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 Iki, Yasu

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Iki, Yasu   Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:30 pm

Name: Iki, Yasu
Age: 18
Birthdate: February 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Jounin, S-Ranked

Village: Kirigakure
Clan: Iki
Element(s): Suiton, Raiton
Specialties: Kenjutsu, Genjutsu
Special Characteristics:


5.9 ft / 1.80 m
Weight: 176 lbs / 80 kg
Hair Color: Dark red colored.
Eye Color: Blue colored
General Description: Yasu's long red hair and blue eyes are often his most prominent features. His face is usually seen as good-looking by most, and needless to say, he is well aware of this. Also, due to his laidback personality, it is not uncommon for him to hold a smirk.

His overall figure, however, is even more attractive, having been gifted with a well toned body over the several years he has thrown away into the arts of Kenjutsu, fighting, and overall general physical exercise. The stature he possesses emits a feeling of agility and physical prowess, and anybody meeting him will often become well aware of this at first glance.

Yasu's regular ninja attire consists of a dark brown shirt with no sleeves, combined with a pair of black long shorts and dark blue ninja sandals. Yasu's red colored ninja "headband" is actually usually worn around his waist as a belt of sorts, instead of on his forehead as typical. The remaining items on his person are the dark red handwraps he typically wears, along with elbow bands of the same color. He also possesses a small number of arm bracelets, these usually being of a dark gold color. He has several of these in his left arm, although he has another, single one, although on a far bigger scale, in his right arm. These serve no defensive or offensive purpose at all, and are simply cosmetic.

As for casual attire, they vary greatly on the day and mood of Yasu, though often they will consist of long duster coats, as well as regular long shorts and sandals. It is not uncommon for Yasu to wear his ninja attire under the duster coat that's covering it, just in order to make it practicable for him to quickly switch to it should the need arrive. Needless to say, even his casual attire will often favor darker colors instead of brighter ones.

About You!
Personality: At first glance, Yasu will appear as nothing more than a mere cocky, showoff youngster with a crazy spirit, and even crazier habits. While most Shinobi usually tend to keep themselves conserved and professional, he, on the other hand, tends to be the exact polar opposite, often mouthing off in the most inappropriate of times, and engaging in the most extreme activities that life has to offer, or "pleasures", as he calls them. Needless to say, these can range from drinking himself drunk just before a meeting with the Kage, to partying for days without rest, to picking up random chicks on the street, to challenging the Sensei in a fight just for the hell of it! He has a very wild behavior, and even though he knows when to take things seriously (or as seriously as he can), he views that life is to be lived to the fullest.

He does not hold an instantly aggressive attitude towards those he meets at all, and in fact can be quite friendly unless the person is either straight out annoying, uptight, or holds questionable ethics. He is also not constantly drunk, more so in official ninja duties; although he'd wish he'd be. In his free time, however, it is more common than not to find him at least slightly intoxicated during his doings.

Yasu also loves fighting, particularly the ways of the sword, and is constantly seeking to improve himself in order to further jump towards that thrill. Even though he knows his limitations, he often prefers to behave in a very cocky, showoff manner, often taunting his opponent and, if possible, even "toying" with him, and in the case of an enemy, even attempting to cause as much fear and intimidation as possible. He only kills if he absolutely must, but once again, he'd rather make himself look otherwise. Nevertheless, he knows when to admit he has lost, even if by then it is too late, and do so in a joking fashion.

All of this, however, does not mean that Yasu is a careless or even "evil" type of person. He values his closest friends and peers above anything else, and is extremely loyal to his village. He would do anything to protect all of these, and therefore, knows how to behave seriously if the situation at hand proves itself to be that important. He keeps a laidback view on things, and when everybody else is in shock due to bad news, he is often the first to joke about it in a sarcastic manner, even if he himself is as equally affected. Yasu will never hesitate to help out those weaker than him and in need.
Likes: Firstly, Looking "cool" and in the best way possible to everybody else is something that Yasu almost constantly strives for, being the showoff that he is. After that there's fighting, and basically acquiring the power to do so, both due to being able to protect that and those he cares about, and self-achievement. And aside from that, pretty much anything that involves the extremes of life; partying, heavy drinking, conquering girls, anything you can imagine. Trying out new things is definitely a treat for Yasu, as long as it's not something entirely and too overly ridiculous; other than that, he will gladly accept any offers you throw at him. He also greatly loves the art of swordsmanship and anything involving swords, having grown being taught all about it due to his family and consequently learning to love it, and even consider it the "coolest" way to fight. And also worth mentioning, is how even though Yasu more or less neglects his inner talent for Genjutsu and prefers to keep it a secret, he also does like to use it to overpower his opponents and have himself "toy" them through its use.
Dislikes: Yasu mainly dislikes the ideas of imprisonment, lack of freedom, and abusive actions by authority figures, or just those stronger. With his wild, free spirit and personality, he wants to be able to live his life the way he wants to, without any strict, oppressive rules preventing him from doing so. He likes to be in control of his own life, fate and destiny, and not be merely a pawn at somebody else's hands. On another point, Yasu also knows how to follow orders, but it will annoy him greatly if the higher ranked just treat him and his friends as if they were mere tools or slaves, in which case he will need a bit of effort to keep himself from pointing that out. Also, and needless to say, he also dislikes anything bad involving or happening to those he cares about, and would much rather make sure something like that doesn't happen. On the other hand, he also heavily dislikes having no power over a certain matter, and therefore being unable and powerless to do what he wants. People who annoy or scold him are also a big no by his book.
Motivations: Yasu's main motivation to improve himself as a Shinobi is his overall loyalty to the village and his desire to protect it and those he deems as worthy. Having, in a way, been "adopted" by the village, he feels he should give something back and be able to help it and protect it; although, if the time comes where Kirigakure changes for the worst and becomes oppressive and evil against its people, he will know how to throw away his own loyalty in favor of attempting to change his home back to its benevolent ways. The same goes for his friends; even though Yasu would never abandon them, he's never afraid of pointing out whether someone has changed or has become questionable in his ways. Finally, Even Yasu has always had an inner lust for power due to merely wanting to be "the best" at what he loves to do, and to be able to honor his family and mainly his father. However, beneath the surface, he also largely wants it so that he may be able to fight and protect what he wants to when the need arrives, and without having to fear becoming powerless.
Fears: Although he often considers himself fearless and attempts to appear as such to others, Yasu does have them, much like anybody else. Firstly, Yasu greatly fears lack of power and ability. Like one would imagine, Yasu fears the loss of those closest to him, and being powerless to do anything to prevent so. He fears being unable to protect his village and his "people", and becoming weak and useless. On the other hand, though, he also dreads the village changing for the worst, becoming abusive against its own people and restricting the inhabitants doings. He fears being robbed of his freedom to do what he wants, and again, being a mere "pawn" in somebody else's game, lacking any type of control over his own fate and life.

Pre-graduation Arc:

Genin Arc:

Chuunin Arc:

RP Sample: Yasu was in a long, dark hallway, with several paintings on the walls of bulls and cows. Scratching his head, he mumbled, "Did I take those 'shrooms again...?", before he proceeded down his way. Slowly, the paintings began to disintegrate, and the very floor below him suddenly fell apart, having him fall down into what appeared to be a pool of pink colored water. Once submerged, he quickly swam up, only to realize he was surrounded by unicorns and rainbows. "You can't be serious." He stated with a serious tone. It was then that the heavy sound of approaching footsteps began to become audible, as if something big was incoming. Soon, a literal Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur appeared from behind a giant bush, and proceeded to open his mouth as he charged at Yasu. The latter, quickly swimming away, decided to dive under the water and find himself an exit; something that he did not, and was forced to swim back up for air.

However, once done so, he realized he was in an entirely different place already, with several bloody rabbit dolls surrounding the pool, facing him. With nothing else to do, Yasu climbed up and out of it, yet the dolls proved to be animate, as they'd turn to continuously keep staring at the youngster. This proved to be a lesser problem, however, as soon, the sound of what appeared to be a sword scraping along the floor began to become audible. As Yasu turned around, a large, muscular, but nightmarish humanoid creature with a large pyramid head, was making its way towards him. And with a fast and powerful movement, the creature swung its sword.

Suddenly, Yasu wakes up from his bed, taking a long and deep, but casual breath as he puts himself into a seating position. Looking around, he was in his own room, at almost dawn, with everything seemingly normal. "I gotta stop drinking so much..." he mumbled under his breath before he laid back down and went back to sleep.

Faceclaim: Hwoarang, Tekken franchise
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PostSubject: Re: Iki, Yasu   Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:33 pm


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Iki, Yasu
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