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 Ichinomiya, Haruka

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PostSubject: Ichinomiya, Haruka   Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:55 pm

Name: Haruka Ichinomiya
Age: 15
Birthdate: May 6th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Chunnin

Village: Ronin
Clan: /
Element(s): Water || Wind
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu || Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 120lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Haruka is fairly small for his age, both in height and overall size. He is very thin, with very little muscle mass and almost no body fat to speak of. His general appearance is actually rather feminine, with the only actual body fat he does have held around his hips and bottom; with his waist being very small and his shoulders being rounded and not very broad. Even his Adams apple is fairly small, and nearly unnoticeable even when it's not covered by a scarf or other neck covering. Combine this with his delicate facial features and shoulder length hair, and he is easily able to pass for female, which suits his line of work well, as he is able to conceal his identity very easily; even with his extremely pale skin and bright red eyes. Haruka is well practiced at pitching his voice in ways that allow him to fit into his cover appearances better; with his base speaking voice being high enough to make pitching upward to pass for female a simple task that can be maintained for long periods of time without tiring.

About You!
Personality: Haruka is a bit of a strange one; he is highly dedicated to his trade and his work, while still being extraordinarily lazy and unmotivated most of the time. He is polite enough to those that fund his lifestyle, he has to be in order to continue receiving money from them while constantly missing deadlines and not turning in his work. He is a bit of a money whore, preferring to risk his time and energy on get rich quick schemes versus real jobs and the like. Beyond all this, he is still very cunning and smart, able to persuade and connive those around him to get the things he wants and needs. While not a loner per say, he is no social butterfly by any means; maintaining a moderate network of business associates and contacts, as well as a small circle of actual friends which he spends time with when he can afford to, or is actually willing to go out in public. He isn't a fan of larger cities, preferring small villages and the countryside, where he can goof off in peace or actually find the youkai and such that he 'hunts' as an exorcist in peace. This also gives him the chance to check out the historical sites and out of the way places where the best legends and folklore hides, which allows him to chronicle new tales and earn a quick buck.
Likes:  Haruka, while lazy, does very much enjoy the process of discovering and learning new stories and legends; taking great pride in the rare times he is the first in his clan to find new tales of the ancient world and the supernatural creatures that humans once feared. Beyond this, he is a stickler for sweet Ramune sodas, and loves to collect the bottles and the marbles they contain. His favorite kind are the cat eye style marbles, and he will buy the bottles with those type of marbles up by the crate when he can find them. His favorite type of actual food is grilled fish, with soba-noodle ramen dishes a close second.
Dislikes: Work, real work, anyway. Haruka is lazy and hates doing things that he doesn't find to be fun or worthwhile, which is a fairly small list on it's own. Deadlines just annoy him, and cause him to be lazier as a result. He harbors a serious dislike, a borderline hatred, of bitter fruits and vegetables, finding that they will make him gag and feel nauseous with very little interaction. Sunlight is painful to his fair skin, so going outside during the day without being properly covered by thick layers of clothing is something he highly prefers not to do.
Motivations:  Motivations are extremely few and very far between for the young albino; with the list consisting of literally three things: money, cat eye marble ramune bottles, and fresh knowledge of folklore and youkai. Haruka will do anything for a quick buck; with the schemes that produce the biggest sums of money for the least amount of work his favorite kind. He wants to be rich enough to never have to even consider worrying about money in any shape or form for the rest of eternity; and acquiring it without working for it is his favorite version of the scenario. His fixation with cats eye marbles causes him to spend his limited funds without thought when he comes across versions of them he doesn't have, even more so when combined with a version of ramune soda that he enjoys. Beyond that, when he gets a lead about a new legend or youkai that interests him, he races off without really thinking about it so that he can be the first to record the story, or encounter the demon/beast.
Fears: There isn't much that Haruka fears, really. He has some of the normal human fears: fear of heights, fear of certain animals, fear of doctors in general, things like that. His fear of doctors stems from his early youth, when he spent extended time in hospitals and clinics due to a mix of his albinism and injuries resultant from it: both directly due to the sun damage, and from the other children giving him hell for being so different from everyone. He does have one truly debilitating fear, that of dying alone in this world. He unconsciously seeks a person to spend his life with, and the thought of not finding that person causes him almost physical pain via a psychosomatic reaction.

History:  Haruka's early years are lost to time and the fog of infancy; outside of a few rumors and some very basic identification papers, there are no stories or tales of the life of the male before his 5th birthday. It was on his 5th birthday that he was 'found' wandering around a park in a small village not affiliated with any particular country of importance and taken to an orphanage when it was discovered that he had no family or home of his own. When he was found there was nothing with him beyond a small shoulder bag and the clothes on his back; both raggedy and torn and ancient looking, dirty in ways that screamed that he could claim the title for having never taken a bath or had his clothing cleaned in the entirety of his life. Within the shoulder bag was nothing more than a few ratty toys and a few sheets of paper with basic information on them; namely, his given name, his date of birth, and a single line noting that he has an allergy to a certain bitter fruit species that was endemic to the tropical coastlands, but completely unknown in the region he was found in. It was the closest thing to a clue to where he was from, but given the discovery of his albinism, it was quickly dismissed as another dead end. In fact, the very fact that he is an albino basically stalled any attempt to find out who he actually was and where he was from; as the locals had a bit of an... issue, with anyone that was 'different' or 'defective'. Although albinism is not normally all that dangerous nor does it cause many issues that couldn't be mitigated with a bit of proactive planning, it was seen as a sign of defective genes, so while Haruka was lucky enough to be allowed to live, he was still thrown into the cheapest, least attended to orphanage the region had. He spent many a year in this decrepit horror house, until he was suddenly adopted by a man calling himself Kantarou Ichinomiya.

The adoption was strange from the moment it happened, there was virtually no waiting time, and in later years it was discovered that all paperwork that should exist about Haruka's time in the orphanage, and the adoption itself, had entirely vanished. Not that Haruka cared, he was just happy to be gone from that place, and given a chance to have an actual life that wasn't based entirely around stealing what little food he could from the bare pantries and being beaten to a pulp by the larger kids from the village that hated him for his very existence.

Kantarou was no parent, nor much of a father figure; he was a teacher, a master, this is true, but it was a cold sort of teaching; the kind you find with people sold into apprenticeships with masters that didn't actually have the time to focus on them properly; he was mostly left to his own devices and made to fend for himself. Yes, he was given food and shelter so long as he worked for it, and Kantarou taught him what he'd need to know to survive in the world; but it was a bare bones kind of education; he'd give him the basics, then make Haruka figure the rest out himself. This was fine with the boy, however, as he was a quick learner, and the chance to even acquire knowledge was enough motivation early on to keep him focused.

This changed as he aged, however; once he'd been traveling with Kantarou for a few years, roughly about the time he turned 11, Kantarou essentially disappeared from his life entirely; with the same speed as he had appeared; leaving the boy with nothing but a surname and a mass of knowledge and skills that essentially forced him to take the path of the elder's clan; he was a adept folklorist and an a novice exorcist in training.

One Kantarou left, Haruka's motivation levels dropped into the basement, he'd never been the most naturally motivated person due to his years of being discouraged from existing as anything but a shadow, so without someone to push him to do things, he fall back into old habits of spending as much time away from people as possible. However, he was able, over the course of a few years, to get used to spending time in smaller towns and villages, using the skills of disguise that he'd learned from Kantarou to keep himself safe and hidden, so that he'd never have to deal with the hatred his condition brought upon him.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Kantarou Ichinomiya - Tactics
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Ichinomiya, Haruka
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