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 Yūrei, Sasayaki

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PostSubject: Yūrei, Sasayaki   Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:11 pm


Civilian Name: Senzoku, Kuchibue [ 専属, 口笛 ]
Given Name: Yūrei, Sasayaki [ 幽霊, 囁き ]
Age: 13
Birthdate: March 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: Genin

Village: Hinowagakure no Sato
Element(s): Fuuton
Specialties: Ninjutsu

Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Masked One
    Type: Personal
    Description: Coming from a group steeped in the traditions of being spy based shinobi, Sasayaki has completely separated his personal and professional lives. And as such, has two identities. He wears a mask whenever there is a possibility of interacting with any of his shinobi counterparts, and while wearing his mask, he goes by the name Sasayaki, meaning whisper. When he doesn't wear his mask he goes by the name Kuchibue, meaning whistle, and acts totally different than he does as his regular shinobi self.


Usual Attire as Sasayaki:
Civilian Attire as Kuchibue:

Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Indigo blue

General Description: Physically, Sasayaki an unspoiled human with a penchant for keeping himself fit and capable of doing what is necessary. He has few scars, but no prominent ones, save for the fine and faded ones that he had collected over the years through training. His face though not many besides himself get to see it, is handsome. His blond hair is choppy, and hardly ever listens to what he tells it to do, so he usually just lets it do what it wants, save for when he ties it down with his mask. Only then does it behave better than it normally does.

Sasayaki’s usual attire consists of a blue kimono with some yellow detailing that he usually takes one arm out of, with a yellow obi and a red rope tied around that. He also wears black pants that he ties up, just before his shin starts. Connected to the tie is a matching shin guard the same color as his kimono that stops with a red band around his ankles. Sasayaki wears black and white socks, and a pair of yellow and black tall ashida geta, with red straps. On his arms, Sasayaki wears red bands around his wrists, like the ones on his ankles, that hold hand guards  the same as his kimono. Around his neck he wears a red and black collar, with a blue scarf.  Sasayaki’s most common mask is that of a fox, white with a simple red design, and yellow ears, tied around his head with a red and white rope.

As Kuchibue, his civilian persona, his usual attire consists of a simple black tank top, a purple jacket with some mountain patches, khaki or green pants, and tan combat boots. His hairs also usually a lot more messy than it is when it’s tied down by the rope that holds his mask in place as Sasayaki.  

About You!

Personality: At his core, Sasayaki is a bubbly and kind hearted individual, and he enjoys looking at the brighter things in life, preferring to take as much joy out of life as he can. He enjoys life, just for life, and adores animals and other such cute things that bring smiles to his face. And in some ways, because of this he can sometimes be seen as a childish person, but this isn’t something that stops him. Although he has a kind heart, he has the ability to lock it away and keep it in check in order to do his job as a shinobi with an understanding that deaths happen, and he might happen to be the cause of them, just as he has been before. It is his job as a shinobi not to let his emotions get in the way of what he needs to do.

As such, it is rare that people actually get to see the light hearted, carefree, bubbly side of Sasayaki. Because of the training that he went through and his dedication and loyalty to being a shinobi of Hinowagakure, he is a particularly guarded individual. And because of that, he refuses to let his emotions get the better of him or let people see much of his emotions. Emotions are something that could easily be manipulated by others. His mask helps him to keep his emotions private, allowing him to smile and frown at peace behind his mask, though sometimes laughter escapes him. Because of this collection of his emotions, Sasayaki has an overwhelmingly calm and quiet exterior that makes him hard to read. And, even when angered he does not really let it through his calm demeanor he is simply more terse and stern with others. Sasayaki never raises his voice unless there is a need to within the field of battle.

When Sasayaki puts on his persona as Kuchibue, he changes the way he acts almost entirely, especially since it is rare for him to even bother trying to not be a shinobi. He doesn’t entirely like going around as Kuchibue, so he becomes a lot more cold and stand-off-ish when dealing with others. He has no real interest in developing many relationships with people as Kuchibue, as it’s not who he truly is.

“Even an infant wielding a weapon is an enemy.”

The baby that would be given the name Sasayaki was born outside of the main village of Hinowagakure in the forested regions of Hinowa no Kuni into an interesting and secret group of shinobi.  They were a group steeped in tradition that guided them to focusing their abilities into being some of the best spies in the shinobi world though their numbers were few.  In the group, there were no main families with parents and children, there were just the children and the adults. So the babe’s parents were never the sole influences in his life at the start. Instead, it was as if the boy was given many parents, as all the adults who visited the safe house that they were being raised in acted as such to him.

By the time that he was two years old, Sasayaki’s training as a shinobi had begun, pushed by those adults who visited. It wasn’t rough at first because of his age, the adults wanting him to grow healthy and strong for their purposes, though they were stern with him. Just as they were stern with the three other children that he was being raised with. They were all being prepared to step into a world that would not slow down for them. A world that was brutal.

Training slowly began to increase and become more brutal for the four children, by the time they reached five years old, even as their friendships grew and became strong. They were each other’s team mates. The adults would not take pity on them or give them help. If they were weak, they would die, and they had to often work together to keep each other safe. It was that simple. They had to work to live. The only option would be their deaths. It was a hard life for children, but it was all that they knew, so each of them managed to remain cheerful.

When they were eight they were given their first masks in an extravagant ceremony that all the adults attended to watch them. It was a stepping stone in their lives. One step closer to being able to be shinobi in the harsh world, to commit to their callings. The ceremony did not give pause in their training though, and they began as usual the very next day, continuing each day after until they neared the age of thirteen.

That was when everything changed, and the battle of the four began. Their final test. A fight to the death between the four of them to prove that their emotions could not get in the way of their duty. It was a heartbreaking test. All of them cried over their fallen brothers, but only one of them could come out. And all of them put all their efforts into proving that they were worth every ounce of training that had been put into them. Only one could come out of them though, and that one happened to be Sasayaki.

As he had been the one to make it out alive, two sets of papers were created for the boy, one under the name of Senzoku, Kuchibue which would be his civilian name, and Yūrei, Sasayaki which was his shinobi name that he had been raised with. He was given a few days to grieve for the three brothers that he had lost, the first break that he had been given in his life, before being sent to Hinowagakure on his thirteenth birthday to become a genin and serve his village.

RP Sample: Sasayaki’s past few months had been a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences, some he liked, and others that he most certainly did not. Killing his comrades had been the most horrific experience in his life, but he was still here and he was now going to live for them as well as himself. He was going to live for them. After all, he was finally where he and his brothers had wanted to be. Their short term goal, to be genin of Hinowagakure… it was a shame that they wouldn’t be able to rank up with each other. The test had been necessary though, for their group. Otherwise they would have disappointed everyone who had ever put their trust in them.

And, Hinowagakure wasn’t all bad. Sure, the city had more hustle and bustle that he was used to, but it was an interesting experience, and in the weeks that he had been there, it had grown on him. It was everything that he and his brothers had imagined that it would be. After all, there was the park that reminded him vaguely of the forest that he had grown up in. And, that was where he currently was, up in a tree, staring up at the clouds, taking a moment’s respite. He had found that he had more free time than he had ever had during the years of training here in the village.

“Huh?”  Sasayaki’s head tilted to the side when he heard a commotion. Yelling. The city was so loud. Sasayaki frowned behind his mask and pushed himself up into a sitting position on his branch, turning his to stare in the direction of the ones being loud, observing them with narrowed eyes. He missed the peace and quiet of the forest. These people of the village were so much different than what he was used to.

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Yūrei, Sasayaki
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