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 Uchiha, Mitsuo

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Mitsuo   Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:12 pm

Name: Mitsuo Uchiha
Age: 46
Birthdate: June 18th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Village: Konoha Nukenin
Clan: Uchiha
Element(s): Katon (SS), Doton (SS), Yoton (SS), Fuuton (S)
Specialties: Ninjutsu (SS), Genjutsu (SS), Bukijutsu (S), Senjutsu (Master)
Special Characteristics:
Master Sensor:
Intimidating Presence:


Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: Shoulder-length Black and Grey Hair
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: Mitsuo Uchiha is a rather handsome middle aged man, long black and grey hair flowing down to his bearded chin and neck often swept back out of the view of his dark brown eyes, which upon activation of his sharingan turn bright red. He has a scar on his lip from a wound he took as a child, as well as many scars elsewhere on his body from countless battles. He adorns himself in a dark set of armour, topped off by his shroud of shadows, making him nearly impossible to see in daylight and impossible to spot in the dark. On his wrists he wears a set of leather bracers and on his right shoulder he has an intricate pauldren that protects him from stray blows. His dark armour continues down his entire body, covering him to his feet, the only part of him not being covered in the armour being his head, which he wears a hood over from his cloak, and his hands.

About You!
Personality: Mitsuo has changed a lot since he was a genin. He is no longer as rash as he once was, he has instead become cool and collected and calculating, using his brilliant mind to his advantage. He still has outbursts of anger at times which is something that he tries to control, but as of yet life has continued to make it so that it seemed as though controlling his anger would be impossible. He can often be seen wearing a trademark smile upon his face, though it is not because he is a happy person, the life of an Uchiha leaving no particular space for happiness. The only time he is ever truly happy is when he is with his daughter, Kaia-Mai, or his son Takezo. He is fiercely loyal to his allies and will do anything to protect them from harm.

When Mitsuo’s mind is set towards something, it is impossible to get him to stop whatever it is that he is doing. He refuses to give up at any time, and although he is smart he doesn’t believe in the term tactical retreat, believing himself to be the greatest shinobi in the world with no match. He has no fear on the battlefield, as he has been hardened by the pains of loss too many times. If one of his children were to fall, it is assumed that he would completely snap and do everything he could to burn the entire shinobi world to the ground, as why should he allow something to survive that had taken everything from him?

He has a great appreciation for the arts, and has gone out of his way to encourage his daughter on her playing the violin as well as his son playing the guitar, which is an instrument that he himself plays. He is known to appreciate plays and loves to read  as well. His collection of stories and books is quite a fascinating mix of different things, from mystery and action books, to romance and even yaoi stories (such as those written by Hisaki Hyuga.) He is known to take time out of whatever it is that he is doing to play on his guitar or read a few chapters of a novel, some of the very few things that give him release from his day to day pain and torment.

Mitsuo also has two goals, and they are very simple, though perhaps contradictory of one another. He wishes, more than anything else, to have his suffering ended. He wants to die so that he may move on to be with the rest of his family in the after life. He refuses, however, to simply kill himself or die to an unworthy foe, and therefore he seeks out someone who can best him to take his life and give him a worthy death. He also seeks, in contrary to this goal, to become a master of death and to be able to bring his family back from the dead, as well as preventing the rest of his family from dying. He believes that if he achieves enough power, he will eventually become powerful enough to transcend death and to become its master

History: On June eighteenth forty-five years ago a storm raged on over the Village Hidden in the Leaves. On that dark and stormy day, Mitsuhide Uchiha stood over his wife Chizaki and held her hand tightly as she worked through her difficult labor, the Uchiha clan's personal medics hovering over her and using medical jutsus to keep her safe and in minimal pain. There seemed to be times where Chizaki would not make it through the difficult labor, tragedy seeming to befall the Uchiha clan at every possible opportunity, but this time nothing of the sort would happen and a pair of healthy baby boys were born. They had dark eyes and smiled brightly, not putting up much of a fuss, which honestly worried the medics at first until they both started to cry, one triggering the other to go off. When the doctors left Mitsuhide and Chizaki stood over their new born sons and beamed down, promising them that they wouldn't have any of the Uchiha's tragedy befall them. This would, of course, turn out to be a false promise, as nothing can truly separate an Uchiha from suffering, as the twins, especially the "older" of the two, Mitsuo, would learn in time.

The younger brother was named Chisoku, and the two of them would grow up always being inseparable, as twins often were. Mitsuo and Chisoku began training as soon as they were both able to lift swords, their father drilling into them that they needed to be stronger than the other students in the academy when they entered there. Mitsuo was always slightly stronger than Chisoku, his brother preferring to focus on the art of Genjutsu over swordsmanship. When they entered into the academy they were truly stunning students, the extra training with their father clearly paying off. They both easily surpassed every other student in their classes and were quickly promoted to the rank of Genin, both of them being placed into the same squad due to their fantastic chemistry. It was hard to justify separating them when they worked so well together. They continued to work and work and master their crafts, being age ten when they began to work towards the Chuunin exams, which was a feat in itself. Before the chuunin exams, however, a pair of tragedies would befall them...

Any kind of promise involving the Uchiha clan avoiding tragedy was always doomed to end in just that, and Mitsuo learned that early on in life. While his squad was preparing to enter into the Chuunin exams, his mother had been sent away on an important mission for the village. He was training near the entrance of the village when he heard a conflict up ahead and started to run down the path, not knowing what would await him but having a trusty sword and some impressive skills with ninjutsu to hopefully keep him safe. When he got closer he saw a small squad of foreign shinobi wearing Sunagakure headbands fighting with his mother and her squadmates, one of them laying dead on the ground. Mitsuo yelled out to his mother and she turned back to see him, hearing her son's voice. That gave one of the enemies the opening he needed as he drove his sword through her back and drew it down, cutting through her lungs and stomach before being stricken down himself by one of her squadmates. As that happened Mitsuo lost all rational reason and the entire world slowed down. He charged in and attacked the remaining attacker, slicing him with debilitating cuts and giving as many non lethal blows as he could to cause as much pain as he could before slicing the man's head clean off. His mother's remaining squadmates came towards him and tried to calm him down but he couldn't, his body shaking and his eyes glowing red as for the first time in his life he had awakened his Sharingan, the cursed eye of the Uchiha clan that had caused them so much sorrow in the past.

When he walked back into his house he was covered in blood as he carried his mother over his shoulder, blood and sweat running down his face. He banged on the door before collapsing at the step of their house, his father coming to answer and quickly running towards him, grabbing his mother and sobbing as he realized that his beautiful wife had been slain. He yelled back to make sure that Chisoku stayed inside, not wanting him to see what had happened to her as he had already had one son experience the traumatic experience. He knew that awakening a sharingan was something that was extremely dangerous for an Uchiha, as it would put a target on your back for any other Uchiha who knew about it. Mitsuhide burned and buried his wife's ashes, After her body was burned bringing Chisoku out to help bury her. Mitsuo was still exhausted but he stood at his father's side and cried along with his family, a piece of him having died with his mother that day. If he had never suffered another tragedy of the sort he would have been much happier, but little did he know that mere weeks later he would have another tragedy hit him and his family...

Mitsuo, Chisoku and their squad were sent out on a higher profile mission in order to prepare them for the chuunin exams, which were just around the corner. Mitsuo, at this point, had surpassed his brother and was expected to easily be promoted during the exams, his sharingan having made sure of that. The two of them had been speaking less since the passing of their mother, Chisoku blaming Mitsuo, who also blamed himself for her death. This blame game caused a rift between the two brothers that would prove to be a very dangerous and fatal problem later into their mission. They were transporting a foreign diplomat when their squad was attacked by another squad of Sunagakure ninja, the sand village having broken their peace agreement weeks before with the attack on Mitsuo's mother's squad, and it was clear that they were out for Konohan blood. The squad went after their sensei first, which made sense as he went off to hold them off, attempting to keep his students safe, but it unfortunately wouldn't be enough. He was able to slay one of them rather quickly, the second tying him up a bit more as a third assailant came from out of nowhere and cut down their third squadmate. Mitsuo and Chisoku went back to back, both of their swords drawn as they repelled the unknown assailant, a second then joining the fray. They held them off for a long time, Mitsuo activating his Sharingan and tracking all of the movements of his opponent. One thing he wasn't expecting, however, was that a fourth assailant would come out of the trees and get him in a trapping jutsu, Mitsuo just barely ducking in time as a slash came down for him. He managed to dodge the blow, but Chisoku wasn't so lucky, taking the full force of the attack as it cut him open from shoulder to belly. Mitsuo screamed in anger and went on an all out offensive, breaking free from the jutsu and overpowering and killing the two assailants before holding Chisoku in his arms as he died. His sensei had finished off the final member of the assailing party and joined Mitsuo, putting his hand on his shoulder and telling him that the mission was a failure, the diplomat was dead and they needed to not be here anymore. Mitsuo would burn his brother and squadmates bodies before they left and headed back to the village, his heart and mind broken as he heard his brother's voice talking to him the entire way back. There was truly no pain quite the same as losing a twin, and Mitsuo would relive that pain for the rest of his life..

After the death of his brother Mitsuo made his way back to the village where his father had already heard the news. They grieved together but the experience had only made Mitsuo more determined to make Chuunin and be the best shinobi he could be. He ended up being placed into a squad with his previous sensei and two new students, one named Kimaru Hyuuga and the other Kira Senju. The three of them were all exceptionally talented genin and, although Mitsuo had become somewhat difficult to get along with, they managed to mesh surprisingly well. Mitsuo and Kimaru specifically had become rather close, the two of them perhaps not realizing it but they had fallen for each other. As the three of them trained their hardest they became a force that was on watch from the village as the top squad, completing all of their missions very quickly and efficiently. When they left the village they felt more than prepared for the exams, as they should have. Their sensei led them to the Village Hidden in the Sand where the exams were being held, a village that Mitsuo knew all too well. He hated sand, the shinobi who killed his mother and brother were one reason for him to hate the village but the fact that it was entirely buried in sand another very large reason. It had a habit of getting everywhere and it drove Mitsuo crazy.

When they arrived there they were told what the first exam would be, and it seemed easy enough. Survive in the maze of a forest and find your way to the exit before twenty-four hours had passed. There were several teams of genin from all five of the villages and Mitsuo was excited to show all of them how they couldn’t hold a candle to the Uchiha clan. His squad worked through the course relatively easily, the three of them having improved by leaps and bounds since they had come together even the few short weeks ago. Mitsuo and his squad were nearly out when they heard a shrill scream and came across a group of genin attacking a small girl who had been separated from her squad. They intercepted the group attacking her and the three of them overpowered them quickly, knocking the invaders unconscious and making it so that they couldn’t harm her anymore. Hisaki found the chakra signature of her squad and pointed her in the right direction as their squad made their way towards the exit, becoming the first group to leave the maze well before the time limit. The other teams to come out took notice and the exam ended up with only 12 people to make it in the time limit, making a fairly small field for the tournament part of the exams.

When it came to the tournament Mitsuo was first put against his squadmate Kira, causing a matchup that would have a lot of attention, as the rivalry between the Senju and the Senju clans was well documented. It wasn't nearly as quick as everyone thought it would be though, the sharingan of the Uchiha clan giving Mitsuo an obvious edge. He was able to Dodge everything coming his way and predict her moves, getting in close where he drew his sword and finished the bout in one fell strike, the crowd stunned to silence for a minute before exploding in a chorus of applause for the victor. He went to help her off of the ground but she shrugged him off, walking to the back by herself and leaving him standing alone in the middle of the arena shaking his head.

The way the brackets would end up working out would have Mitsuo and Kimaru facing off in the finals of the tournament, both of them beating each opponent put in front of them. While neither one of them particularly wanted to fight the other they decided that they would each go out. It was a battle of eyes, the Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan against the Sharingan of the Uchiha. As the two of them went at it the crowd was on the edge of their seats the entire time, no blows landing as each of them was able to see and counter each attack, leading to a fantastic display of skill from the two boys. The display of the two of them was absolutely stunning and everyone watching was in awe, including the proctor who couldn't believe it when he had to call the match a draw due to the combatants timing out, neither managing to gain the upper hand at any point. They would both end up being informed by their sensei that they would be promoted upon returning to the village and that every village would be watching out for them now having seen their immense skill. They departed back for Konoha after resting for the night, and what they would find would surely put a damper on their celebratory mood...

Once they began to get closer to the village they noticed that two things seemed off about the entire situation. Firstly it was entirely too quiet, the normal hustle and bustle of the village life taking on a completely different feeling from the norm as he entered the village of his birth. He could see that there was destruction and pain everywhere in the village, many of the buildings having been destroyed and much of the land being in disarray. He ran instinctively towards his compound, needing to make sure that his father was still alive, but knowing in his heart that, as his luck had been in the past, it was unlikely that it would happen. He approached the Uchiha compound and noticed that it had been destroyed in whatever had happened to the village, rushing inside to see his father lying half crushed under a large stone. Mitsuo tried to move it and save him, but all he did was cause his father more pain in doing so. His father told him that there was no chance for him anymore, but Mitsuo had to live on and become a better man than he. Mitsuo, devastated by the situation in front of him, pulled out his tanto and ended his father’s suffering, the death of his father destroying him as he was his last living relative. His three tomio sharingan would activate from this death, and so as often happened with the Uchiha, tragedy lead to greater power.

His father’s death would spur him on to train even harder, working towards becoming one of the village’s ANBU Black Ops. He was determined to make sure that his father hadn’t died in vein, and to insure that he could protect the village from any further such attacks. He quickly ascended through the ranks, being the Head of Konoha’s ANBU by the time he was seventeen. His lover Kimaru would grow alongside him, and the two of them together were inseparable, becoming known as one of the greatest ANBU pairings in the village and taking down a large number of high ranking contracts. With Kimaru at his side, Mitsuo felt as though he could do anything, and as though the entire world was his for the taking. They worked to make the village a better place to live, decreasing crime to where it was essentially non existent, and ensuring that the future of the village was guaranteed. His mastery and prowess with the blade would earn him the moniker “The Sword Saint,” which was a title he would hold with pride.

One day when he was twenty-five, when Mitsuo was going through his papers, a missive came across his desk, one that would drive the final nail in the coffin for him and destroy his final ties to the village that he loved. It was a high priority contract and the request had been sent from the village council, specifically requesting that Mitsuo and Kimaru take it. It was uncommon for them to request a specific ANBU pair, but he imagined if they were asking for the two of them together, it would be a difficult mission. The Sword Saint would go to retrieve his love and tell him of the contract, the two of them then immediately making their way out to catch this scum. Kimaru used his Byakugan in order to more easily track the opponent, and the two of them were able to find him easily enough. They tracked him to a small hut on the outskirts of the village of Sunagakure, an odd place to find someone who was trying to hide out. When they approached the hut, however, the two of them noticed that something was wrong. More and more chakra signatures started to show up and Mitsuo and Kimaru both knew what this was, an ambush. They had been tricked and the two of them had to fight off a seemingly endless number of enemies, though they all seemed oddly similar.

The fight for the most part was going in their favor, though Kimaru would eventually become exhausted from having his Byakugan activated for so long, having to deactivate it. This was when their true opponent would arrive, sneaking up behind Kimaru and driving a sword through his chest, opening him and cutting through his lung and his heart. Kimaru died within seconds, Mitsuo turning just in time to see him fall to the ground as the man pulled the sword from his chest. In that moment Mitsuo’s rage went to such an intense level that he felt blood flowing down his face from his eye, a burning sensation welling up as he felt a sudden surge of power. He released all of that anger and hatred and all of that built up power in his eye at that opponent, the man bursting into a black flame the likes of which Mitsuo had only heard of in legend. He knew instantly what had happened, as the black flames of Amatarasu engulfed his opponent and a lot of the surrounding area, he had awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan, one of the final stages of the Uchiha’s legendary eye. He went on a rampage, the man and his army being destroyed, and using the powers of the Black Flames to completely destroy the village of Sunagakure no Sato, burning all of the buildings to the ground, and turning all of the sand to glass. He made his way through the village, slaughtering any person who would dare to stand in his way as he destroyed the village, the Uchiha having truly snapped. When he was finished his eyes went back to normal, blood running down his face . He would stand atop of the glass that marked what was once the village of Sunagakure, looking beneath the glass and seeing the black flames still burning away below it, converting more of the sand as it went. It was a terrifying and beautiful sight, but Mitsuo would not take time to admire his handiwork.

He would not return to the Village of Konoha, knowing that their council had set Kimaru and Mitsuo up to die. If they wanted him dead than they could think that he was dead, and instead he would roam the lands for many years, on a quest for more power. After about four years of roaming and training and leaving death and destruction in his wake on his quest, he would meet a young woman named Rikku. She was as beautiful as she was deadly, and Mitsuo would find himself falling for her, allowing himself to do so for the first time since he had been with Kimaru. She had been through similar tragedy to Mitsuo, and the two of them found it easy to begin to like one another. They would travel together for about a year before finally finding a place to settle down for a while, seeing as Rikku had become pregnant. Mitsuo didn’t know what to think of this situation, as he had wanted to have a family again, but at the same time he didn’t want to bring up children in this terrible world. He didn’t have a say in it, of course, unless he was going to kill the woman who would become his wife. She was a musician, one who played the violin beautifully, and also dabbled in writing. Mitsuo wouldn’t harm her, and nine months after they had settled into their own place outside of the village of Kirigakure no Sato, Mitsuo and Rikku’s twin children would be born, the male being named Takezo, and the female Kaia-Mai.

Mitsuo, for the first time in a long time, had found happiness in his life once more, and holding his babies in his arms made him feel as though perhaps he could live a normal life once more. Mitsuo and Rikku would live together for two years, raising their kids and living a relatively normal life. The problem with being a missing ninja who was considered to be a terrorist for destroying a major village, however, was that eventually people came looking for you. The Konoha ANBU, whom Mitsuo himself had trained most of, came looking for him and would eventually find him. Mitsuo would feel them coming, having become adapt at sensory since the death of Kimaru as a precaution since he didn’t have him to spot enemies for him anymore. He would tell Rikku to protect the children and make sure that they lived a better life than he had, kissing her and both of them before leaving the house behind, going to meet with the Konoha ANBU. He had no interest in them going after his family if they couldn’t find him, and he therefore decided that the only way that he could protect his family was to turn himself in.

When he came across the Konoha ANBU, he was impressed to see the number of men that they had sent to capture him. All of Konoha’s finest agents who he had trained, as well as a few new people whom he didn’t recognize, had come to take him in or take him down. He was somewhat honored that they believed that he would pose such a threat to them, but he hadn’t any interest in fighting them, going peacefully until he was within range of the border of the Land of Fire. Once there he would use a mixture of his powerful jutsus and his prowess with blades to butcher every last ANBU who had escorted him here, making his way to find the Village Council instead. When he arrived there, he found the five members of the council sitting around a conference table, a Sarutobi, a Senju, an Uzumaki, a Hyuga and, much to Mitsuo’s surprise, an Uchiha whom he had never met before. The five of them would prepare for combat as he entered the room, covered in the blood of those whom he had just killed, and he would quickly dispatch of all but the Uchiha, who matched Mitsuo’s prowess in almost every way. Mitsuo could see that he too had unlocked his Mangekyo Sharingan, which was a rare feat. Mitsuo and the man would fight for many hours, before Mitsuo was finally able to gain the upper hand over the man, removing his arms and legs with a fell swoop of his great sword, the Sword of the Immortal Blaze. The Uchiha would scream out in pain and Mitsuo would walk up to him, kneeling before him and looking him right in the eyes, telling him that he had betrayed the wrong person before stealing the eyes from his face and leaving him there to die.

With the second pair of Mangekyo Sharingan in his possession, he would go to the village of Yokuchigakure, seeking out a medic of some prowess who had fled there from Suna. The man was a blind medic, one who would not recognize Mitsuo’s face. Mitsuo convinced him to implant the eyes for him, the surgery going successfully. He would have his eyes bandaged and was told not to remove the bandages for at least a week, otherwise he would have the potential to be blinded, which he was told is what had happened to the medic himself. He told Mitsuo that it was imperative that he remain perfectly still as well, but Mitsuo knew something was wrong. He could hear the scraping of metal as the man picked up a tool and made his way over to Mitsuo. He could feel the blade coming towards him and he activated his sensory in time to catch the man’s arm as he was bringing a scalpel to cut Mitsuo’s throat. Mitsuo would stab the man with the scalpel in the throat, unsure of how he had discerned his identity, but not caring as he had to get away from this place. He would leave, using his sensory techniques to see as he went. He would eventually get out of the village and find shelter, staying there until he was able to remove the bandages from his face. He knew that it would never be safe for his family if he was with them, and he made the difficult decision to allow them to go on without him.

He would spend the next ten years training and reflecting on his past, having long shed the title of the Sword Saint, as it had been revoked from him. He had heard whispers that he was being referred to as the Hellfire Dragon by different groups, and he was more than okay with this new title. He would work on himself, perfecting his art of Bukijutsu and mastering all weapons, and striking a deal with the great tiger clans, learning from them the art of Senjutsu and becoming a sage in the process. He devoted the majority of the ten years unlocking the power of Senjutsu, but once he had mastered it he decided the time had come to continue his search. He decided that he would hunt the Bijuu, and would at some point when he was thirty-six, run into a curious man named Ranmaru on his search. The two of them would build a mutual respect for one another, the cannibal intriguing Mitsuo as they travelled with one another. Mitsuo had decided that were he to seal a bijuu into himself it may give him the power he would need to conquer death, and therefore he made it his goal to find this thing.

When he was forty three he would come across a young girl who was carrying a violin, curious as to who she was. The music she played reminded him of his Rikku and he was stunned by how beautiful it was. He made went up to her, and could tell instantly who she was, even if she didn’t know him. This was his baby girl Kaia-Mai, though she was now in her teens. The reunion of the father and daughter warmed Mitsuo’s heart, but there was no sign of Takezo or Rikku. He could only wonder what had happened to the two of them, and in his heart he couldn’t help but believe that they had been killed, as was what happened to everyone he loved. He decided not to bring it up, bringing his daughter along with himself and Ranmaru, who also took to Kaia, and the three of them would roam for three more years, seeking out the power to master death...

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Uchiha, Mitsuo
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