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 Response to the Call [Hokage Only]

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PostSubject: Response to the Call [Hokage Only]   Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:51 pm

Shin was given a letter one day, while serving as pro tempore while the issue of the disappearance of the late Tsuchikage Kyouko and Sannin Nanai was settled. Knowing the difficulties arising with the three Yakuza families, he could only suspect one of them were behind the disappearances. Still, with the letter from the Hokage arriving and yet to have a response, Shin was hard pressed to respond.

The Hidden Rock couldn't afford to look weak or entangled with inner strife. Grabbing an ink well, pen, and paper he set forth on his reply, using copies of the Late Tsuchikage's parchment to precisely mimic her handwriting. He didn't want to give away the sudden change of powers, or the lack of them, to another village. It was best that the disappearance of Kyouko and Nanai stayed secret and within the walls of the village.

Using his skill as an ANBU leader, of trickery and forgery, Shin wrote the letter:

Dear Hokage,

It troubles me to hear such sorrowful news. Such a tragedy must be met with an even stronger repercussion! With great eagerness, I accept your request for a Summit at Kusagakure.

Yours Truly,
Kyouko Kagami

Shin rolled the parchment up, sprayed it with one of the former Tsuchikage's perfumes, and tucked it into the messenger bird's flask. The bird then lifted up and flew out into the sky. Soon, it would arrive at the Village Hidden in the Leaves and be received by the Hokage. In the meantime, he needed to prepare himself and the village in case such an attack might occur on his own village.

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Response to the Call [Hokage Only]
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