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 Nasin Uchiha

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PostSubject: Nasin Uchiha    Nasin Uchiha  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 9:00 pm

Nasin Uchiha  Pip_bernadotte_by_karinagrbz-d74io67
Name: Nasin Uchiha
Age: 20
Birthdate: February, 21
Rank: Jounin

Village:  Kusa no Kuni
Clan: Uchiha
Element(s): Katon, Doton
Specialties: Genjutsu, Taijutsu
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6'9
Weight: 170lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Emerald green

General Description: Nasin stands at 6'3 weighing in at 200 lbs. Eye color consist of emerald green while his hair is a very light shade of brown. His body type is broad and muscular as well with being tall. His body is covered in many scars. Nasin hair reaches just past his waist. On duty hours he keeps it in a tight french braid, but outside of work he lets it strewn about haphazardly. Nasin left eye is covered by a black studded eye-patch which is usually partially covered by a part bang. He usually wears his Australian slouched hat where ever he goes and has bandage over the his nose do to his line of work. On the same token his work has lead him to travel many lands and he has developed an peculiar french accent. Nothing heavy, but noticeable nonetheless.

About You!

Personality: Nasin is a very cheeky person in his own coy way. He loves to joke around and tease people. Not out of spite, but to have a good time. His attitude can off put some people as rude or maybe insensitive at times. Those who know Nasin know it's all just horse play to him and nothing more than a few jokes. Still he manages to make friends with his smile which is genuine and often balances his attitude. Most of the time his carefree attitude can amaze people that he has managed to live long enough into adulthood. Sometime it amazes himself.

Nasin isn't a very classy person and he is happy eating pizza and ramen cups. Though he does enjoy the better things in life, but it is then he reminded the most that he was an urchin and doesn't meet the requirements to live the life of the one percent. He has developed a very a thick social hide, because of this as he isn't hurt when people do not want to socialize with him or outright rejected him. Still he is very accepting of others and can look past many flaws in people. He can smile when most people cannot. Which makes a very optimistic person in general. Nasin is always looking for a brighter future.

Nasin although being described as a carefree person has a very different attitude when it comes to work or particularly making money. When it comes earning money Nasin is very diligent to the point of being a perfectionist. It doesn't matter how embarrassing the job could be as long as he makes money from it Nasin couldn't care less. That said Nasin does not get embarrassed easily like other people. Nasin isn't above putting on a bunny suit and attending birthday parties for money.

Although Nasin doesn't like unnecessary violence he has no problem defending himself or earning money this way. It makes him a hypocrite and he is full aware of that. Still he has no issues with killing another person. Nasin tries to justify this by his past saying, "This is the only way I know how to make money." He does feel guilty afterwards, but he bottles up his guilt and tries his best to ignore the feeling. Overall Nasin tries his best to be a good person despite his line of work and doesn't understand a lot of things in the world, but always pushes forward no matter the pain or stress he has to endure.
Likes: Nasin likes the simple life, but prefers to eat expensive well cooked meals rather than his usual diet of takeout and ready to go pizza delivers. In short if he had choice he would rather live the a life filled with money, but is content with what he has. Money is another big like. Nasin loves money. Money is always on Nasin mind next to his next meal. He loves to smoke tobacco and is chain smoker as he never goes a few minutes without one. Still Nasin has always made his sister Amethyst his number one concern ever since he first rescued her. His greatest treasure would have to be his sister as he is very fond of her and will often go out of his way to make her smile.  

Nasin loves to relax on his time. He likes quiet days without much excitement. Nasin generally likes to take leisure walks around the city. He likes to shop and haggling for deals. He likes finding new places. Nasin loves to eat at expensive restaurants, but does enjoy simple finger foods. Nasin also enjoys working out. He finds it peaceful outlet let out some of his anger. Nasin is also a huge fan siestas.

Dislikes: Unnecessary violence as it gets under Nasin's skin. It bothers him that people fight over petty things. He doesn't like having his off duty time being cut short. He doesn't like it when people are treated unfairly. He doesn't like waiting for his paycheck before doing a job. Nasin isn't a big fan of paying taxes. Mostly because he has no idea how the money is used to help the public. Nasin isn't a very big fan of reading and only reads when he absolutely has to. He actually needs to be encouraged to read anything other than a menu for a restaurant. Not to say he is illiterate, but he prefers more active activities.

Nasin doesn't like it when people ask him to put out his cigarette. Nasin although very sharing doesn't like to share his cigarettes with anyone. Ever. Nasin doesn't like when he see's people not finishing their food. It makes bothers him almost to the point of yelling at the people for wasting food. Nasin hates it when food is thrown away. He doesn't like it when people wake him up from his midday nap as it helps him get through the rest of the day.  

Motivations: Nasin has a simple motive He wants money. He wants to escape poverty. He wants to put down his weapons and live a peaceful life. He doesn't hate or blame for the life given to him, but he does share some disdain if God is ever mentioned. Even if he doesn't become the rich man he wants to be he at least wants a line of work where he doesn't have to worry about not coming back. He also doesn't want his sister to live the life he had or at the very least make it better than what he had to endure growing up.

Nasin wants to become rich and grow old. He wants to smile knowing he outlived his enemies. That he was strong enough to escape poverty. He wants to live peacefully during his golden years. He wants to have enough money to buy a mansion, live in it and have all his needs taken care of until he dies. Nasin wants to earn enough money that his future descendants never have to worry about money. He wants to set his family to be happy. In the end that's what Nasin want the most. He wants to live with a happy family.  

Fears: He fears that one day he will alone with no one attending his funeral or mourning his death. Nasin is afraid of dying as a poor man with little to no money in his name. He doesn't want to be another nameless man carved into some memorial.Another one of his fears is that one day he might be hated by his sister. Amethyst is one of thew few people he cares about what she thinks about him. Nasin fears that the most out of the other things being hated by his only family in the world. It would devastate him if it would ever come true.

Nasin is afraid that one day his days of being a mercenary will catch up to him. Nasin fears the supernatural. Odd enough it isn't the killing part in scary stories that scares him. It's the ghost or apparition itself that scares. Something about the undead or specters scares him. Maybe it's that it can't be killed by weapons or maybe he see's himself. Perhaps the greatest fear he has would have to be dying without accomplishing his goals. Nasin is ambitious and optimistic, but the idea of him failing to accomplish his dreams scare him. Maybe that is why he is scared of ghosts, because all they really are people who failed while alive and now haunt the living.

History: Nasin was born in a faraway land beyond the sands of Yokuchigakure and past it's oceans. The name of the land isn't important more of the lessons he learned growing up in the battle torn country. When he was born the land was already drenched in bloody conflicted that spanned over at least three generations. Battles killed many and yet they were always more soldiers waiting for orders. All those who would have cared for unfortunate, the homeless, orphans and the sick had already moved or been killed in the fruitless struggle to claim the once fertile lands.

Many lessons were learned while growing up in the conflict littered country. Nasin lived in a brothel growing up. He was raised by four women. The first being Linda a short a woman that had been well endowed by the lord, the second Dina an older woman who became bitter with every passing year, the third Velka was the youngest of them all around her twenties and Mira the last was an old stocky woman who from some odd reason was cared for the girls. Though there were many others working for Mira it was Linda, Dina, Velka and Mira who cared for Nasin the majority of the time.

Linda was the closest thing to a mother Nasin had while Dina and Velka felt more like sister. Mira was a mixed bag as she loved to play tricks on the young boy which made Nasin weary of the old woman. She had a sense of humor which confused Nasin, but never ceased to make him smile. Nasin could never tell if the Mira genuinely needed help because of her old age or was setting up some elaborate prank to embarrass the young boy. This led to much humiliation caused by Mira, but Nasin always managed to forgive when he saw her side of things.

Linda never did like the pranks played on Nasin and would often scold the old woman for her antics. Mira would always chuckle and continue her ways behind Linda's back. Linda spent a good majority of her free time teaching Nasin basic skills, such as reading and rudimentary math. Linda would quickly become frustrated as Nasin was an active boy didn't like sitting still for more than a few minutes. Still with persistence she managed to teach the hyper active to read basic words and do some math. Nasin even after being taught made it a point to read as little as possible.

Dina was an older woman who was near the end of her career and despised the younger workers within the brothel for their youth. Something that she was clearly losing. She made Nasin nervous as she would often tell Nasin odd things that he would never understand. "Enjoy your time." would be one of her favorite phrases as she puffed into a cigarette as she stared at Nasin with envious eyes. Nasin would also try to help Dina with laborious chores or errands which she deemed herself too important to do.  Even so Nasin enjoyed her company as she would tell him stories of people living lavish lives after he finished with her demands.

Velka was the youngest of the other prostitutes. By the time Nasin was six she twenty one. Velka seemed to always look at Nasin as something vile. She made it point to ensure Nasin felt disgusted about himself being an orphan. Yet at the oddest of times he would catch Velka giving him a worried look when he ventured away from the brothel. Velka would never admit this as she would often insult the boy for claiming such a thing. Nasin didn't really like Velka as she would insult him for everything he did.

It was hard to tell a child the circumstances of his birth, so Nasin was never told about who his mother was or his father. For that reason he never understood why Velka always shot him ice cold glares at him. Velka was attacked by a group of men and later became pregnant and harbored hate towards the baby. Linda refused to let the child die claiming the child hasn't sinned and should not be punished for the crimes of his father. Linda convinced Mira to keep the child claiming that one day he will become a man who could prevent this from unfolding again. Mira agreed to allow the child to be kept out of pity and nothing else. Years would warm her up to the idea of having a boy around the house to tease with.

Nasin grew in the brothel until the age of ten. The war had finally reached the brothel which sheltered Nasin from the horrors of war. Ironic that he would be treated the same way that his mother had be a decade ago. The soldiers kicked down the down to see Linda hugging Nasin tightly as she begged for mercy if not for her, but for the boy. Grabbing Linda by her hair and the Nasin by his arm dragged the two outside. What preceded was cruel as Nasin fell prey to the desires and lust of men. Nasin being a child passed out in the middle of the ordeal and was assumed dead. They tossed him to the side of the road leading up the brothel and set it ablaze.

Waking up the house he had grown up up till this point was nothing more than charred wood and burning bodies. Nasin felt rage inside his heart with sadness and bitterness. The emotional concoction only made him weep as he stared at the dull embers dimming with every passing moment. He stared at the burned brothel from days. Nasin refused to move. A part of him refused to believed that any of this was real. He tried convincing himself that if he stared long enough the world might accept his wish and everything might be alright as it was before.  

Nasin would have stay at the burned brothel much longer if it wasn't for Amethyst. Self pity washed away as Nasin saw the child escape the burned building. Amethyst was a child who he played with often. Nasin smiled at her as wiped the tears from his face. He would care for the young girl and do his best to protect her. Bottling up his emotions Nasin decided that the first thing the two should do is find food to fill their empty stomachs. Gently picking Amethyst up the young boy recited a silent prayer to his former family and moved on.

Two years had passed and Amethyst was five while Nasin was around twelve. Money was scarce as usually, but luckily a Jounin from  Kusa no Kuni came by and recognized Amethyst for her great potential. Nasin wanted to argue, but he knew she would be far safer in the land of sands then where the two were currently at. Having no doubt that Amethyst would succeeded where ever she would Nasin now had time to focus on making money for the time without worrying about her safety.

Nasin already knew what he would work as. He would become a solider seeing as no other jobs seemed to accessible. It wasn't uncommon for children of the country especially boys to join mercenary bands. Nasin joined the mercenary group who named themselves Wild Geese. He served under Wild Geese banner for many years to come. The Wild Geese weren't particularly close group, but they had enough respect for each other to follow a chain of command. The group was extremely militarized group and operated with high efficiency. This would greatly help outsiders distinguish them from the common bandits and plunderers that roamed the country.

Nasin was not allowed into battle as the boy had to be trained for war. Nasin received a single months training to become a solider. The training did not include jutsu's as many were not shinobi. Still the amount of training he received was more than enough to put him in the same level as someone who could use jutsu's. Nasin constantly trained on top of doping many chores around the camp that the Wild Geese seeing as he was still not technically "Working".  Still the amount never deterred Nasin as his ambition to make money outweighed his aching body and hungry stomach.

A month passed by and Nasin received a single knife as a sort of graduation gift. Nasin's first battle he entered as one filled with fire and shattered earth. Much of what he trained only enhanced his body and did not ready his mind for the violence he would see on the battlefield. While his mind froze in terror Nasin was attacked by the enemy. It was only after the man stabbed his left eye that he managed to return to a functioning state of mind. Pulling out the blade that was given to him earlier Nasin managed to drive the blade into the mans throat. Nasin holding his left eye signaled for a medic as he had been taught. The medic was crude, but efficient as he pulled out the damaged eye, disinfect it and put a makeshift patch over his eye all under five minutes before shooing the boy away to continue his job.

Nasin spent a better half the year fighting in that one zone, before he received his first payment. Nasin held onto the bag as tight as he could before the other members of the Wild Geese took the bag claiming living fees and training cost money. Money which he owed them. Nasin cringing in anger agreed as he had his bag returned to him nearly empty. They called it taxes. Nasin called it stealing. Whatever was left he sent it to Amethyst and hoped she was doing better than he was.

Years passed by in servitude of the Wild Geese. Nasin learned how to fight, survive and kill under pressure. He learned about death and despair. He also learned that even when people have so little they learn to share for better of the commonwealth. Nasin staved off the anger and hate of the world and preferred to believe that world can be just and kind. Whenever he could Nasin vested Amethyst and usually saw that she was becoming stronger in her own right.

It was at the age of nineteen that he decided to make  Kusa no Kuni his home for the time being seeing as Amethyst had become attached to the place. Nasin said his good-bye to the Wild Geese for good. Packing what little he had Nasin traveled to  Kusa no Kuni to become a shinobi and to be able to spend a more time with his sister.  

RP Sample
Holding his hand over his left eye he quietly traced the outline of his eye socket. Nasin laying on a hammock remembered his first day at work. He was young and did not know what he signed up for. He does not remember how the man managed to get a hold of him, but knows that because of this he lost his left eye. Placing his finger within the socket he felt nothing but air and skin. Smiling as Nasin lit himself a cigarette tried remembering what became of his left eye. If he recalled correctly the good doctor popped it out of him and patched him up. It didn't bother him. He was more upset about how dirty the rags looked as the doctor wrapped his face. Before Nasin realized it he was already asleep dreaming about his youth.
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