, she darted out of the village: off to the land of Kusa which thankfully wasn't all that far away. As she traveled she noticed quickly how the land changed from forests to grasslands: both villages equally as beautiful in their own way.

Soon a village came into view and with a grin on her face she sped up, knowing that Hikari was bound to know she was arriving. She found herself wondering how long her father was going to take to catch up as she passed through the village gates.

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Visiting some Friends [Travel: Konoha -> Kusa][Closed]
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