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 Item Guidelines

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Item Guidelines Tumblr_mvrfagNraY1sifb6xo1_500_zpsf05a7854

All the information you need for Items, Weapons, Armors, Poisons, and Acids are found in this guide.


Anything that is not an outright weapon nor a type of armor is considered a general item. The vast majority of creations will fall in this area, as will all items of a medical nature.  for example: scalpels are considered general items, not weapons; however an actual knife would be a weapon; no matter it's intended function. As a note, any item that is worn that is not armour counts as a general item. This includes pins, broaches, cloaks, etc. These cannot give damage reduction of any form.

The template for general items is simple enough:



Items are priced dependent on their general rank, as well as what they do. The more complex an item, the higher the rank, and the more expensive. However, there are cases in which the pricing will be done under special circumstances; and as such are up to Admin decision. These prices may change as time goes on, depending on the needs of the site. All items must be spoilered the same as jutsu when used in threads.

D-rank: 0-300 ryo
C-rank: 300-600 ryo
B-rank: 600-1000 ryo
A-rank: 1000-1500 ryo
S-rank: 1500 ryo- 5000 ryo
SS-rank: 5000 ryo +

This general guideline is also in effect for customized weaponry and armor; so make sure you can afford the items before you attempt to purchase them.


Certain weapons, depending on nature, will be allowed to be used by any specialization. If a weapon is locked to a specialization, it will remain locked to that specialization (Bukijutsu/Weapon Tech).

As I said, certain weapons will be allowed to be used, regardless of specialization. Things like

  • Gloves
  • Claws
  • Daggers/knives
  • Spikes/Stake
  • Hand Scythe/Sickle

Now, mind you, simply because you wield a weapon, does not mean you are all powerful with it. Someone with Bukijutsu or Weapon Tech, if at equal rank as you, will be better than you with a weapon. Why? Because, those specializations give you the physical strength and endurance to properly utilize a weapon for extended periods of time.

In addition, certain weapons will require Bukijutsu or Weapon Tech to use, no matter what. Things like

  • Large Scythes (Two-handed Reaper Scythe)
  • War Hammers
  • Great Axes

As for generic weapons; the weapon catalog will be updated as we are able too; and as needed. The vast majority of basic weapons will be found there; and what is there is allowed to be slightly changed (minor cosmetic changes). Anything not in the catalog at any given time may be created using the Self Creation Template. Any weapon you feel should be in the catalog but isn't may be created using the same template; and submitted to an admin for review. If it works, we'll add it. The general idea for the strength of a weapon is as follows:

D Rank: Very basic weaponry like kunai and senbon. [Able to cut 3/4in - 1 in or pierce up to 1 1/2inch into flesh. Causes moderate bruising on impact.)
C Rank: Somewhat more advanced and powerful weaponry; such as staffs, wooden swords, and Fuma Shuriken (Able to cut 1 1/2 - 2in or pierce 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 in into flesh. Causes major bruising and mild internal bleeding, and can crack bones on impact.)
B Rank: More advanced and higher quality weapons; such as iron swords, large axes, and war fans. Weapons of this rank may be used in conjunction with chakra for speicalized jutsu. (Able to cut 2 1/2 to 3in or pierce 3 - 3/3/4th in into flesh. Crushes tissue on impact, cracking bone and causing moderate internal bleeding. Able to shatter and destroy weapons and armor of D-rank.)
A Rank: Weaponry with inherent elemental affinity. (All legendary weaponry starts as A-rank) (Able to cut 3 - 3 3/4th inches or pierce directly through the body (unless protected by armor). Crushes bones and internal organs on impact, and can easily kill the target without much effort.)
S Rank: Weaponry with inherent chakra abilities. (Example: Raijin Blades) (Able to slice cleaning through unprotected flesha dn bone without problems. Can easily bisect a person without trouble. Can destory armor and weapons of B-rank without trouble.)
SS Rank: Extremely powerful; almost god-like weaponry (Example: Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths) (Pretty much, anything goes; within reason. Instant KO attacks can be allowed, but are on a case-by-case basis. Will Easily destroy Armor and weapons of A-rank or lower.)

For things such as larger weapons (scythes, war hammers, 2-handed swords, etc) you'll need to meet a specific strength with your stats before you can wield it regardless of your rank, the weapons rank, or the specs rank (if you need a specific spec for it). These are as follows:

D Rank: 0 Strength Required
C Rank: D-1+ Strength
B Rank: C-2+ Strength
A Rank: B-2+ Strength
S Rank: A-2+ Strength
SS Rank: S-3+ Strength

Please note that exceptions to these requiresments can and will be made on a case-by-case basis. Just because X gets it done, doesn't mean Y will as well.

Custom Creation of weapons and items is allowed, and encouraged in many ways. If you’re going to take the time to use a weapon, might as well make it your own right? Template for custom creation is as follows:

Name: (Obvious.)
Type: (What type of weapon is it?)
Rank: (What rank is the weapon?)
Upgrade Slots: (How many empty slots does it have?)
Affinities: (Does it start with an elemental affinity?)
Description: (What does the weapon look like? You must provide at LEAST 1 paragraph (50 words minimum) description, even if you have an accompanying image.)
Enhancements: (Starting abilities/non-elemental enhancements. These are not jutsu. Jutsu are created seperately.)

[b]Upgrade Slots:[/b]


Armor functions much the same as weaponry; only all armor must be individually created; with the exception of the basic village flak jackets. However, the flak jackets must still be purchased; they are not free.

D Rank: Basic boots and gloves (offer little to no protection. Mostly just basic clothing items.)
C Rank: Basic cloth and leather armors (Protects against basic attacks. Reduces non-elemental impact damage by 1 rank to a minimum of D-rank)
B Rank: Basic metal armors (chain, ring mail, chest plates) (Minimum rank for slight chakra enhancement via chakra flow (basically, if you want to enhance the item with a chakra ability, it needs to be B-rank. That isn't to say you can't use jutsu with weapon lower than this, merely passive chakra abilities start at this rank. Protects against chakra and basic attacks of two-ranks lower entirely, and reduces damage from attacks of one ranks lower by one rank (reduced to D-rank maximum))
A Rank: High quality steel or chakra metal armors; may have chakra or elemental based abilities (EX: passive electrical discharge, etc) (Negates all incoming attack of 3-ranks lower, and reduces damage from jutsu of 1-2 ranks by 2 ranks, to a maximum reduction to D-rank damage)
S Rank: Legendary armors; offer massive amounts of protection (Godly armors; negates all damage incoming from B-rank or below (unless otherwise stated or modified via clan weakness/etc)), and reduces damage from A-S rank attacks by 3 ranks (to a maximum reduction to D-rank damages))

[b]Upgrade Slots:[/b]
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Item Guidelines
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