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 Hunter-Ninja of Kirigakure Uniform

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Sylvanas Kazesousha
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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Hunter-Ninja of Kirigakure Uniform   Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:52 pm

Name: Hunter-Ninja of Kirigakure Uniform
Type: Full-Body Armor
Rank: S
Upgrade Slots: 0
Affinities: User 1st Element Chakra
Enhancements: The armor utilizes the characters first element and creates a shield that enables specific shield qualities depending on the element the wearer possesses. This armor also has claws and forearm-guards that can block sword swings, and can absorb up to 1600 psi of force before shattering. The entire metallic item is created from chrome vanadium, preventing rust, and makes them unbelievably durable. These claws can rend through leather, and even 3/4" x W sheet metal. If they were to have direct contact with skin, it would rip the flesh open similar to butter. The only way a shinobi can receive this armor, is retreiving it from a dead wearer, or becoming a member of the Hunter-Ninja of Kirigakure, and paying the 15,000 Ryo investment fee into the company to provide the new wearer with the unform.

Fire Chakra: Burns skin to 2nd Degree burns. Sets cloth material on fire. Negates the effect of C-Rank and below Water Techniques from oncoming enemies.
Water Chakra: Heals minor wounds on wearer as time goes on. Post 1: Small cuts and abrasions healed. Post 2: Moderate injuries healed. Post 3: Absolution, bones heal and large wounds heal. Negates the effects of C-Rank and below Fire Techniques from oncoming enemies.
Earth Chakra: Shields the user, completely negating the effect of physical damage inflicted through Taijutsu. Spiritually-enhanded attacks using chakra like jutsu can still pass this ultimate defense. Negates the effects of C-Rank and below Lightning Techniques from oncoming enemies.
Lightning Chakra: Shields the user with a layer of lightning chakra, empowering their Lightning Techniques by one (1) Rank in the scale of damage and lethality. This also shocks and momentarily stuns the enemy, causing them to stumble once shocked.
Wind Chakra: This shields the user from all types of projectile weapons, such as kunai and shuriken, or senbon. This also grants the user an empowerment over Water Techniques. The size of their attack is doubled, becoming infused with Wind Chakra as it is unleashed and activated.


Rank: Jounin (S)
Shinobi Profile: Character Profile.
Jutsu: Jutsu List.
Item Profile: Item List.

Specialization & Elements:

Mission Record:
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Hunter-Ninja of Kirigakure Uniform
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