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 Squad Listing and Requests

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Uno Natake
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Uno Natake

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PostSubject: Squad Listing and Requests   Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:06 am

Squad Listing and Requests

Here is where you’ll find a list of squads and team-mates. The list will be updated as needed. If you need to be added onto a squad then please fill out the template below and post it in this thread. Requests for certain squads or certain team-mates/sensei’s can also be done here through the template. While I will try and fulfill everyone’s needs and wishes there is only so much I can do so there are not guarantees when it comes to requests.

Request Template
Name: Character Name
Rank: Current Rank of your Characteristic
Anything Special?: Is there anything special or unique about your character?
Special Requests?: Is there anywhere special you’d like to be, or anyone you’d want to be with?
[b]Anything Special?:[/b]
[b]Special Requests?:[/b]

Squad Lists

Squad One
Sensei: Uno Natake (Commander General)
Student 1: -
Student 2: -
Student 3: -

Squad Two
Student 1: -
Student 2: -
Student 3: -

Squad Three
Sensei: -
Student 1: -
Student 2: -
Student 3: -

Missions Completed
D: 0 | C: 0 | B: 0 | A: 1 | S: 0 | SS: 0
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Squad Listing and Requests
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