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 Kagami Kyouko - DONE

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Kagami Kyouko
Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Kagami Kyouko - DONE   Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:30 pm

Name: Kagami Kyouko
Age: Kyouko's actual age(31 yrs old)  is unknown by majority of Iwagakure's populace, but the most common and accepted belief is that she's '24' year old. She has yet to correct them on the assumption and doesn't plan on during so any time soon.
Birthdate: May 27th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: S-rank(Kage)

Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Clan: Shikigami
Element(s): -
Specialties: Ninjutsu(SS) // Fuuinjutsu(SS)//Medical Ninjutsu//
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6ft
Weight: 155lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Chestnut Brown
General Description:
For her age, Kyouko is of modest height and unremarkable weight, and despite her laid-back lifestyle, she somehow manage to maintain a deceptively muscle body on a fairly slim frame. In a word, Kyouko is elegant, moving gracefully and carrying herself with dignity and purpose, straight-backed and confident. It's difficult to imagine Kyouko ever having a fight with anyone; her gracious demeanor and relaxed manner seems to indicate that she's the sort of person that prefers to sit down and have an amiable chat rather than resort to violence. Kyouko is rather pleasant, unassuming good looks seem to reinforce that idea, and her fondness for smiling helps creating an image of a good nature woman.

As far as outward appearances go, Kyouko takes modest care to appear respectable at all times, though with a faintly casual twist. Well dressed, but not formal, well-groomed, but not vain; well-mannered, but not overly polite: these are Kyouko's core tenets in regards to how she presents herself to the world. She feels at ease when those around her feel as ease, and what better way to make sure they feel as such than to act natural? The resulting formal clothing worn in a casual way, of neatly-trimmed nails, and tousled black hair, and of willingness to engage in friendly conversation disarms those around her and open them up to her, making the experience that much more relaxing for everyone. As for scars, her body is littered with many small meaningless ones that are nothing more than fainting glimpses of a normal childhood and career.

About You!
"She's like a mother bear, protecting her cubs from those who dare to wrong them." - A fellow council member.

Kyouko differs from other women: being assertive, cocky, brutally honest, and aggressive all traits normally founded with the male counter-apart, leading many people who are not family with her persona in a state of shock, and in an area of uncertainity as they try to figure out how to deal with this unique breed of woman.  She doesn't bow to the whims of society,  the outdated roles of women being of little concern of hers, and instead she make society bend to her. The stereotypical roles of old are constantly shattered by this strong female. Which can lead to some conflict but nothing that she won't stand up too.

Of course, she suffers from the normal bouts of happiness, sadness, and anger with the latter coming about fairly easy. Quick to temper, her anger isn't something to be trifled with, and all those who managed to earn her wrath learnt not to do so ever again. She isn't above using her status, and standing in the village as a weight to intimidate or manipulate others to behave/do her bidding.  However, she doesn't recklessly throw it around, only using it when there is massive benefit to gain or lose.

A disciplinary by nurture, Kyouko doesn't take kindly to subnordination from those underneath her commanding; finding such an action to be the ultimate form of disrespect and therefore punishment must be handed out. This doesn't means she aspects others to follow her commands to the letter; she understands that things can change at the drop of the hat but unless it's something major her commands should be followed and if not there better be a good reason. Because of her harsh nature some might view her in a negative light, however, this is fartherest from the truth.

Kyouko is an amiable individual who has no problem in conversing with anyone about a variety of topics. An extrovert by nature, she enjoys spending time mingling amount the populace, and not cooped up with the Kage's office. She exhibits moments spontanteous, during things at the spurr of the moment in order to fulfill some random desire at the time.

Unlike the previous Kage who only saw Iwagakure as an a deployable, self-replenishing army which he had control of -- Kyouko does not. She views denizen of Tsuchi no Kuni as her children with her being the protective mother. An empathy person, Kyouko doesn't like when someone hurts her children, and is quick to answer when such atrocities happen. Her harsh reprimanding of them is her way of fiven them tough love, and it also stems from her not wanting to see any more die: believing that correcting their mistakes now will save her the heartache of burying another one.

However, deeo within the cevasse of her being lies a much more darker, self-loathing side of her. She shows signs of jealous when she sees couples walking by; they being a constant reminder of what she lost. Envious is also shown when she sees parents playing with their children: herself being unable to have any. However, all of this is neatly kept away from public viewing, and only show itself during moments of weakness.

This is the base of her personality, and it will change as she grows more.

Likes: Kyouko is an avid reader, spending a majority of her time during so when not occupied by the duties of her position. She doesn't have a preference per say, reading anything that strikes her fancy at the time or within her hands. She is probably the only Kage who actually ENJOYS reading the written reports given by those she commands finding them mildly interesting. Calligraphy is something else she finds enjoyable, she being relatively good
at the art having practiced it since childhood. Her like for calligraphy is stemmed from another joy of hers: fuuinjutsu. Sealing matrices both modern and old have been something Kyouko always been interesting in: being drawn to the intricate designs at a young age While others see a bunch of wiggly lines, Kyouko sees infinity possibilities that could change the world as we know it.

Shopping is something else she enjoys, albeit not during much as of late due to her position do to time constraints, but rarely missing an opportunity to do so when free time is avaivable(when she isn't do any of the other mentioned things).  When she does go shopping a good chunk of her money is spent on lingerie, something she buys for her own pleasure and not for anyone else. A woman has needs and Kyouko isn't exception to the rule. In order to satifsy her lust. Kyouko  takes scheduled trips outside of Tsuchi no Kuni and head to one of the minor villages, under a henge to avoid recognition, and sleeps with a civilian woman or two before returning back home.

Dislikes: It goes without saying due to her mother like persona that Kyouko doesn't take well to those(missing-nins, other villages, etc.) who take joy in disrupting her children' harmony(causing them pain), to the point where she'll cut down any and all of dares to do such an act. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kyouko_ doesn't take disobedience from her children likely for it will become more problamatic in the future if allowed to fester, and in order to remedy this she reprimands them harshly in an attempt to nip it before it grows. Unlike the previous Tsuchikage, Kyouko doesn't take well to yakuzas or any other criminal organization, and is in the process of wiping out those who settled within her country.

Motivations: Of course Kyouko protecting Iwagakure no Sato and Tsuchi no Kuni is a primary motivation of hers. She does everything in her power to ensure that the overall populace is protected from internal and external forces wishing them harm. This also collates with her wanting to strengthen the village as a whole, given the defenseless the means of protecting themselves, and making the strong even stronger so that they can continue defending others. Not all of her motivations is centered around Iwagakure no Sato's well being for she does have her own. Kyouko is personally motivated to continue garnering strength both mentally and physical not for the village per say but for her own well being. One can't live as long as she has without have any enemies, and Kyouko has them in spades. She ultimately want to rid herself of her personal demons so that they won't hurt those she holds close. Living her life is something else that motivates her, seeing the opportunity of being a live as a gift that one should cherish and not waste it.

Fears: Her biggest fear is the destruction of Tsuchi no Kuni as a whole, and watching her children suffer and die: this stemming from her mother-esque nature, and wanting to see her children grow and mature into wonderful beings. The idea of being powerless to stop such atrocities from happen is also connected to the mentioned fear. Kyouko is afraid of the possible reprecussion from her family about a secret that she has been carrying with her for the past five years that could cause some strain between them, something that she doesn't want. While being an avid swimmer, something she picked up from her mother, Kyouko is afraid of drowning having experience once which led to her learning how to swim.


Kensaku wasn't the type of man who wished for his own death, however, the past nine months of his wife's pregnancy and the sequentially eight hours of labor had really gotten to the former Special Jounin to the point that he wished for it. Of course not in a literal sense but more in a metaphorical one. As the woman who he loved more than life itself treated his hand like a pecan needing to be cracked, and for a moment he thought something actually did crack, Kensaku's thoughts drifted down memory lane of the past nine months.

His father, bless his soul, didn't mention anything about the horrors which awaited the young man after his little solider successfully infiltrated the enemy's fortress and claimed it as it's own. The old coot didn't divulge any information on what would occur after getting a woman pregnant: sure he had read books on what might happen but they didn't tell him much and was vague at best. Stupid books. Idiotic authors who sugarcoat shit to make more appealing. Mean old men withholding valuable information.

The months leading up to Marina's pregnancy could only be described as hell. She suffered from mood swings and not the nice kind.  There were moments were she experience three or four different emotion in the span of a hour, and the slightly thing could set her off into either a fit of rage, not good, or a fit of crying, equally bad, add on the fact that she was a former shinobi trained to kill . . . and yeah you get the picture. He constantly walk cautiously around his wife doing anything(or nothing) in order to not make her upset. Yes, he did have to dodge a few thrown shuriken and kunai when he accidentally forgot to put the toilet seat down or when he made a comment about her butt getting big, yeah never again especially the last one. And if it wasn't the mood swings, it was the old cravings at the middle of the night. Who in the hell wants a square watermelon at 2am!? Yes, you read that right, at one point in her pregnancy Marina craved squared watermelons and only square ones.  Oh! Lets not forget the strange concoctions that she enjoyed, dango ramen anyone? Just yum!  There were a few times where he did want to throw in the towel but his love for his beloved outweighed everything. Which lead us to where we are at now. . .

His hand being slowly crush like a nut and him offering words of encouragement only to be rebuttal by being called every name in the 'Curse out that good for nuthin man who got me pregnant' hand book, Kensaku couldn't help but to chuckle and mentally cry at his predicament. Did she have to squeeze his hand that hard!? A  grunted followed by the word 'Bastard!' screaming out of Marina's lungs, answered that question for him. He almost whimpered in pained when his beloved subconsciously channel chakra into her gripping hand followed by a few of his fingers being broken, the nurses wincing at the audible sound,  by said application. He did not falter though! He steadfast and continue to offer encouragement too his wife. Did his hand hurt? Hell yes! But he could only imagine the type of pain that she was going through at the time.

At exactly 12pm on May 27th, Kagami Kyouko came into the world screaming, like any
normal child did. A healthy baby of 6lb 10oz, she was everything they had wanted and more. Having cleaned up the infant and given her to the mother, the doctors inquired why Kyouko had her mother's surname and not her father's. The answer was a simple one; Kensaku had made enemies throughout his shinobi current and this was the best way to ensure their child safety. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Marina didn't have many enemies so the choice was easy to make.

[Childhood Arc: Six Years]

Nothing of ground breaking importance happen within the first five years of Kyouko's birth. First few months were spent with the baby trying to emulate her parents speech patterns, and trying to communicate in a way that they understood her - only for the parents to giggle cutely. Of course there were a lot of firsts for her as well : first words(papa for the win!), first steps, first time getting a spanking, first time making a getaway from the evil contraption known as a diaper, etc. All of the mentioned made up a portion of her childhood. It was around the age of five, after seeing her father manipulating paper,  where Kyouko got interested in becoming a shinobi and asked her parents about the occupation.  They did not hesitate in answering any and all questions she had about the current choice.  However, they did make sure it was something she wanted and not because of peer pressure, having known that her friends talked about joining the academy the following year. Only when they were satisfied with her answer did they start training her lightly, and preparing her for the academy.

[Academy/Genin Arc: Four years]

It takes roughly two years to complete all the courses that the Shinobi Academy ministrates; mathemathics, geography, history, language, stretching, anatomy, botany, too name a few were things they covered throughout the two year time frame. Of course that didn't factor in all the physical exercises, and practical shinobi procedures. Yes, usually it does take two years for one to cover all of that. But throughout history there have been individuals who manage to finish the two year course in a year or under - Kyouko adding her name too that short list. The rambunctious six year old graduated the academy at the age of seven.

She founded herself on an older genin team who after losing a member, needed a replacement and Kyouko fitted the bill nicely. Despite being older by three years, the other two members took Kyouko underneath their proverbial wings, helping her get use to the strain of the position,  motivating her when she felt less than stellar, and helping her come to terms with her first kill.  The female sensei also played an important role in Kyouko's development being a grandma-esque figure to the young child, all of hers having died before her birth, and being there when she needed an adult besides her parents to talk too.

And when she became chuunin, she contributed her success to her teammates, who also got promoted, and sensei.

[Chuunin/Special Jounin Arc:: Five years]

Failure. That's how Kyouko's first mission as a recently promoted chuunin, and squad leader at the time ended. It was a standard mission where they were escorting some wealthy merchant back to Amegakure, and on their way too the Rain Village the squad was attacked by a group of missing-nin who managed to kill the merchant and a squad member while critically injuring the another one before fleeing into which they came. Using every bit of strength Kyouko made haste back to Iwagakure carrying the injured comrade with her. Thankfully he survived. However, the hardest part was telling the Kamizuru's clan head, who just happen to be the Tsuchikage at the time, that his nephew died was not the most pleasant experience. Though the mission taught her a lot and it propelled her into becoming a better leader .  A better shinobi.

Sometimes promotions isn't about showing new-founded strength, but rather showing development as an individual. Kyouko promotion to Special Jounin came at the age of fifteen. After the promotion she took a genin squad, and taught them the same way that her former sensei taught her. And within a years time they took the chuunin exams and 1 out of 3 made the rank. No longer with a squad Kyouko completed more missions and began to garner respect from some of the upper echelons, in particular Anbu.

[Anbu Arc::  13 years]
Two things of importance happen when Kyouko turned seventeen; she have got married to a childhood friend, and she got drafted into Anbu.  These were the most prominent things that occurred during that time. She was happily married, and was slowly intergrading into Anbu nicely. It was a joyous time for her. Sadly this wouldn't last.

Why did it had to happen?
Why did he have to die!?
Why couldn't it have been someone else!?
He shouldn't have died. Apparently the mission was ranked wrong. Yeah right. . .
Whoever did this. I will find you. And killed you for taking away my beloved.

Kyouko's husband died two years after they have gotten married, and his death delivered a devastating blow to her. She became reclusive, rarely talking at all, unless spoken to. She began throwing herself into her training more recklessly, often times being founded by her parents or friends passed out due to chakra exhaustion. It came to the point that the current Anbu Captain thought about pulling her out of  the organization, however, he did not. The
choice of not removing her from Anbu would be the right one for she got over her grief, and began showing signs of recovery.  But again Fate wasn' t done with her.

She was appointed Anbu Captain at the age of 21, the former captain having retired to become a regular jounin. At the position Kyouko was privilege to see classified information, and guard over the current Tsuchikage. A man who she loathe with a passion due to his arrogance and ignorance. How many times have she reported on the increasing Yazuka within Iwagakre but only to get blown off? His flippant attitude about the situation was grating on her nerves, but yet there wasn't anything she could do about it.  So she continued on doing her job, not realizing that her world was about to get rocked once again.

A little unknown fact was that Kyouko always wanted children of her own. But that shouldn't be surprising, every woman wants their own bundle of joy at some point, right? Unfortunately she wouldn't be able to experience such a joy due to getting badly poisoned on a S-rank mission. The poison was a mixture created out in Grass country, a place known for their deadly elixirs, but this one was different: for instead of causing death, it cause those infect to become infertile. You would think that there would be a cure but there wasn't any known cure at the time: this being contribute to Iwagakure mediocre hospital. It took her sometime to overcome her plight but she managed and continued on as the captain.

[Kage Arc]

Kyouko was appointed Tsuchikage after the former Kage upped and left without any warning at all. Upon gaining the position she started clearing up the mess that the previous kage left to fester, eliminating the Yazukas within Tsuchi no Kunai being a primary example. The woman also began to look into her husband's death, having never stopped looking for any clues regarding the mission. Asides from during those two things, Kyouko is constantly increasing the overall might of Tsuchi no Kuni for the winds have shifted and something is brewing.

RP Sample:
Drifting from one dream to the next. That's what it felt like, what it always felt like around this time. Forgot one moment, drown in it the next.  But it was lucid, physical, stripping her slowly of the illusions of her actions until she almost felt worthy again.  Not quite there, though. Too much of her head was still in a mess. Even those things she could recall, when not something to regret, were so muddled that they may as well not mattered. For today, she was a name without meaning and a life without purpose.

And as she looked down at her reflection in the glass Kyouko couldn't help but notice how she looked like shit. No reason to spare herself such indelicacies; she certainly wouldn't be doing herself any favors by doing otherwise. Not truly wanting to clear herself up,  she did the bare mininum before looking into a mirror only to see someone she didn't recognize staring back at her.  The person oblivious female as evident by her soft facial feature and the lack of an Adam's apple. However, there were bags underneath her eyes, and water streaks running down their face.  It only took Kyouko a second to realize that the person staring back at her with soulless eyes was herself.

]"What would you think of me?" She croaked out, her voice being raw from the excessive crying and screaming she done throughout the day. Of course, no answer her question, not like she expected anyone to. Or did she? In a small part of her Kyouko wished that, he, would answer her, his strong arms wrapping around her, their bodies become one in a lovable brace. But alas such a wish was a pointless, for the one who she wish to walk through those doors was dead. Killed  during his job as a shinobi. She should be proud that he died in an honorable way, but she was not.  She had read the reports things didn't add up, pieces were edited, and the original copy had magically disappeared from the vault. A vault that only a selected few have access too, excluding herself.

"I will find who did this and make them pay dearly." She murmured but despite the low voice the words carried the promise of pain to all who were involve. Sighing, Kyouko looked out of the window and noticed the rain had stopped and the sun was peaking out behind some clouds.With the weather cleared up, Kyouko made her way to the restroom to get someone presentable before heading towards the Tsuchikage's office, her office, but not before making a stop by the grave where her beloved lie.

The rest of the day she would act like normalcy dictated with no one seeing the hurt behind her eyes. For today was the day that Mitsuka, her husband, was murdered.

Faceclaim: Kazuya Mishima
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Kagami Kyouko - DONE
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