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 The Aoi Seika Yume [WIP]

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The Aoi Seika Yume [WIP] Render10

Name: Yume
Age: 19
Birthdate: September 15th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Rank: Jounin (A)

Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Katon || Fuuton || Enton
Specialties: Ninjutsu || Genjutsu || Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:


Sensor :



Height: 5ft
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
General Description:

Yume is a short,skinny, pale-skinned, blue-eyed girl, with black hair in uneven twin tails; the right lock of her hair is shorter than her left. Her height and stature annoy her deeply, so refrain from speaking about it unless you wish to vex her. Well wouldn't you'be too if everybody thought you were a middle schooler? Unfortunaly despite her age, she really hasn't grown since she was 9 years old. The only parts that mature were her fighting skills, mindset, and... Don't you dare bring up my chest! They are perfectly fine they way they are! ahem blossomed upper body fitting an young teen. She also bears two scars on her midriff and a blue flame shoots out from her left eye though it is covered by a leather eye patch with a seal to keep the flames hidden inside. Her clothes consist of a string bikini top under a black jacket. The jacket has a white stripe running along the length of each of her sleeves and has a white star design on the front (left side) and back. She also wears a pair of tight-fitting shorts, gloves, and black knee-high boots. She often carries around a stuff animal named Onii-sama however not when she has a mission. Onii-sama's entire face and body splits equally down the center into two sides. It resembles the Yin-Yang symbol of which there's a balance between good and bad. His right side is white in color and has the classic teddy bear expression. His left side shows a more sinister look. It's black in color and has a red slash for an eye and an evil, stretched grin. Although he is entirely split into two opposite sides, the only parts of Onii-sama that aren't affected by the split are his muzzle and belly area; which both remain white. He also has a large and obvious bellybutton on the lower part of his belly. His bulging navel has an X mark on it. And lastly, in her back pockets she carries around a packet of cigarettes and a lighter which she uses on a regular basis both for pleasure and her Enton.
About You!

Yume is an enigma, a puzzle you can't solve. She is someone whom you can't read well. Sometimes she will give you hints and clue or other times she will shut you out completely as if you aren't there with her lips zipped tip. Though the latter isn't quite odd. She is a woman of few words, perferring to let her actions speak for herself. She does not think of herself as 'the one above all' but she knows she isn't nothing to scoff at. Yes shocker. Well it is kind of. In her early years of life she was always bubbly and happy, a smile threatening to cut her cheek and a laughter equal to the sound of jingling bells. But sooner or later you have to shed your old skin if you want to live. The world isn't full of rainbows and lollipops but blood, tears, and monsters. She had to school her emotions as soon as possible and keep her bonds to at minimum at best which is why she doesn't have any friends besides one named Noiz and for good reason two. He was the one who found her when she was borderline insane and on the verge of another mental breakdown. No one knows the specifics of how he calmed her down and brought her to Kiri aside from the duo themselves. He has been with her a long time and will continue to do so. However one lesson she kept as a child was that there was no salvation, at least not for her. I stopped believing in Heaven when I lived in Hell

Something about those little odd trinkets you find abandoned on the side of the road or in the basements of used bookstores riddled with dust and grime is like a magnet. It pulls you towards them. Yume has always had a thing for broken or abandoned things whether they were a puppeteers' marionette, a grandmother's porcelain doll, an inventor's uncompleted clock, or faded pictures from moldy scrapbooks.I know I'm an oddball. Everyone is but they prefer not to admit. They don't want to be different from everyone else because they are afraid they won't blend into the painting like they belong there. What they don't realize we will always be contrastive to one another. It is simply the truth, an unchangeable fact of life that not even death could change. One man's normality is another's abnormality. When people began to get a bit smart and aren't so blinded, one of two things can happen: acceptance or opposition. I can count the people who accepted me on one hand and only one is still left alive, standing by my side. When I hold these thing in my hand, I can relate to them. So I clean them up and find them a home, somewhere someway.

She loves stories, all kinds really; fiction and non-fiction. Though she has preference towards history. The past behind certain events just fascinates her. It's one of the activites she loves. She tries to explore ruins and ghost towns whenever she has a chance then document her findings in a little black book she writes in her spare time. It was one of the few things she wanted to be when she was but a little girl; a writer, a photographer, an archaeologist. Yet they were nothing more than dreams, crushed by the weight of reality. Yume is no longer pure for the snow has been died red. And yet she can't help but enjoy her life as a kunoichi much more than she would've as a civilian. What you want to know more? Fine...I enjoy walks in the rain, purple is my favorite color and I hate white. I dislike bitter and/ or spicy foods and prefer sweets; especially peanut butter caramel drizzle cupcake with coconut shavings.

My dislikes? I...dislike many things and hate even more but I do not let it show. There are two ways to hate: Openly or conservatively. Yume falls into the second category she has learned how to school her emotions and not let them get the best of her. Yet sometimes she just snaps and she hates herself when she does. It annoys her so much to let her emotions of all things to get to her but so do other trivial things such as: the ticking of a clock, the snapping of a camera, children, the tinkering of kunais, when something is not symmetrical and finally...people. And this makes you wonder, how can she work alongside others if she hates people. But in hindsight, hate is a strong word. She simply has a strong dislike of people in general. How could she not with the past she has had? Though the type of people she really hates are liars. She cannot, will not, and won't ever stand them. When someone tells you a bit of truth, they are placing their trust in you no matter how insignificant it may seem to be. And so when that person lies, then that trust is broken and you begin to question everything. It is such torture. Yet despite this, she can't help but lie. It's become second nature. Every time she lies, she can't help but feel like she has been forced to swallow poison.

Dreams are fantasies we have as a child and goals are realities we make as adults. When one thinks of the pair they can't see a similarity but there is. Both are something we want to achieve despite how difficult it may be to achieve it. But once again, dreams are for child and sometimes for dimwitted adults, though no matter how insignificant or 'common' everyone has at least one dream correct? The truth of the matter is no. Some people either forgot their dream or lost it. Yume's were crushed after she received a cold hard slap in the face by the real world and all its cruelty. Afterward she learned how to be strong. She had to if she wanted to survive. A lesson all will come to learn. And it is a lesson she was...glad to learn. She is still questions herself on the matter. She just wants to grow stronger and live. She doesn't need glory, riches, or fame. She doesn't want to become a kage of any village or ruler of some kingdom. She doesn't need materialistic things or to become the most beloved person around. She just want to exist, survive, and live, no longer bound by her past.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. It was a line from a book she read a couple years ago. Fear is only an illusion that our subconscious creates. She doesn't understand fear that well, no one does. She can't find the right words to describe it no matter how many books she read. Everyone just has a different interpretation in it. So the only definition she accepted was one provided by a psychiatrist a nurse recommended she'd go to. A simple and useful definition of fear: An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. She uses this as a basis for describing her fears which are: betrayal, slave traders, priests, any real deity (firmly believes they are none) and proof that she does not exist.
"Another Mistake"

Gorou was born into the Inuzuka clan in Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the leaves. He was the fifth child in his immediate family and one of the few left alive. His parents were shinobi and naturally their children wished to follow in their footsteps. Hayato, Gorou's father was a retired jounin who lost his right arm and left leg in battle volunteered at the local academy to give lectures time from time. Miu, Hayato's wife, was an active ANBU along with their third child, Kari. Takeshi and Ayumu, the eldest children were both dead, having died in battle. The fourth sibling and the one whom Gorou was closest to was Pano whom was a retired chuunin who succumbed to illness that paralyzed his entire body. Gorou was a very loyal but foolhardy man, often getting himself in one mess or the other. During his academy years, his teachers had very little to no hope in his potential as a shinobi. He had often skipped lessons, failed tests, and lacked any talent in any of them shinobi arts. Yet strangely enough he passed his genin tests and became apart of a team. It was after his teammate, Yori, was killed during a patrolling mission that he started to take his career more seriously. He didn't want to besmirch his parents lives nor ruined the memory of Yori, someone he had seriously considered as one of the pack. From that day on he worked himself to the bone to become a shinobi worthy of his blessings.

Miku was an up and coming actress who came from a hard childhood. Her father, Ahikibara, was an avid gambler who was almost as bad as Tsunade Senju, the Legendary Sucker, when it came to the luck department. He was quite a pathetic man, always groveling and never sticking up for himself. He never worked to pay the bills but to simply pay debts. No matter how large the debt or the threats made towards him or his only remaining family. Speaking of remaining family, one may wonder where was Miku's mother. Most would assume she divorced Ahikibara or died due to some illness as that is the generic answer but that isn't necessarily what happened. Loriana was a beautiful, beloved, caring woman; something most men dreamed of having in their perfect wife. She knew when to stand her ground and when to listen. She was not too soft but not too harsh either. Her caring heart and beauty were just the cherry on top. Such a lovely woman was truly a prize to behold and was sought by many. Everyone wondered how a fool like Ahikibara snatched up her heart and most suspected foul play. Only a choice few knew about Ahikibara back when he was just Ahiki. Those were what one could con
"Family is forever"

"The Church is Not So Holy"

"This is Goodbye and Hello"

RP Sample:
Yume walked into the Mission Disposal Office, exhausted from her latest mission. She was with two others, both chuunin and had been appointed the 'captain' of the mission. She figured that since those two were chuunin that perhaps they had grown out of their new babe phase but no no no, they were horrible; worse than green genin who just left the village for the first time and high off the feeling that they were 'finally' proving their self worth. Damn why did she have to get stuck with those two. They never stopped asking questions or fighting with each other. The client was also an annoyance two, thinking he was always holier than thou. What utter rubbish. She had to restrain herself from wasting all her packs. Walking up to the front desk she handed in the mission report "Transport Mission Success" and left without another word, though just before she left one of the chuunin, Taku, tried to grab her left shoulder so he can ask her out on a date but he was too slow and hit the wall with his face. He felt dazed by the pain and tried to figure out where she went but she had by then vanished into thin air.

Hopping along rooftops, she felt a slight sting on her cheek from the flaring wind. With her thumb she wiped the blood off and came to a halt as she stood on one of the highest places in the village. The blood seemed to dark to be red, almost black. "Hn" she murmured as she felt it around. She stared at it for hours, completely disconnected to the world as she was whisked away to the land of past memories. That was until she felt a drop of cold water on her face, followed by another and another and...another till it was apparent she was in the midst of a rain storm. She blinked a few times and looked up at sky, the dark ominous cloud blocking out the moon as if it was swallowed whole. Quickly she headed to her house on the far side of the village, close to a ravine that connect that area to the Land of Water. Passing through an open window, she took shelter from the rain. Her hair clung to her face and a puddle of rain water collected around her body.Looking around she noticed that Noiz wasn't around since she didn't hear the keys of computers clicking. With her boots squishing on the soles of her feet, she went into the bathroom to shower. Only twenty minutes later did she emerged with a towel wrapped tightly around her body, her hair soaked to the point it was a inky black, its blue tone vacant.

Yume caught a fluffy towel that was tossed to her and traced it to Noiz who was leaning against the wall with a mop next to him, the puddles she made earlier gone. "Sorry bout that" her voice was completely unapologetic and cold but Noiz didn't mind at all since he sensed something was wrong. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at her with warm eyes "Yu, why were you out in the rain again?" He knew how she would answer but he asked anyway. Yume didn't answer him as she turned away and grabbed some clothes from her dresser. Noiz didn't an eye as she dropped her towel to the floor and just allowed a soft sigh to pass his lips. "Were your scars hurting again?"....the silence seemed to make seconds hours but she responded soon enough though her hesitation was reason for some alarm"No I've taken my pain killers"...Noiz felt anger bubble inside him; it was towards her and himself. However he calmly rubbed the fabric of his beanie in his fingertips. "It's the anniversary isn't it?" Yume visibly tensed but finished pulling a shirt over herself. This became the last straw for Noiz and by grabbing her wrists he slammed her against the wall. "Yu it's been almost two years damnit! Why can't you put it behind you! Seri-" He was cut off as he felt pain explode in his abdomen as he felt her tiny fist jabbed him. Despite her physic, she had a lot more strength in her muscles than what is shown. So with a grunt he staggered back and released her. "Can't I have days to myself? You may be my best friend Noiz but do not think I will obey your demands like a sick puppy!" She growled the last part and glared at his golden eyes. With his right arm around his gut he stood straight "You can and you will" and with those final words he went up the staircase into his study.

Yume flinched as she felt the door slam but she did not regret her words. He should've known better than to antagonize her on this day. But yet she could feel that dreadful regret claw its way into her heart. With her thumbs she rubbed the temples of her head, feeling a dreadful mirage coming on. Quickly she grabbed a glass of milk and downed it with some pain killers before heading up to the attic where her bedroom was. As she settled into bed, her ears picked up the sound of papers being tossed and a lamp being broken. She cursed under her breath and turn on her stomach, clutching a pillow over her head to muffle the ramblings of her thoughts. Why can't I have my piece on this ghastly day?Onni-sama just stared at her with unnervingly solemn eyes.
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The Aoi Seika Yume [WIP]
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