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 Advertisement Rules

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Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Advertisement Rules   Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:57 pm

  • Any board is welcome to post here; we're not picky in the least.
  • You may post multiple times, however keep it sane. Spam is not appreciated.
  • We do ask that you have a guest friendly place for us to Link Back to if you advertise here.
  • Please try not to stretch the board too much. That's just common courtesy.
  • This is forumotion, so the board only recognizes [center] tags.
  • Feel free to repost or bump any advertisement that's fallen off page 1.
  • Please DO NOT use ridiculous text sizes. If I see an advertisement that's had it's text and links force resized down to size 1 or something, I'm not even going to bother with it. It will be deleted. This is honestly the one advertising related thing that bothers the fuck out of me, especially as it makes it impossible for us to Link Back, or report issues with the coding if we can't find the links and your banner/images don't have a passthrough link.
  • Please try to post in the appropriate board, or at the very least tag your post as [LB] if it's a Link Back.

Affiliation Rules:

  • Just drop us a button and we'll happily put it up. We only have static affiliations; but the widget appears on ALL pages of this board.
  • Place ours on your site; we don't care if it's static or scrolling, so long as it's up and visible.
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Advertisement Rules
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