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 Mayou, Hanako

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Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Mayou, Hanako   Mayou, Hanako Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 5:57 pm

Mayou, Hanako 458168-sheena_4_

Name: Mayou, Hanako
Age: 23
Birthdate: May 17th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Jounin (A Rank)

Village: Konoha
Clan: Senju || Yota
Element(s): Suiton || Doton
Specialties: Ninjutsu || Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Flower Release:


5’ 8”
Weight: 113 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: Hanako at first looks soft, her face looking still very young, yet the way her eyes are set show the experience of her years.  She has her mother’s eyes and nose, a soft mouth, too. Her strong cheekbones from her father, only made more feminine by her mother’s small chin and rounded jaw line.  Her hair can reach the small of her back, though it is nearly always tied up in a ponytail by a pink ribbon which frays out her hair in all directions and quite resembles the back of a porcupine.  She has two long bangs which she keeps brushed to the sides of her face, although sometimes her left eye gets covered by one drooping bang.

She wears a white corset, covered mostly up by a purple low-cut, sleeveless tunic that is tied around the waist by a bigger pink ribbon that ties up in a bow in the back, the two ends of the ribbon hanging low at her calves.  On top of the ribbon at her waist is a much smaller, red band that is tied in a bow at the front.  She covers her arms in tight black sleeves, with a purple and blue hand sleeve that fits around her thumb and ends just past her elbow.  To cover her long, slender legs, Hanako wears long black pants that fit nicely, not too loose or too tight to provide plenty of movement.  Her boots are black on the lower part that covers her foot and the shaft of her boots are a light purple that reach halfway up her calves, strapped down at the sides by three belts that are kept snug.  The heel cap and tips of her boots have a light purple color to them to complete the arrangement.

About You!
Personality: Hanako is a very strong-willed person. In part owing to her constant abuse from her father and also in part to her ninja upbringing, she tends to act somewhat hot-blooded and angry most of the time, yet she does possess a gentler side, which she hides away to protect herself.  Her father had taught her through his everyday beatings that in order to survive in this world, she needed to be strong and fight back. Life for her was all about how much of a beating one could take and still come out of the fight on top.  Never knowing her mother, Hanako only learned what she was like from her father as he hit her.  Because of the beatings she, too, is violent in nature. She tends to anger easily and is not above disciplining someone with a swift smack. However, she is also talkative, despite her troubled past and angry members of society who have cast her out of their circles.

The world was cruel to have blamed her mother’s death on her, and then to have also make her cause her father’s death.  Although the investigation saw it as an accident, the talk around the village was that she had killed her father.  This created distance between her and everyone else in the village and created resentment in her towards others.  No one cared to no the truth and those in the village that had done the investigation never cared enough to announce the truth either.  This was another lesson learnt by the world for Hanako, that the world covers up the truth and sees only what it wants to see.  So now you can see that it wasn’t too hard for her to start despising and hating the world for her predicament.  She had done nothing wrong, yet she was treated like an outlaw, so she began to act like one in spite of her peers. Her anger is strong, probably the one trait she got from her father, although she is loathe to admit she is anything like her father, and it grows within her always like a weed in a flowerbed.

Likes: Peace.  Undeniably the best place for Hanako to be without authority, judgement, or anyone else is when she can find somewhere nice and quiet and be at peace.  Who wouldn’t like to get away from everything and just relax?  Well, for Hanako, peace brings something else entirely.  Being alone and without having to worry about anyone being nearby, creates an inner calm that she has yet to fully experience, the world only making things harder for her.

Violence.  Hanako has a natural desire for violence.  It lets her vent and get rid of her anger that she always builds up.  Seeing people get hurt by her hand pleases her, the act of fighting acts as a gateway for her to makeup for all the times she was beat up on by her father.  Now, it is her turn to unleash the pent up fury.  Her willingness to fight comes from the fact that she never again wants to be the victim.

Dislikes: Authority.  Ever since she was a little girl, Hanako has always had a problem and disrespect for authority.  Her father beat her every day and night, and then when the village authorities finally stepped in, it was too late.  No one had lifted a finger, even though once he had died, people finally came out and reported what he had done to her.  And when other villagers who didn’t know the full story called her a killer child, ‘the Parent Killer’, and other such names, no one had stepped up to defend her.  She has always been on her own, and that is how she has seen things even while being a kunoichi.

Lies.  As others have lied and kept the truth from being known, Hanako fully detests lies and deception.  Had the truth gotten out, things might have ended up differently, but instead the truth of her father’s death was kept silent, only known to those involved in the investigation.  Although Hanako, herself, exclaimed the truth of the situation to people, they wouldn’t believe her.  Who would believe a girl accused of killing her own father, having already caused the death of her mother by being born?  For Hanako, lies are a bitter enemy, so she doesn’t ever tell a lie herself, which makes her come out rather blunt at times, but that is just the way she is.

Motivations: Punishment.  Hanako desires punishment be given to all the dirty people in the world.  Her village, for having created such pain not only on her, but those around her.  As a once-a-time victim, she sees where else lies and deceit have caused trouble.  She is no defender of people.  There has yet to be someone she has met who hasn’t lied or been deceptive in some way.  And every time she sees a lie, she sees her father spitting out the lies that he had yelled at her, accusing her of a crime she had nothing to do with.  People like her father should die like her father.  There is no place for them in this world.

True Peace.  To Hanako, true peace can only exist in the same plane where only truth exists.  Free from lies and deceit, there she would be able to truly be herself and live contently.  However, this isn’t how the world is, and so she has put herself on the task of achieving this state, at whatever the cost.  No one can deny her right to seek it out, and those that try to stop her from reaching this goal will bear the full extent of her power.

Fears: Becoming her Father.  There is no one Hanako hates more than her father.  The lying, horrible man was feral and careless.  He lied to himself and to her all because he couldn’t cope with life’s curveball that was handed to him.  Drinking himself to death every night and laying waste to the house only to scold and whip Hanako for not keeping the place clean.  All these traits about her father, the only ones she ever saw in him, are traits that she never wants to see herself emulate.  Her biggest fear is that she becomes like her father, as she’d rather be a worthy kunoichi, like her mother had been.  To be feared for her skills like her mother, not to become a drunken fool who gave up on living.  It is this fear that keeps her in check at times, when she has moments to reflect and keep track of her actions.

The Tragedy of Yoko Senju:

The Tragedy of Osamu Mayou and The Story of Hanako Mayou's Upbringing:

Hanaka's Advancements:

RP Sample: Osamu was standing facing the corner of the small living room in a defiant stance: fists curled, legs slightly apart.  Crouched in the corner, as if trying to scrunch up into such a tight ball in order to disappear completely, was Hanako.  Bruises covered her arms and legs which shielded her head and upper body, her face tucked into her lap as far as possible.  Her whole body shook as he took another swig from a beer bottle.

”I’m getting tired of looking at your pathetic self,” Osamu slurred, the little bit of beer left in the bottle making sloshing noises as he swayed.  ”You think you’re some shit, don’t ya?  Bumped out your own mother just to free load all day!  In my house!  On my money!”

A loud crash of glass made Hanako flinch, curling ever tighter into her ball.  Pieces of broken glass showered her hair and arms, falling like heavy rain.  The smell of beer and alcohol stained her clothes.  She didn’t have to peek up at her father to know what was thrown.  With the beer bottle in his hand now gone, he would be out of ammo.  Again, he would slink off to grab another beer and pass out on the couch.  The beating was over for tonight.

She waited to hear the stumbling feet of her father as he turned to leave.  Clinching her fists, she tried to suppress the tears.  [i]No, don’t give him that pleasure.[/i[  Sliding along the corner, out of her ball, she stood up to her father just as he started walking off to the refrigerator.  ”Hey, you piece of shit!” Hanako yelled out, biting her lip immediately after.  This wasn’t a good idea.  Her father had stopped abruptly. ”That’s right, I’m talking to you, you beer-drowned piece of shit!”

Osamu finally, turned to face her, his turn slow.  His eyes immediately locked on to her own, his pale blue eyes that looked so dulled out from all the liquor.  His right hand went to the kitchen counter next to him as if to steady.  Then, his fingers bumping a handle of one of his carpenter’s blades that lay there, misplaced by his own drunken self.  His fingers crawled over the handle, his stare turning into a sinister glare.  Picking it up, he smiled wide, letting his beer stained teeth breathe out.  ”If only…”

Hanako had shut up, her eyes moving back and forth from her father’s blade to her father’s eyes.  She was trembling now and he seemed steady.  He was speaking in whispers now, approaching her slowly, backing her back into the corner again.  A thud turned her gaze behind her to see her foot had hit the corner of the room.  Facing her father again, he was now within a foot of her and the blade was pointed down, raised high above his head.

”If only you hadn’t been born…” he whispered.

Hanako’s eyes split wide open, the words hitting deep into her soul.  His arm arched downwards.  She closed her eyes and fell to the floor as if trying what little she could to delay the inevitable.  Her heart screamed out loud, ”No!”.  She fell to the floor with a thud, her eyes squeezed shut the sound of the blade whizzed through the air, and a strange tug from her shirt pocket, was all she sensed in that brief moment.

And then there was the sound of her father’s feet shuffling backwards rapidly, then a gasp, a yell as if unbalanced and then a loud crash.  Her father started to moan but stopped short, instead the sound erupted on a dime into gagging and gurgling.  She picked up her head and opened her eyes.  It took a moment to register what was in front of her, but when she did, her eyes popped wide as saucers.

Lying in front of her just a few feet was her father, choking on the carpenter’s blade he had been holding, the blade sunken into his throat.  What was even more unbelievable was the fact that there was a giant flower that struck out a foot in front of her, it’s stem leading back to her shirt.  As she traced the stem to its point of origin, she remembered the pink lilly she had kept in her shirt pocket from when she was practicing with her chakra out in the garden.

Had she really just killed her father?

Faceclaim: Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia

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Mayou, Hanako
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