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 Time to See the World [Travel: Suna -> Konoha][Closed]

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Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Time to See the World [Travel: Suna -> Konoha][Closed]   Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:41 am

The sound of a bird outside of her window making noise caused Artemis to frown as she was startled out of a dream. The bird wouldn't stop pecking at the window and it wouldn't stop calling out so that she could roll back over and continue on with the dream she had been having. "Stop it...", she had muttered more than once before her eyelids fluttered open and a glare was shot to the bird in question. She had been about to smack the window with her pillow when she noticed that there was something attached to the bird's leg: a message!

Leaping up she kneeled on the bed until she was tall enough to reach the lock on the window and then opened it. The bird flew in with another call and landed nearby her, sticking its leg out to her so she could remove the message which she did in haste. She read it quickly and grinned: it was a message from her father telling her to come to Konoha either by travel or by her Flying Thunder God ability. Still grinning she ushered the bird outside, closed the window, and got herself dressed in a hurry.

She gathered up her things and then ran down the steps to Mitsukai's office. After informing the Kazekage of what she was doing and where she was going she then activated her ability, focused on the seal she had placed on her father. She disappeared from Mitsukai's office and appeared next to her father...

Flying Thunder God:
Chakra Remaining: 700 - 45 = 655

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Time to See the World [Travel: Suna -> Konoha][Closed]
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