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 Kuai Liang

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PostSubject: Kuai Liang   Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:28 pm

Name: Kuai Liang
Age: 25
Birthdate: July 3
Gender: Male
Sexuality: There is no one alive who can comprehend my sexuality
Rank: Mizukage

Village: Kirigakure
Clan: Kazabana| Iki
Element(s): Suiton | Fuuton| Hyouton |
Specialties: Kenjutsu | Ninjutsu | Senjutsu [Summoning] | Fuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Name: Enhanced Varied Chakra Coloration
Type: Supplementary / Non-Combat Enhancement
Description: Enhanced varied Chakra Coloration takes chakra to a whole new level: it allows the user's chakra to resemble something else entirely, not just changing the color but what it looks like. In Kuai's case, his chakra resembles falling snowflakes.

Name: Cold Comfort
Type: Unique (Clan based)
Description: A gift from Shivran, Kuai seems to emit a strange aura from his body, which if given enough time, will cool down the air temperature in his immediate area to something that is more comfortable to him (roughly sixty degrees or below). It is more of a comfort tactic, allowing him to function for extended periods of time in warmer weather.

Name: Clan Earrings
Type: Unique
Description: Kuai wears a pair of earrings in his ears made of a special kind of ice that is said to withstand all temperatures, even rumored to be able to withstand Amateratsu. These earrings serve no purpose in combat, rather they are the equivalent of wedding rings. Another gift from Shivran, the earrings are presented to the male members of the family at the age of thirteen as a sign of sexual maturity.

When the male pledges to marry someone, he removes one of earrings and gives it to that person, a symbolic meaning that the two are a mated pair. These ring also have a latent ability, allowing the wearers to be able to find each other by giving a slight tug on the ear of the wearers, indicating the direction of the other.

Height: Six foot two
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Ice Blue
General Description:  The alabaster pale flesh of the male is covered in tribal looking markings that closely resemble Fuuinjutsu seals. He stands at six feet and two inches tall; weighing an even One hundred-fifty pounds. White eyes are hidden by black and white 'frosted' shoulder length shaggy hair with bangs hiding most of the males face and casting it into shadows the majority of the time. The male’s choice of outfit is a simple black shirt and pants beneath his kage haori. The Haori is white in color, decorated with swirling patterns that resemble wind blowing along the bottom edge, and is held closed with a white tie.

When preparing for combat, Kuai will keep his normal outfit sans the Haori, and adopt a variant of the Kirikagure Anbu Flak Jacket made of Demonic Ice.

About You!
Personality:  "Talk soft, carry a big stick.."
Kuai can be summed up with generally one word: Quiet. He doesnt speak very much at all, and even then, his voice is very low. He was most noted for making it through his entire stay at the Kirigakure ninja academy by saying only a single word, that he spoke on the day of his graduation: "Finally". While many people would think that the male has a mental condition and is unfit for being a shinobi, his family members remark that he is only selectively mute, and is infact, very intelligent. There are very few times when he does happen to become vocal, one being when he is angry.

"Its as simple as Mind over Matter; I dont' mind, because you don't matter."
In terms of anger, Kuai attempts to stay away from his anger. He finds that being angry does nothing to help in in the normal day to day life. He understands that can and will cloud his mind more often than not, and cause him to make rash decisions.

"No rest. No mercy. No matter what."
However, on the battlefield, he finds that anger is a sort of aphrodisiac for him, exciting and intoxicating, bringing out what he call his 'Inner Berserker'. He uses his anger as fuel, motivating him to push himself hard, to fight a little longer, to be a little better that he was before the battle began.

"The true character of a man is not measured by his strength or power; but rather by how he treats someone who can do absolutely nothing for him."
While Kuai believes himself to be a warrior by nature, he is not above helping those in need. He thrives to protect those whom he holds dear. He often goes out of his way to help people who cannot help themselves; often pressing money into the hands of orphaned children of the villages he passes through.

Likes: "Thanks for the memories.."
Kuai is a habitual collector, often saving items he takes from enemy as 'memories.' On his days off, he will take to browsing local weapon stalls, watching the blacksmith work with the hammer and anvil to fashion out new weapons. He's come to know the blacksmiths by name, and often volunteers to field-test their creations in exchange for a small discount on the item if he chooses to purchase it.

'Keep calm, and and if it doesnt break with the first swing, use it to beat other things.'
Kuai, like most members of his clan, are warriors to the core. He feels that his place is on the battlefield, and as such, he enjoys training to better his fighting style. He has no qualms about traveling deeper into his family's homelands to find a place to train alone.

Dislikes: 'I didn't ask for your life story. I didn't even ask you speak. So unless the next words out of your mouth are 'I quit', shut your mouth....'
There are very few things in this world that irk Kuai. The first and foremost are braggarts. He personally believes in letting one's reputation proceed them, and allowing your actions to speak loud and clear. However, if someone happens to misinterpret his actions, then that is their problem. Normally, he has no problems with correcting them, he would rather that they figure it out themselves. He finds it rather amusing with the ideas people come up with.

'I swear to the deities of heaven, if you're about to give up, I'm going to beat you senseless.'
One thing he hates more than braggarts are quitters. Not the people who give it everything that they have, and are no longer able to physically continue; these people he holds in high regards. Its the people who try to do something, and almost immediately quit because it is harder than they imagined it would be. These people piss him off to the point of maddness..

Motivations: "My life is not my own. I live to carry on the dreams of those who came before me so that they become reality for those after me."

Kuai's main motivation is one of selfishness; to better himself. This is the reason that he trains constantly, that he pushes himself to go beyond his limits. He wishes to serve himself and his village. He wants to leave a legacy that his children, clan, and friends can be proud of. To this end, will do what it takes to succeed in whatever he decides to pursue. At the same time, he can be considered selfless, being that he's willing to give his own life to protect those around him.

Fears: Fear is such a usual state of mind for many creatures; both human and otherwise. But what is there truly to fear that sets it aside so much from other emotions. For Kuai his fear is triggered by the idea of losing anyone, or anything, he might have grown to care for. The idea of someone being snatched away from him either easily or not so easily is enough to invoke the sort of rage that you only hear about from bedtime stories of monsters and demons. It's what helps to motivate Kuai, in a sense, this almost borderline irrational fear - it's what makes him act so rashly towards those who threaten the people he cares for. But all in all, What is there to fear but fear itself? The idea of failure is nothing to Kuai-- it only causes fear in the idea of him being unable to protect those he loves; but even that goes so much deeper than just fear. It becomes a physical pain that manifests a rage beyond comprehension. A rage, that only when it is satisfied and has left him, would indeed leave him as an empty shell of a person. There really can't be anything else listed that Kuai fears; given his rather insane qualities that allow him to see past the fears a normal person would have. Even the fear of his own death or an intense amount of pain has little to no hold over him, giving him the ability to charge into a battle without hesitation; even if the odds are stacked highly against him - something that normally instills fear into the hearts of those he is facing off with. Something that tends to cause most to fKuai in terror, vomit, or otherwise piss themselves when faced with it.

History: Early life

Kuai was born to a clan of warriors, everyone in his family had been an awesome warrior from his father to his grandfather to his great-grandfather; one could say greatness was in his blood. He was taught that actions speak louder than words; he would take this teaching to heart, and adopt it into his persona. His child-hood was spent training to be the best that he could be, to be the greatest that warrior that the clan had ever produced.


By the time he entered the academy he was already pretty much ready to be a ninja. However, he needed to learn the basics of actual ninja tactics and skills. He went through the academy in almost total silence, and although his mouth was closed his mind was open wide. He learned everything the academy had to offer, and graduated at the top of his class at age 8.

Takeo, Shinji

He was put in a typical thee man one teacher squad, the team composed of the top student (Kuai) the worst student, and intermediate student. If left to his own devises he would have stayed silent, if not for one of his team members Shinji Takeo (The bottom of class). Shinji was flamboyant and lazy, the complete opposite of Kuai. The other young man aggravated Kuai to the point that he would lose his cool and even yell. As time went on, it was revealed that Shinji wasn’t an idiot; he was just drastically unambitious. However, to prove that he was just as good as the genius that was Kuai, he would step up to the plate more than anyone could have ever imagined. To keep up with Shinji, Kuai would work just as hard; this caused the team to become well renowned among the other genin.

Unbeknownst to Shinji and Kuai, they were becoming much stronger than they ever would have without each other to “hate”. As time went on, Shinji became damn near the only person that Kuai would say more than a single word to, a testament to the growing bond between them. The two were able to complete difficult mission by just relying on each other. In reality they were a team within a team; the teacher and their other partner were quickly becoming third wheels. The two of them acknowledged that they were a team and maybe even friends but they had no idea how much they actually needed each other.

Chuunin Exams

The team applied for the chuunin exams and trained together. Kuai and Shinji often trained together, often leaving their teammate and teacher to train with each other. Their training sessions were mostly just excuses to beat each other to a pulp until one of them emerged victorious, and dragged the other to the hospital. By the time they went to the chuunin exams they not only were covered in new scars, they were ready to take down any competition they could possibly have. Their team breezed through the essay portion; ironically due to their third partner’s skill level, and beat the scroll portion in record time for the Konoha village.

In the tournament portion of the exam the two of them advanced while their third partner was defeated. The two of them fought through the competition so that they could fight it out and prove who the best was once and for all. They made it to the finals where they put everything on the line and left every in the arena stunned in awe.

They fought until their knuckles bled; the only thing keeping them on their feet was the fact that they were leaning on each other, each attempting to throw the next weak, blood covered punch. The proctor dragged them apart and immediately the two of them lost consciousness. Kuai and Shinji woke up in the infirmary, patched up but still sore. They found out that the match ended in a draw and because of this neither passed the exam. The two of them laughed it off and left together; no longer friends and rivals but brothers, family.

For years, the team worked together, completing any mission that was given to them. That is.. until Shinji was killed following a mission. When he heard the news, Kuai was devastated; the young male fell into a depression that he nearly did not recover from. To Kuai, Shinji was a part of him that he'd lost, something that was ripped out and destroyed. He withdrew everything he loved; family, friends, training. His mental state spiralled downward uncontrollably, the point that Kuai attempted suicide...

The Ice Prince

In the middle of the winter was when he decided to do it; it would be simple. In the middle of a snowstorm, it would be easy to get lost and not be found until the spring thaw. And so, the male slipped out of his house in the middle of the night. The plan was 'perfect'; his clan lived on the outskirts of Kirigakure in thier compound, so it was easy to get away. For hours, the male trudged across the frozen waters and across snow covered fields, the blizzard quickly covering his tracks. After a few hours, the male was exhausted, slowing down from the sheer fact that he could no longer feel most of his body through the cold and frost. As Kuai collapsed into the bitter cold, he was faintly aware of someone aproaching him.

When the male came to, he was aware of several things. For one, he was still cold, yet he could feel himself once more. Fingers, toes, the tip of his nose and ears seemed fine, among other things. The second thing he noticed was that he was no longer in the middle of the snowfield where he'd fallen. Instead, he was laying down in a room that was not his own, covered in warm furs that were seeming to pulsate with warm air.  As Kuai attempted to get up, the covering on him stirred, and opened a  pale blue eye to him and growled. A gigantic paw was placed on his chest  and he was nudged to lay back on the bed.

It was at that point that it happened. HE stepped into the room and chidded the creature that was laying half on the terrified Kiri nin. With a whistle, the youth called the creature off of Kuai, and the person introduced himself as Shivran, son of Shiva and Shivir. Shivran went on to explain that he and his pet Wulf had found Kuai in the middle of the field and brought him back to try to nurse him back to health. When Shivran asked what exactly was he doing out in the snow storm by himself, so far away from town, Kuai didnt want to answer.

Shivran merely shrugged in response, and informed Kuai that he would have to remain where he was until he recovered. Over the next few days Kuai recovered from his ordeal, and when he quietly inquired about going home, he was informed that the task was impossible; the pass through the mountain that seperated Shivran's family land from Kirigakure was was snowed in. If Kuai wished to go home, he would have to wait until spring. Reluctantly, Kuai agreed to wait.

As the months passed, Kuai was introduced to the rest of Shivran's family; Shiva, his mother, and Shivir, his father, as well as thier extended family. The family welcomed Kuai warmly, taking great care so that the male did not feel as if he were an outsider. Over time, Shivran and Kuai grew to become close friends, with Shivran filling the void left in Kuai by Shinji's death. Shivran became attached to Kuai as well, offering to show him a few tricks with ninjutsu when he learned that Kuai was a descendant of the Kazabana clan. Every technique was taught with a warm smile, a gentle laugh, and strict instruction.

As Kuai came to realize, Shivran and his entire family were gifted in a sense; they were talented in thier use of Ice releases, seeminly able to utilize the element and its components without the use of hand seals at all. When Kuai inquired about this, Shivran shrugged it off, merely saying that his family was 'special'. For the moment, Kuai left it at that, and continued his learning. He soon found that under Shivran's tutelage, his skills with Ice release flourished where he was initialy only barely aware of his power..

[To Be Continued]

RP Sample:

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Kuai Liang
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