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 Nitta, Sayuri [WIP]

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Nitta, Sayuri [WIP] 15f6bt4

”Existence is pain… I am here to alleviate yours, Guest.”

Name: Nitta, Sayuri (小百合)
Age: 28
Birthdate: April 30th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Tsukino
Rank: Soumeikage

Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Raiton [SS-Rank], Suiton [S-Rank]
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu [SS-Rank], Taijutsu [S-Rank], Medical Ninjutsu [S-Rank]
Special Characteristics:

Height: 4 Foot 8 Inches
Weight: 100 Pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: The years have not been kind to Sayuri when it comes to height: while still taller than she had been several years back it seems she has evened out at four foot eight inches tall; weighing in at one-hundred pounds even. Her skin, a natural light tan in color, is often covered in various bumps or bruises from training; her Taijutsu fighting style honing her body into something that is both athletic as well as feminine: slight curves, a natural hourglass figure, ample ass, and DD-cup sized breasts making sure she can’t be mistaken as anything but a woman despite her height issues.

Sayuri has fairly long black hair, waist length and thick, which is often kept down or wrapped in a bun and held in place with hair sticks when off duty or worn up in a ponytail when on duty. Her naturally thick and long back lashes, slender black eyebrows, and naturally light blue lips cause the need for make-up to be all but moot – something she simply doesn’t care to bother with. Sayuri has multiple tattoos on her forms; though the largest has to be the chinese dragon on her back.

Outside of her fairly large chest size the one thing that stands out about Sayuri~Mai are her eyes: not so much because of their brown coloration but because of the sheer amount of kindness in them; as if her gentle soul shines right through them for the world to see.

When off duty tends to favor short kimono’s in a variety of fabrics and styles: mostly depending on what is or isn’t appropriate for the current season – though silk is so often preferred. Paired with these are normally long socks which button up the sides and go up her thighs, as well as special gata to match.

When on duty and not sporting the Mizukage attire Sayuri’s typical attire consists of a black v-neck t-shirt (the v deep enough to allow a decent big of cleavage of her large breasts to show) over top which a standard Kirigakure flak jacket is worn. Paired with this is usually a black pair of knee length pants, and a pair of standard black shinobi sandals. Her weapon pouch is often worn around her right thigh, easily accessible by her dominate hand, and her Kirigakure hitai-ate is often worn hanging down loosely around her neck; the village symbol proudly displayed.

About You!
Personality: When Sayuri was younger she always had a super bubbly and friendly personality: she could light up a room with her smile and was someone people naturally gravitated towards because of her positive energy and the general good vibes she gave off. She was a kind soul who cared for anyone and everyone who came across her path; human or animal. She loved to laugh, and was always willing to lend a hand.

And none of that has really changed.

While Sayuri has seen plenty of horrors in her short life, and has been kicked down on more than one occasion, the darkness has never yet been able to break her. Even though the things she has gone through would have turned others into cruel monsters Sayuri~Mai still clings onto that general goodness: an innocent and pure soul the world has yet to defeat.

That isn’t to say there is not darkness lurking within the small female: oh no, there is plenty when it comes to her protective nature being triggered. Anyone threatening her family, or her friends, will cause a beast to be unleashed most who knew Sayuri would never think possible. She can become so cruel and uncaring, violent and evil, it is as if two separate entities reside within the same body.

Outside of this Sayuri is a very determined individual; one always reaching for bigger and better goals and refusing to give up just because there is a difficult obstacle in her way or something is harder than she thought it would be. She loves to have something to look forward to, something to aim for, though lately she has definitely found a goal – a long term one to work toward, one she isn’t willing to give up on no matter how difficult it might prove to be.

History: Nitta Sayuri was not always called such: as a little girl she was known as Sakamoto Chiyo; a young girl who lived in a small fishing village on the outskirts of Kirigakure. She was the only child of a poor family; her father was a fisherman and her mother a teacher: though much later on in her life she would find out that these were not in fact her biological parents. Her father was, more often than not, always out to sea, and so little Chiyo spent the majority of her time with her mother who began to teach her at a young age. Her mother job often took her to the village of Kirigakure when she needed to fill in for other teachers who were ill, and because Chiyo’s father was constantly gone out at to sea (a place far too dangerous for such a young child) Chiyo often got to tag along on these sometimes week long adventures. Chiyo never complained though, in fact she often enjoyed it: she loved getting to go to the market and to see all of the different faces. The best part for her however was getting to take peaks at the ninja Academy, to see all of the upcoming Genin training and learning – it was something she herself wanted to do.

However, fate was cruel and had different plans for her. By the time Chiyo had turned seven years old her mother’s health had taken a turn for the worse. Her father, who instantly fell into a melancholy like state, began to spend more and more time out at sea: he loved his wife dearly, and couldn’t stand the thought of her dying. However, that was exactly what she did. By the time Chiyo was seven and a half years old her mother had passed away, some kind of disease ravishing her body, a disease they couldn’t afford to attempt to treat or cure.

Chiyo’s father, who had thankfully been home at the time due to a series of storms ravishing the sea shore, was devastated. The love of his life was gone, and now he had the constant reminder of her in the form of little Chiyo who was the spitting image of his dearly departed wife. As the weeks went on the man found himself more and more unable to stand looking at his daughter until finally a stranger in a pub made an offer: the man worked for a Geisha house, often finding orphans or other young girls whose families didn’t want them, and buying them for a price for the Geisha house. Her father, who needed the money, and needed to be rid of his daughter all the same didn’t need more than a few weeks to consider the offer before he sold little Chiyo to this man who had just turned eight years old (though her father died just months later in an accident out at sea).

Little Chiyo arrived at the Geisha house (okiya) she had been sold to (located in Kirigakure) in tears; utterly terrified of what would happen to her. She had heard from time to time about the cruelty of Geisha Mothers, and feared befalling the same kind of fate. However… that was not to be the case. In fact, both Mother and her Sisters (and Brother) were very nice; they were a great help during the first few days of getting settled, and showed her nothing but kindness – more than she had even known at home. She had proper food daily, clean clothing on her back, and a safe place to lay her head. What was better though, at least in little Chiyo’s opinion, was the fact that she got to go to school! It perhaps was not the ninja Academy she had looked forward to, but it was the first time she actually got to go to a school that wasn’t in her own home. It didn’t take her long for her to catch on to her lessons either: and she excelled in them – especially dance. When little Chiyo wasn’t busy practicing or training she spent the majority of her free time with Shusaku.

As the years began to slowly creep by not only did Chiyo’s skills increase significantly, but so did her friendship with Shusaku. By the time Sayuri was nearing her thirteenth birthday she was a very popular Maiko, sought after by many. This of course caused a bit of a bidding war as the young girl came of age: her mizuage ripe for picking. The bidding war lasted nearly three days with one of the richest men in Kirigakure finally winning over the rest. Chiyo was informed of what would be done, of what to expect (something which other Maiko in other okiya could only be so lucky for) so she knew what she was getting into when the night came. Chiyo had not wanted a stranger to be the one she had her first sexual encounter with, something which she shared privately with Shusaku: she had grown incredibly close with Shusaku and so it was with him that she lost her purity with; though their encounters during the bidding war had been more than once. However, her mizuage had already been paid for so when the night came… the rich man, a doctor who decided to examine her before the act to ensure she was intact, brutalized her. What she had experienced with Shusaku was anything but with this man who was angry beyond reasoning when he realized Chiyo wasn’t a virgin: while he didn't violate her he did everything but, and young Chiyo returned to the okiya bloody and broken; barely able to stand, and too numb to even cry.

It was Shusaku’s mother, Mayuko, who healed little Chiyo; and Shusaku himself to whom she would cling for the next several days as she slowly adjusted to the ordeal she had gone through. Nearly a week after it occurred her Geisha Mother would inform her that not only had the price of her mizuage paid off her debts entirely, but doubly so: not only could she be free from this life if she chose, but she would have money to spare, and that her Geisha Mother would give it to her gladly if that was the choice she made – simply because she felt bad for what the girl had gone through, and could not blame her for wanting to leave. Chiyo didn’t leave though; she chose to stay for Shusaku’s sake. The okiya was the best home she had ever known, and Shusaku her best friend: she had no intentions of leaving either.

There was one thing she wanted to do, though, and that was to become a shinobi. It seemed fate was finally listening to her; shortly after Chiyo the Maiko became Sayuri the Geisha Shusaku's mother Mayuko offered to teach little Sayuri's how to be a proper ninja aside Shusaku: she knew of them sneaking off, knew of their activities, and wanted Shusaku to have an equal.

It was difficult to fit the duties of a well-known and sought after Geisha in with a budding ninja but Sayuri did; even though it meant going sometimes two to three days without an ounce of sleep. She was dedicated to it though, and became very strong, very quickly: she excelled at Ninjutsu, and adept at Taijutsu and Medical Ninjutsu. She caught on quickly, and was always willing to push through whatever obstacle put in her path.

By the time that Sayuri was fifteen Shusaku had decided on leaving the okiya; but he wouldn’t do so alone. Sayuri, who had been living there willingly with her debt having been paid off for nearly two years, decided to come with.

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Nitta, Sayuri [WIP]
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