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 Starter Freebie Event

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PostSubject: Starter Freebie Event   Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:05 pm

Starter Freebies Event

As a gift to our newcomers we'll be offering up freebies; these freebies are anything from ranked positions in villages (first come, first serve), to freebie stat points, items, and 1,000 Ryo per character.

To claim your stats/items/Ryo please post in this thread which stats you would like as well as that you're claiming your other freebies. As soon as your claim has been approved by a member of staff you may go ahead and move your items into your locker.

When you're claiming your freebies please let us know where you want your free stat points to go!

Please be aware that as part of our start freebies ranked people start off with a different number of specs/elements.

Genin | Chuunin: 2 Specs, 2 Elements
Special Jounin | Jounin A: 3 Specs, 3 Elements
Jounin S | Kage: 4 Specs, 4 Elements

Free Stat Points:

Depending on your rank will depend on the number of free Stat points you'll be given to distribute to any stat you wish.

Genin: 20
Chuunin: 25
Special Jounin: 30
Jounin A: 35
Jounin S: 40
Kage: 50

Free Items:

Item: Kunai
Rank: D
Quantity: 10
Price: 15 Ryo per kunai. Available in packs of 10 for 100 Ryo.
Description: The kunai, or throwing knife, is one of the
 most common tools of the shinobi, as it is useful for both close quarters and long range combat, as well as being used in conjunction with other materials such as explosive tags or wire to form deadly combinations.


Rank: D
Quantity: 10
Price: 15 Ryo per shuriken. Available in packs of 10 for 150 Ryo.
Description: The Shuriken, or throwing star, is a common long range projectile weapon of the shinobi.


Rank: D
Quantity: 5
Price: 100 Ryo each
Description: The scroll remains one of the most important pieces of equipment in a shinobi's arsenal for it's utility when combined with fuuinjutsu. When purchased the shinobi can choose to have something specific placed on the scroll ahead of time or left blank.

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PostSubject: Re: Starter Freebie Event   Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:11 pm

I'm claiming my 1,000 free ryo, free items, and my stats.

SPD: C-3 (2 Points)
STR: C-3 (2 Points)
END: C-1 (6 Points)
REA: C-3 (8 Points)
PER: C-3 (2 Points)

(I start out with elevated stats due to my clan).
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Demitria Kane
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Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Demitria Kane

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PostSubject: Re: Starter Freebie Event   Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:17 pm

Freebies approved. Ryo given, stats updated. Go ahead and move your items to your locker at your leisure.

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PostSubject: Re: Starter Freebie Event   

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Starter Freebie Event
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