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 Evolution [Private]

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Missing Ninja (A-Rank)
Missing Ninja (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Evolution [Private]   Evolution [Private] Icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2014 12:05 am

Evolution was a fickle thing, both in timing and result. For the normal creature, evolution was something that happened over time, as a result of thier surroundings. For those of his species, evolution came as a result of desire. The will to become sronger, the intent of becomng greater than what you once were. But there were limitations. For the pure elment, those whom were attuned to specific elements, they were limited to becoming more powerful within thier respective element. But for those like him.. the Ryuukishi? There were no singular elements. His power was constantly evolving thanks to the bit of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki in his chakra, seeing as all chakra came from through him and the fruit of the tree. One could gain access to a multitude of powers in the time before they finally asended into thier final stages of life. and at that point... the chakra lines would be more powerful than ever.

But for him, these stages of evolution were troublesome. He welcomed them normally -- it was the perfect chance to catch up on his sleep. And it had been quite a long time since he'd undergone his own..

The first sensation that he could feel... gravity. He was hanging, and it was dark. He couldn't feel his body. Sleep paralysis was a bitch... As he stood -- er, hung there, memories came back to him. He'd climbed into a tree, and had fallen asleep hanging from it.

Ok. But he felt like something was on him. Something tight. Had something crawled across his skin in his slumber? Well, if something did, he'd done a shitty job of taking it off. The world felt constricted.. something he wasnt too happy with. He fanicied himself a dragon, a creature that craved freedom. He'd get it, sooner or later. For the moment, he just attempted to wiggle his extremities, attempting to force feeling back into them...

With a jerk of his body and several loud cracking sounds, he forced his mass to respond to his mental commands. Fingers flexed, cracking and releasing what felt like five years worth of muscule tension. Arms moved within the confined space, still cracking loudly with each flex. The great beast rolled his neck, releasing the pent up tension from there as well.

It took the beast a minute to realize there was something wrong. Despite him being able to finally feel his limbs, he still sould not move his legs or his arms. It would take him another minute to figure there was more. He could feel something wrapped around his legs, something that was thick-- something that wasnt there before. As for the Skin that felt like it wrapped around his body. With a shitton of difficulty, he was able to open the cloak that was wrapped around his body, stretching it out for the first time since he'd fallen asleep from in the tree.

Looking back over his body, eyes blinking and becoming adjusted to what felt like the first bit of light in five years, he came upon the reason why he could not move his legs. Curled tightly about them was a strange bit of vine... something else that he didnt remember having before his evolution either. Slowly, the beast willed it move with small bursts of chakra, uncurling it from his body.

He was tempted to cut it loose, but that would have meant letting go of the tree brance that his legs wrapped around at the moment. He still didnt like gravity enough for that. A clawed hand reached out, digging deep into the trunk of the tree as the beast pulled himself into the tree propperly. Fort he first time since he woke, he took a deep breath, and almost immediately became drunk off the scents of the world. Forest, the scent of a nearby animal, fire, the grass, tree..

Fire? What the fuck was there a fire doing out in the fore-- oh. Golden eyes looked up, catching the sigh of a burning trail across the sky.

Well, aint this some shit. But there was something else-- the scent of something familiar, something or someone he'd met a long time ago. He couldn't quite place it.... but it seemed to be coming from the flaming trail in the sky. He'd have to investigate... in a few moments...

He had rememebr; this was not his village. This was not his home. He was a stranger in a strange land, and he was unarmed, and outnumbered.

Those are the best odds.

Not that he was worried -- the beast was a former ANBU of Kumogakure, a weapon kept well under wraps. He wore nothing that would identify him as a former kumogakure nin, so there was no worry of one of the local ninja detecting him, or calling him out for what he was.

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Evolution [Private]
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