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 A Different Kind of Hunting

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Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: A Different Kind of Hunting   Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:45 am

It was regrettable that he had to come back to this place, as it was the site of his greatest assault on the shinobi world. He knew that he was recognizable in this area, and it was never a good idea for him to randomly pop up, invited or no. He was looking for something however, something vital to his mission, and he had heard rumour that it was here in this village. The sun glistened off of the glass, causing the Hell Drake to smile a soft smile. This village sat in the middle of a desert, sand around for miles, and someone had decided that there should be no more of the awful substance. Sifting through the sand, though, might have been a little bit easier when looking for an artifact than having to work your way through the glass. Items of power held sway over man, and Mitsuo Uchiha was on the hunt for more power, and while his hunt for Bijuu had been thus far unsuccessful, the hunt for artifacts was something that presented him a new avenue.

His long black and grey hair swayed gently in the wind, the sun above him casting shadows on the striking features of his face, his wrinkles and scars accentuated by the darkness enveloping them. His beard was kept well trimmed as always, his appearance being something he took great pride in. As if in contrast to the sun on his face, his cloak seemed to absorb light around it, shrouding Mitsuo in shadow and making him quite difficult to pinpoint any features. It did a good job of hiding the weapons he held on him, the twin blades Justice and Retribution at his side, the chain whip Penance wrapped around his shoulder and torso, and his Sword of the Immortal Blaze hanging over the back of his Hell Drake Armour. Intimidation was Mitsuo's strong point, though on this day he elected to work more towards stealth, hoping that his travelling companion would be able to read the importance of stealth in this important mission.

"Ranmaru, I'm not comfortable coming to this place. Lets try to find what we're looking for quickly and get the hell out of here...And try not to get into trouble." Mitsuo Uchiha was likely wanted dead in this village, as the last time he had been here he had killed a doctor. His previous interaction in the area, as well, had been after his lover had been murdered in front of his eyes. Mitsuo would chase down the man who had done it, burning the village of Sunagakure no Sato to the ground in the process and turning all of the sand around it to glass. Though he had not tried to kill the villagers, many had been lost in the fire that had claimed the village, and even more were still bitter about it. That was decades ago, but it was always still fresh in Mitsuo's mind, as it was the day that he had realized that he would have to be stronger if he ever wanted his loved ones to be safe. He would not only need to become a master of death, but he would need to have power over it and the power to reverse it, something that he had never been able to accomplish.

I'm going to bring you back Nii-san, you and everyone who was taken from me...


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Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Re: A Different Kind of Hunting   Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:11 pm

"Ranmaru, I'm not comfortable coming to this place. Lets try to find what we're looking for quickly and get the hell out of here...And try not to get into trouble."

'You're not comfortable? I'm wearing a mammoth's weight in furs and no shoes. I'm not enjoying this heat either.' Or rather, that would be what a normal person would think or say, but he was far from normal; or even really a 'person' in the sense of the word. He was bestiality in the form of a man by now, so really he should be just ignoring the man that presumed to tell him to do things like he could command him. Ranmaru listened to no man, really; he merely went with the flow if it aligned with his own goals. At the moment, he felt... some sense of camaraderie with the fire beast that walked beside him, so it was all good. Stealth was Ranmaru's dearest friend, but not in a place like this. He was a creature of snow and forest and mountain, not sand and plains and heat. Sure, a few camel skins and such helped; but they where wrong: smell and texture and just the way they sat. He wasn't tall enough to be a camel; he was no shorty, but he was bulky and stout like a bear or an elk, not lanky and tall like the local beasts. Still, his broken mind could logic when it wanted to, and he knew about of his companion to know that his words downplayed the reasoning for the stealth and quiet nature of their movements.

"Hrmph. Sand in places it don't need to be. You own me blood, fire-man."
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A Different Kind of Hunting
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