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 Uchiha, Kiyoshi

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Kiyoshi    Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:14 am

Name: Uchiha Kiyoshi
Age: 18
Birthdate: 29th August
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: (S) Jounin

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Clan: Uchiha
Element(s): Katon (S), Raiton (S), Doton (D)
Specialties: Ninjutsu (S), Kenjutsu (S)
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Color: Dark black, The hair has pointy ends and falls over the eyes a little.
Eye Color: Black eyes.
General Description: Uchiha Kiyoshi is a man who can be discribed as a helpfull man. He is a person who looks like he wouldn't care, but he truly does. He wants to help out his village and become a stronger man. He wishes to take care of his friends or students. Kiyoshi wears pretty standard clothes. A casual jacket which is usually black. He wears an easygoing shirt, usually white. Sometimes he will wear different clothes, but this is only on special occasions. He wears a cloak when he goes on missions. Uchiha Kiyoshi also has his standard village headband and a Katana which he cherishes. Uchiha Kiyoshi to other people is also a man of trust. He wants to help a person get over their problems.  

Uchiha Kiyoshi is a reasonably tall man, for his still quite young age. He also doesn't wear tattoos. He feels like that would be like mocking his own body. He also doesn't wear piercings for the same standard reason. Kiyoshi also has the Sharingan. His eyes will turn red when he uses it. Lastly Uchiha Kiyoshi appears really different to enemies then he appears to allies and friends. To enemies he will be a cold-hearted man. He doesn't tolerate evil and wants to purge it from this world. If he has to bloody his own hands for the sake of another, he would certainly do so.

About You!
Personality:  Uchiha Kiyoshi's personality, now thats quite something. He learned from his parents that people should be accepted as they are. Therefore Uchiha Kiyoshi has a kindhearted personality. He accepts other people for who they are and wants people to express themselves. Uchiha Kiyoshi also wants to help people. If a person looks troubled, he would be the person who would go and ask what is wrong. He would spend his own time in order to make sure that other person would feel a bit better. Uchiha Kiyoshi is also a man who doesn't let his teammates behind. He cannot stand letting people die for missions or any other thing for that matter. He thinks that people who betray the village are scum, but people who abandon their friends are worse than scum. Uchiha Kiyoshi to people as said before is a great guy and friend.

To enemies, Uchiha Kiyoshi is the devil. He hates evil and cannot stand it. He wishes to purge all evil. Uchiha Kiyoshi is a coldhearted man towards his enemies and will make a person pay with any means possible. He also will make sure that person will never make the same choices again.

Uchiha Kiyoshi is also a man of humor and fun times, he can laugh at pretty much anything. His humor is as random as it gets. He can laugh at dumb jokes, puns, sarcasm. What ever you wish for. If you have a new joke to try, try it on Uchiha Kiyoshi. Despite how he may appear to be. Kiyoshi is a really smart man, he can asses situations before they break out. He knows how to use his sharingan in accordance with his smarts. He will not back down when he doesn't need to, but can leave a fight if he knows it's too dangerous. But sometimes when even if it's too dangerous, Uchiha Kiyoshi won't back down if it were to mean he could protect his fellow ninja. He's a man with great courage aswell.

Lastly about Uchiha Kiyoshi there are some things he will get really angry about. He hates it when people discriminate or when the higher ranks tramble on the lower ranks. He cannot stand it. It's part of who he is, his personality. He can and will stop hatred. He wants the world to be a brighter one. Because if he isn't the one who will create a better world, perhaps the people who will come after him will.

Likes: What Uchiha Kiyoshi likes? He likes lotsa things. He loves animals, dogs cats just call it, he will want to pet each and every single one of them. Kiyoshi also likes friends and family. He feels like there's a reason for people to interact, to bond. He wants people to have a good time, so he can have a good time aswell. Kiyoshi loves food, he can eat anything. He's a great eater. People should be wary when he goes into a restaurant because all the food will be gone before you know it. Kiyoshi also loves spending time with Friends, students, you name it. It's important to always spend time with those you care being around he always says.

Kiyoshi also likes battling, not to murder one another. But to trian and become stronger! He thinks the Sharingan isn't a tool for destruction, he thinks it can lead the world into a brighter one. Kiyoshi also likes reading. It calms him down, he likes reading a lot of genre's. All of them in fact! He also likes to just sit in a shade and enjoy a good day. But sitting on the hokage mountian, isn't bad either.

Dislikes: Uchiha Kiyoshi isn't a man who dislikse a lot of things. But there definetly are things he hates and despises. For instance he cannot even begin to understand why people should discriminate against one another, it makes his blood boil. He hates it when people do that and wants to put an end to it. Uchiha Kiyoshi thinks the same way about higher rank people trambling on lower rank people. Everyone deserves a good life and a higher person doesn't deserve to ruin it for a lower rank person. The same goes for the other way around.

Uchiha Kiyoshi doesn't like harsh pranks either. He likes lots of jokes, but a joke to hurt anothers feeling he just doesn't like. He doesn't really hate it as people afterwards will feel sorry for the other. But he still doesn't like a prank that goes too far. Uchiha Kiyoshi also doesn't like bullying. It's despicable, is it so hard to accept each other Kiyoshi always thinks. Thats what his parents have always taught him. To accept other people for who they are. Lastly Kiyoshi doesn't like insects, they really creep him out. He prefers to stay away from the little crawlers.

Motivations: Uchiha Kiyoshi's motivations were decided when he was younger. As his entire family was murdered. Uchiha Kiyoshi wants to make a better world. He wants to make sure no one will ever have to suffer that same fate that he once had. Uchiha Kiyoshi will make sure that the world will become a better place. Even if he won't be able to do that. He hopes to stir people in the right way and hope that one day people will be able to live truly happy.

Uchiha Kiyoshi also wants to travel the world. He wants to see other villages and other places to share his thoughts. He wants to help out people from all over the world. Uchiha Kiyoshi also wants to earn respect from people. He hopes to one day be able to become the Hokage and stir the village into a new direction! Uchiha Kiyoshi is also quite motivated to becoming stronger himself. He wants to master the Sharingan to prove to the world that it is not an ability of destruction but can be used to help people as well. He also wants to become a strong ninja who can protect his allies and friends.

Fears: What does Uchiha Kiyoshi fear? Well not that many things in all honestly. He fears darkness. He doesn't want this world to become a horrible place for everyone. That's why he wants to work in other for a better future. He also fears death. There are many things he wants to do in life. There are also many things that he wants to achieve in his life. He just hopes he can live long enough in order to do all those things. Uchiha Kiyoshi also fears a certain person. He hopes to never see that person ever again. For it would most likely turn out really bad for him.

Uchiha Kiyoshi also fears that his Sharingan might get out of control. The Sharingan has been seen as a deadly weapon of destruction and evil. He wants to prove the world otherwise. Lastly Kiyoshi fears dissapointment. He doesn't want to dissapoint his allies and will never fail them. You could say that one of his biggest fears would be to let someone die. He will always try his very best in order to protect others but if by any chance he would fail at that. He would problably never be able to forgive himself.

Chapter 1. A new hope

It was 3 AM, August 29th. Sunagakure hospital. It was raining outside whilst docters were doing everything they can in order to make sure there would be a new kid safely born. With a lot of effort, it was a succes. A new baby was born by the name of Uchiha Kiyoshi. The parents were very happy with their new child. The new baby was an Uchiha, so he had a lot of promise in the world of ninja.

Uchiha Kiyoshi grew up with 2 loving parents and an older brother. He had a great youth. He would always play with his big brother Uchiha Sousuke. He loved his brother, and his brother loved him. Kiyoshi's parents were both Special Jounin in the village in the clouds. They would often be out on missions. While this was the case, his older brother Sousuke who was a Genin at the time would protect him and play with him.

Around Kiyoshi's 12th birthday, he had graduated from the academy and was a full-fledged Genin. His brother at the time was a Special Jounin. His brother was pretty much his rolemodel at the time, considering his parents were off on missions most of the time. Sousuke taught Kiyoshi how to use Kunai's and Shuriken. Sousuke also taught Kiyoshi the value of life and why he should never stray from a path of good and righteousness. Kiyoshi's parents at the time were A-Rank Jounin. They were a few of the strongest ninja's in the village and a lot of people looked up to them. Kiyoshi was more impressed with his brother though, because they had spend way more time togheter. Kiyoshi was rarely allowed to go on missions with his parents, they were usually far to difficult for him. He was far too young to be see all the blood and gore that comes with a mission of that Rank. But one time there was a certain mission that he was a allowed to come on..

Chapter 2. It all went so fast

Kiyoshi was 13 years old and had been a Genin for a full year now. His parents were going on a mission and he and his brother Sousuke were allowed to come too. It was a simple info gathering mission which even a Genin could be of use. The four of them went to the wildernis outside of Kirigakure, there were rumors of illegal transportation going around around the area.

Once they arrived Kiyoshi's parents told him as his brother to stay at that spot and check out if they could use the spot as a sort of base. The parents went off scouting the perimeter. At the exact point of Kiyoshi parents leaving, everything went wrong. The Ninja's who were doing the illegal transportation had already seen them arrive. All of a sudden Sousuke screamed Behind you, Kiyoshi!! A man had appeared behind Kiyoshi. It couldn't be helped, Kiyoshi was only a Genin and didn't have good sensory techniques. The man punched Kiyoshi almost forcing him to black out. Kiyoshi's brother Sousuke did his best to protect Kiyoshi. He stood in front of him while saying You won't touch my little brother! Kiyoshi was barely conscious at the time and appeared to have lost consciousness after that statement.

When Kiyoshi opened his eyes again, he saw the most horrible scene of his life. His mother was lying on the floor next to him covered in blood. The young Kiyoshi was shaking her while calling her mother. She didn't respond, she was dead. Kiyoshi stood up and saw his brother standing in shock looking into another direction. Kiyoshi looked to that direction and saw his father and what appeared to be the boss killing each other. The stress and pained caused to Kiyoshi by his dead mother was enough to make him activate his Sharingan without him even noticing it.

Kiyoshi's father who was holding off the boss with everything he had saw his children in shock and especially Kiyoshi who had activated his Sharingan. Kiyoshi's father was still in the midst of battle with the boss of the illegal transportation. He looked incredibly worn out, but the same applied to the boss. They were on the verge of death. They would die if they as much as punched each other. Kiyoshi father called out to Sousuke who had gotten back to his senses Sousuke.. get out of here.. take Kiyoshi with you! Sousuke responded to his father Dad... I won't let you down! Sousuke had been in these situations before as a Special Jounin. He put Kiyoshi on his back and ran off crying.

But it wasn't over yet. With the final ounches of his strenght, the boss send one ninja after Kiyoshi and Sousuke. Sousuke immediatly noticed they were being followed. Sousuke had made quite a bit of distance, he proceeded to put Kiyoshi under a tree. Kiyoshi was completely out of it and was stressing out. Sousuke used a small genjutsu with his own Sharingan to put Kiyoshi to sleep. It may have been dangerous to Kiyoshi, but if he were to freak out and do something reckless. It would bring him in even greater danger. Sousuke took a battle stance and was ready to do battle with the enemy ninja. It was a Suiton/taijutsu user from the looks of it. Sousuke activated his Sharingan and started throwing Fire-style Jutsu's.

The battle went on for quite a while but Sousuke was able to outsmart the enemy ninja by using a Shadow clone in the nick of time. Sousuke had defeated the enemy and put the sleeping Kiyoshi back on his back. He was ready to make a run for it back to Sunagakure. Kiyoshi's brother Sousuke took one last look back to the site at where he left his parents. It hurt him deeply that he had to leave them behind. Ofcourse he loved them, that is exactly why he couldn't allow himself to deny his own father's last request. He took off back to Sunagakure after saying his parents full names.

Chapter 3. Redemption

A month after what had transpired in the wildernis around Kirigakure. Kiyoshi's brother Sousuke had done the reports to the Raikage and Kiyoshi had more or less recovered from the events. Kiyoshi's brother Sousuke remembered that if Kiyoshi were to activate his Sharingan, he would have to teach him to use it. But there was a problem.

Kiyoshi's brother Sousuke was considered a traitor of Sunagakure. By abandoning his parents he was considered a criminal, and the Raikage wanted him to leave the village. Sousuke refused and would only go if he could at least help Kiyoshi learn to use his Sharingan. The Raikage had accepted this deal.

Sousuke had told Kiyoshi all that had transpired in the events prior and even told Kiyoshi he would leave the village after he had taught him to use his Sharingan. Kiyoshi was confused and beared hatred for the village who wanted to send his brother away as a criminal. However Sousuke told him the following words. It is not the village or Raikage you should hate, hate me for not being able to protect our parents. Kiyoshi.. hatred will only consume you. You must learn how to use your Sharingan and learn how to protect yourself and your friends. Kiyoshi was really sad but started training with his brother.

Kiyoshi started his training with his brother. He had to take his mind of of the fact that he would leave, he had to become stronger. Not just for his own sake, but for the sake of his friends and family aswell. Kiyoshi and Sousuke trained not just the Sharingan but Jutsu's and Elements too. Kiyoshi made a lot of progress and was a quick learner. Sousuke had learned him everything he knew. He had to make sure that he would at least be able to leave with a clear conscience.

After a year or so. Kiyoshi had mastered his Sharingan and had acquired his Three-Tomoe Sharingan. His brother was forced to leave the village. Just before his brother walked out of the Village gates deemed a criminal. He told the village and especially Kiyoshi this Friends, Family, Brother.. I may be gone. But I shall return! Kiyoshi understood this message as a sign that he and his brother would meet again. He started crying as his brother left. Always remembering him to be a hero.

Chapter 4. A new life

Kiyoshi who was about 18 now. Had won the Chuunin exams when he was 15. He had faced many tough opponents. The first round of the Chuuning exams were a piece of cake for Kiyoshi. He was quite smart and knew pretty much all of the facts. So he passed the first test with flying colors. The second test was quite difficult, he had to coordinate with his team in order to claim victory. They had to make the right decisions at the right times. They were really tested on teamwork and how they would handle difficult situations. Kiyoshi took the leadership of the team. He had some experience from his brother Sousuke who had told him a little bit about the exams. He told his teammates that to win, they had to work as a team and outwit the other teams. In the end Kiyoshi's team secured a spot in the final test.

He had made it all the way to the final test where he had to fight other ninja's from other villages. The first two opponents weren't too strong. Kiyoshi first faced a Taijutsu user who was quite strong. However Kiyoshi was able to outmaneuver his opponent. He ended up winning the fight with a strong Genjutsu. The second opponent Kiyoshi had to face was an Ice user. He had never seen an Ice user before and had some difficulty figuring out how to battle this person. Kiyoshi relied on his Sharingan and Fire jutsu's to grab a win in this battle. Kiyoshi had made it to the final match where he had to face a powerfull Senju. He was able to use Wood-style really well and cornered Kiyoshi. But Kiyoshi was able to break free by using his Fire style techniques. In the end neither of the two had won. They had both knocked each other out and it was a draw. Kiyoshi and the young Senju were sad. But in the end they were both promoted to chuunin. Kiyoshi realised after the Chuunin exams that he wasn't the only one around who desperately wanted to get stronger. His conviction grew stronger and his motivation grew tenfold.

Later when Kiyoshi was around his 17th year he was promoted to A-Rank Jounin. He had surpassed his brother and felt a sense of pride. He was going to find his brother again and tell him all about his stories.

At current time. Kiyoshi has been promoted to S-Rank Jounin. He had faced many hardships over the times and had grown as a human being. He wished for a better world. He wanted to make sure that nobody would ever have to go through the same thing he and his family had to. He had surpassed his parents and had become one of the most strongest ninja in Sunagakure. Kiyoshi was even planning on becoming a squadleader. He was still searching for his brother. Many had told him to give up on searching for that criminal. But Kiyoshi would never give up, he knew he was out there and was definetly no criminal.

Kiyoshi was determined to keep fighting for those he loved and would one day definetly find his brother and clear his name.

RP Sample: It was a pretty peacefull morning in the land of the clouds. Kiyoshi was just up and about to try out for a new mission. He thought to himself Sheesh, I'm still tired from the previous mission but what the heck. He walked through the streets of Suna and saw some kids play. He waved and them and told them to have fun. After he had walked a bit he arrived at the main building in Sunagakure.

Kiyoshi looked through the missions but didn't see anything particularly great. There were mostly D and C-Rank missions, he felt like it would be best to keep those for the new Genins that would graduate from academy soon. Kiyoshi walked to the training grounds. He had an idea. He wanted to try and improve his Sharingan. Kiyoshi focussed his mind and try to detect if there were any other people around. He didn't want people to find out he was training his Sharingan after all.

Once Kiyoshi was completely sure there was no one around he activated his Sharingan. He said to himself Sharingan! His sharingan was up to a Three-Tomoe. He had received those when he was younger. He doesn't like to think back to those times, but he has found acceptance and wishes to carry the burden. Kiyoshi tried to increase the maximum duration he could keep his Sharingan activated. Once he was completely exhausted, he went to a nice shade. I mean who doesn't like a nice shade out of the sunlight.

Kiyoshi took a bit of water he took with him from home and started drinking. He sat there pretty comfortably, it was a pretty good shade. Not too hot, not too cold. Kiyoshi was thinking about food, he was getting pretty hungry. He started imagining about a lovely steak. Really well cooked and fresh. He had decided! He would eat steak for tonight's dinner! Kiyoshi had decided and went to the store to prep for tonights dinner.

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Uchiha, Kiyoshi
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