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 Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)

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Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:13 am



Name:  Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)
Age:  23
Birthdate: September 5th
Gender:  Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning towards straight
Rank: Special Jonin

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Clanless
Element(s): Fuuton | Katon
Specialties: Taijutsu | Summoning
Special Characteristics:

Name: Enhanced Reflexes
Type: Supplementary
Requirements: /
Ability Tier: Tier 2
Minimum Rank: D
Description: The user has trained their body and mind to react far faster than normal. Because of this they are able to react with the speed of someone ONE rank above their own. Only affects reaction times; not general movement speed.


Height: 5'6’’
Weight: 62.3 Kilograms
Hair Colour: White / Silver
Eye Colour: Heterochromatic; her left is emerald, her right is yellow
General Description:
Due to an accident in her youth and special circumstances she was born with attributes of a tiger patched over her usually Caucasian skin, including the whole of the left side of her face, even her left ear became tiger-like, with orange, black striped fur.
Her left hand and foot are tiger-like paws and she  has a full tail, as long and thick as her arms.

She has white-silver hair kept in short, croppy, tomboyish style and rarely wears any cosmetics just because.

About You!

Personality: Harmony has a literally split personality that manifests in schizophrenic like tendencies.
She has been noted as slipping and referring to herself as two separate people.
One personality, the ‘Harmonica’ half of her is kind and gentle, almost motherly and sometimes naïve.
She can however be cold towards those whom have potential but waste it by not training or studying as much as they can.

This part of her does not enjoy fighting and will only do so to protect those around her or if someone really deserves to be harmed.
If she does come across someone she truly has to fight, she allows her other personality to take over.

The other side of her personality, known as the ‘Arcadia’ half is a complete flipside of Harmonica, being violent, bloodthirsty and a psychotic semi-sociopath.
Arcadia has a tendency to anger easily, resulting in the aggravating party being sent into lower orbit via falcon punch.
If one manages to befriend this personality, she will act in a seductive manner, regardless of whether any romantic interest was shown or otherwise.
She enjoys hunting both animals and humans, and often quotes the whole doing a job that is also one’s hobby thing.

On the off occasion they do work together but it has yet to happen and is not really needed for any situation apart from, perhaps, the choosing of a suitor or lover.

Harmonica enjoys Tea and Tea ceremonies for little apparent reason.
She also likes reading, mainly romance genre stories, though not Icha-Icha.
As well as this, she enjoys being around people, training in general and discovering new techniques.

Arcadia enjoys eating freshly caught mice (Dead or alive) and scaring / disgusting people by killing mice in front of them.
She enjoys fighting and the thrill of battle, revelling in the smell of human blood.
She is a decided sadist and thoroughly enjoys causing pain to those whom she dislikes.

Despite this, she is loyal and will do as told by a higher up, even if she does grumble a little bit.

Both sides of her dislike water. She’s part big cat. ‘Nough said on that.

Harmonica dislikes cheese, mushrooms, loud and sudden noises and cat toys as she believes them to be patronising.
She also dislikes being called Patches or Kitty, any mention of either will likely cause a whiplash inducing personality switch and the mentioner being sent into lower orbit via her patented falcon punch.

Arcadia dislikes perverts, dogs, the entirety of the Inuzuka clan and custard tarts.
She also has a heavy dislike of her literal other half and hates having to ‘go to sleep’ as she puts it.

Harmonica is motivated to action usually by someone close to her being in pain or great trouble. She will also do anything ordered by the Kage though will complain if it is something she views as being entirely too morally wrong.
If angered or pushed entirely too far, Harmony will allow Arcadia to take over and 'deal' with those whom brought her to action.

Arcadia’s motivations are simply that if violence, fighting or even killing are involved, she will accept a mission.
She will also accept a mission from the Kage under any circumstances, even if she does grumble about it a bit.
She also once or twice been 'Motivated' into action by the offer of fresh mice

She has a joint fear of drowning that is baseless in the fact that it came from nowhere and that as a Ninja she could easily walk on water or use Chakra to rocket herself out of most bodies of water.  
This is her only paralysing fear however is so much so for her that she will avoid large bodies of water as much as she possibly can.
She also has a lesser fear of heights only climbing to heights if it is completely necessary.

Also notable though not exactly a fear is that she heavily dislikes dogs and the Inuzuka clan, openly lashing out at both.

Harmony was born to Synchro Tondemonai and Ignis Tatami on the 5th of September, 23 years ago, however her father had died in action before he was even aware of his lover’s pregnancy and her mother died in the premature birth of her daughter.

Harmony was born with an ungodly chakra deficiency partway due to her diminutive life force.
This meant that she was a literal vacuum for Nature Chakra and began absorbing it into her body.

This became integrated into her system, causing her to take on attributes of her Dæmon / Spirit Animal, this being a tiger, in patches over her body.
She was the first child to be born as thus and several scholarly Ninja put her through a few humane experiments before she was sent to the orphanage.

This gives her natural sage like strength in those parts of her body, however, attempting to use this strength without using chakra to reinforce the non-animal parts of her body will result in her breaking her bones, unconditionally.
This means that she has to be careful whilst using Taijutsu and her movements end up being somewhat slow, though she can be incredibly acrobatic when needs be.

Her life growing up was somewhat lonely, giving her strange appearance and the fact that she was an orphan.
This gave children a lot of reason to ridicule her and she ended up keeping herself to herself or beating the ever living stuffing out of those whom did so to her, several of whom ended up in hospital.
This wasn’t enough however and she soon found herself with a need to prove herself as something  more than just ‘that unruly tiger girl’.

She worked hard to become a reputable Ninja, starting in the academy where she trained and studied day and night and ended up becoming a Genin at the age of nine, a record age for a Kunoichi, surprising the Chunin tutors

She was instantly snapped up by a Jounin, under whom she trained harder than ever even pushing her team to do and complete a B rank mission, before becoming a Chunin by the age of ten during the next Chunin exams, 5 months and 28 days after becoming a Genin.

Still craving acknowledgment she took leave to search for the tiger summons, a mission which she is said to have been successful in, though few living people have seen her summon a tiger, due to their independent and almost insubordinate nature.

She was, however unsuccessful in becoming a sage of the Tiger clan as the Tigers have no access to the techniques of sages and the residual nature Chakra in her body would have made absorbing new nature chakra impossible.
Instead, she is the summons holder of the tiger clan, though this is a B classified secret under the Hokage’s orders.

On returning she became captain of a Chunin team that spent their time doing high level missions that required high level ninja but Jonin couldn’t be spared for and soon got recommendation and became a special Jounin due to her leadership skills and various achievements whilst in the group.

It was during her stint as said that her reputation as a hard working and almost infamous Ninja finally reached the Hokage’s notice and she was sent on a classified and dangerous mission alone, the only record of which simply states that it was a triple S rank mission and that it lasted a whole five years.
Only the Hokage and Harmony herself know of the full and true reason for this mission and the exact details of what happened thereon.

After this she has spent her time doing high level missions under the Hokage’s orders, spending a short stint in the ANBU black ops where she gained the nickname ‘Patchitora’ however was forced to return to the regular Special Jonin forces when her identity was accidentally revealed during a liaison mission.
After which, between missions she would tutor Chunin and new Jonin to help them get settled into the role of an assassin rather than just being a busybody for rich people who fancied having a Ninja looking for their cat.
She was very successful in this role, due to her sink or swim attitude towards those of the same age as her, seeing several Chunin promoted upwards into different roles through her advice.

She has been noted to be listed in several B.I.N.G.O books as an A+ rank Konohana Special Jounin with an ‘Engage with caution’ notice from each.
Unfounded rumours even state that she has several bounty imposed on her head from politically powerful people, one such rumour even stating that one of the Kage wants her ‘dead or alive’ for a rather large bounty however there is no evidence for this.

She aspires to gain recognition as a Sannin of the leaf and to train a team of Genin into high level ninja the latter hopefully in the near future for her.
Other than that, she continues to do high level missions for the Hokage.

RP sample;
The patchwork woman looked down upon the three Genin, her expression deadpan as she looked them over analytically.
"You three, I have to test you, but... I don't think you'll be going too far if what I've heard of you is true."
She says, a glint appearing in her eye.
"So, you have until tonight. If you will... Ah... Get running, you little brats!" She laughed, suddenly grinning psychotically, throwing her paw down at the ground, the ground cracking under the impact.

She watched with amusement as the three young Genin ran from her, giving them a little head start so she could see how seriously they took their stealth skills under pressure.

She grinned, showing her dagger sharp teeth before disappearing after them in a sudden burst of speed.

"I'M COMING FOR YOU!" She cackled as loud as she could as she sped through the covering of the trees, that same psychotic grin plastered across her visage.

Faceclaim: Original character

Invenimus enim in tenebris solatium

Last edited by Umbra on Tue Aug 19, 2014 6:24 pm; edited 7 times in total (Reason for editing : Sempai told me to... Again.)
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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:43 pm

Edits made, ready for administrative checking.
Thankyou to Gen for all is help

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Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Re: Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:36 pm

Okay, I mentioned this before; but to make it easier on you, please use this template:

(Your image here)


[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]

[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]General Description:[/b]

[center][b]About You![/b][/center]


[b]RP Sample:[/b]


Remove the mission log; that's not something that goes in the character sheet. You keep that in your signature; if you log it at all.

Quote :
Specialties: Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Summoning

You start with 2 Specialties unless a clan requires otherwise.

Motivations: 80/100

History is a bit,... different. That's not a bad thing per say; but please understand that just because you say you can do things in your history doesn't mean you can start with them; nor will those bounties hold up unless you can convince the various Kage of the villages mentioned to honor it; which staff has no problems with. As for being able to naturally absorb nature chakra like that.... you're very lucky that we have a few clans that have similar abilities; for different reasons; so you can get away with the half animal thing. Hell, I'm personally playing a character that's part rabbit due to an inherited summoning contract, so you're fine in the regard of it being an allowed thing. The only real issue is that you still won't be able to start with the three specialties, so you'll need to decide which one to drop for the moment, and just train it up when you're approved. Those are super common specs in Konoha, you'll have no trouble finding a partner to help you; or you can do it alone since you're going for Special Jounin.


Ninjutsu (S) || Kenjutsu (S) || Summoning (S)
Water (S) || Wind (S) || Ice (S) || Blizzard (S)

Mission Record:
D: 0 C:B: 0   A: 0  S:SS: 0
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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:30 pm

Edits made as per instruction, I have not completely moved all the info over to the template however I've made sure all the headings are what they should be :3

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Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 6:26 pm

Further edits made because it had to be exactly to the template which irks me slightly but oh well.

Edits made, forgive me for the double post.

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PostSubject: Re: Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)   

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Harmony (Harmonica Arcadia Tondemonai)
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