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 The Squad Meets [Private / No Kill]

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PostSubject: The Squad Meets [Private / No Kill]   Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:27 am

Shin took his last step as he arrived at the gates to the Ninja Academy.  It had been quite a while since he had once graduated.  Looking upon the two-story building now, with it's dark stone walls of granite and open cut windows, memories from the days when he was young came back to him.  Those days were stopped short in his mind, as a quick tug of his shirt tail woke him from his dream.  Turning to the tugger, his eyes fell upon the soft dark eyes of Warui.

Warui.  The little girl whom he had met in his most recent mission outside of the Land of Earth.  A girl that he had at first not considered to have been anyone special.  Now, however, as he looked down at her excited movements, he could see the potential within her.

"Shin! Is that where you trained to be a ninja?" Her eyes lit up like diamonds, glittering in the midday light as she gazed upon the dark building.

Shin nodded in the affirmative, a small grunt making his nod more audible to the girl's diverted attention.  His real reason for bringing her here was now bearing more light, and it seemed she was catching on to why she was here as well.

"Am I going there, too?"

"No, Warui.  I have something else planned for you."

"What?" Warui sounded dejected about not attending the Academy, her shoulders slumping.  "...Okay."

Shin took a moment to look around, still no one else was around the area.  None of the ones he was intending to meet had arrived yet.  Noticing this, Shin leaned down to comfort the girl.  "Hey, I told you I would train you myself.  Here's your first lesson: Run over to the back of the Academy.  There's a tree in the back corner that I want you to hide yourself in.  Watch the classes that come out for practicing skills and learn, but also make sure to not be caught.  I'll know if you are."

Hearing that she was starting her training to becoming a ninja, Warui nodded jovially and sprung off into a run around the Academy.  Once she had disappeared, Shin leaned back on one side of the open stone gates and looked back out to the street.  Still no sign of his new squad.  He waited patiently for his newest students to arrive for their first lesson.

It'll be hard teaching a squad and Warui at the same time.

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The Squad Meets [Private / No Kill]
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